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Over 22 million students from all over the world enter American universities every year, according to Statista. They choose the USA because of the high quality of education, advanced technologies, and bright career perspectives. Everyone has a chance to enter their dream university!

• Insider understanding of the process

Our consultants are professionals with first-hand knowledge of the application processes. For them, Duke University, Florida International University, and Northern Arizona University are not only prestigious American institutions but also their alma mater.

• Personal experience experts know how to get accepted to such prominent universities like Harvard, NYU, Brown, Dartmouth College, and others.

• Tips and lifehacks

At the consultation, you will discover the secrets of writing successful motivation letters and getting the highest score on the exams.

What should I write in a motivation letter? Can I get a scholarship? Our consultants will answer these and many other questions. We won’t give you a 100% guarantee of getting accepted, but we always do our best to help you become a student at an American university.

Focus on your goals

We will explain the application process in detail. You will learn how to select the universities suited to your personal requirements. We will provide the information about chosen universities so you will be aware of all nuances and potential challenges.

Assistance with documents

We will make a list of documents that are required for entering a university, explain to you how to fill them in correctly, and tell you everything about scholarship programs and financial support.

Support and motivation

We will explain to you how to write an essay that will stand out and a strong motivation letter. We assist with preparation for the SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, and GRE exams. We help you get ready for an interview with the university’s representatives and explain the next steps after you receive your acceptance letter.

Answers to all your questions

If you did not have time to prepare questions — it's not a problem. Email your questions to our specialist and select the time in the calendar to reschedule the call. If you want to cancel the consultation, check out our Consultation Booking and Refund Policy.

How much it costs

Skype consultation, 40 min

  • Consultation on higher education in the USA
  • Individual application plan
  • Assistance with choosing the right program
  • Tips for passing the exams



Skype consultation + full assistance with applying to one university

  • Consultation on higher education in the USA
  • Individual application plan
  • Assistance with choosing the right program
  • Tips for passing the exams
  • 🎁 Full assistantship with admission to one university with Linguatrip specialist
  • ℹ️ Assistantship with admission to additional university — $1000 each



Skype consultation + full assistance with applying to one university + visa assistantship




  • How is the consultation arranged?

    It lasts 40 minutes, you chat via Skype. If you prefer to chat without video, we can switch it off and use just audio calls.

  • How to choose a time slot for my consultation?

    After the payment, you will receive an email with a calendar with available time slots. You can choose any time and date there. Besides the calendar, you will receive a Skype login of our specialist in the same email. Add this person to your contact list on Skype and send them your personal details (your name, surname and time of the consultation). This way, our specialists will understand that you are not a bot and add you to their contact list.

  • Will I communicate only with one specialist?

    One or a few specialists may work on your case. It is convenient because while one consultant will select universities and programs, prepare all necessary documents and work on their translation for you, the other will assist with your motivation and recommendation letters. This way, our assistance to you is faster and of a higher quality.

  • Can I cancel my consultation?

    Yes, at least a day or more before the consultation. However, you cannot cancel your consultation a couple of hours before the chosen time slot.

  • Should I prepare something for my consultation?

    You can prepare 5-10 questions that you want to discuss during the consultation and send them to our specialist in advance. This way, they can look through them before the consultation and prepare some useful materials for you. Then, during the consultation, you will focus on proven lifehacks or get some practical advice.

If you’ve got any questions, email our specialist: In the subject line write “Consultation on higher education”.



Thanks to Elena Vasilieva! She helped me get into New York College. Thank you Linguatrip!


Я поступила в США за 12 дней. Вы наверное должны были очень удивиться и спросить "как?". Ответ простой: Linguatrip. В частности, Елена Васильева, с которой мне посчастливилось поработать. Елена очень внимательно отнеслась к моему запросу на скорость поступления (связанную с личными обстоятельствами), но это никак не сказалось на качестве подготовки документов, поиска необходимой информации и cамом результате. Благодаря четкой коммуникации Елены с представителями моей программы от университета, мне не пришлось совершать никаких лишних действий, сдавать ненужных экзаменов и собирать кипы документов, на которые университет даже не посмотрит. Одним из самых ценных вкладов в мое поступление я считаю тщательную редакцию мотивационного эссе: Елена внимательно изучила мою академическую биографию и карьеру, и помогла верно расставить акценты, не превышая требуемого объема, Таким образом, благодаря Елене, я стала студенткой уровня graduate в одном из лучших американских университетов Northeasters меньше чем через месяц после того, как вообще этого захотела. И я знаю, к кому обратиться, если соберусь продолжить свое обучение в США. Большое спасибо!

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