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What You’ll Get from This Marathon:

Top-Level Writing Skills

After this intensive course, you’ll be writing English like a native speaker (or better).

Top-Notch Communication Skills

You’ll learn the basics of spoken English, like verbal forms, in ways that’ll help you communicate with foreigners effortlessly.

Effortless Grammar Skills

You’ll learn how to choose the right articles and verb forms naturally, every time, and without giving it a second thought.

Full Range of Knowledge

You’ll understand complicated grammar structures once and for all, using examples that are always relevant, and only exercises that can prove useful and practical to you in the future.

Meet Your Teachers!

• About Marina Mogilko

Marina has passed multiple language tests with high scores: 117 out of 120 on TOEFL and 700 out of 800 on the GMAT. She was consequently accepted into MBA programs at five American universities. Marina now lives in San Francisco, where she runs, as well as three YouTube channels with almost 3 million subscribers.

• About Venya Pak

Venya is the author of two guides: "English like a Boss" , "10 laws of perfect English", and "Tenses", and has developed his own language-learning system. He lives in the U.S. and communicates with native English speakers on a daily basis. Venya also has his own YouTube channel, VenyaPakTV, which already has more than 600,000 subscribers.

Venya Pak talks about the course

Perfect For:

  • Those who are about to take important tests, and are looking to refresh their knowledge with the latest, most relevant information.

  • People who work in international companies and use English for work, but with their skills could be better.

  • Those who finished our course “English Grammar” with Venya Pak, and want to move onto the next stage of proficiency.

  • Those who are stuck in the medium level, and are looking for the best way to move onto the next one.

How Are the Lessons Conducted?

30 recorded lessons

One day — one lesson. All of them can be reviewed as many times as you want.

Access to Online Broadcasting

You’ll get exclusive access to online broadcasts twice a month – once at the beginning of the course and once at the end. You’ll also get access to each teacher’s common streams for 2 months.

Helpful Homework

Venya will provide students with tests, homework and tasks every so often. Doing these as soon as you can will help you memorize the information more effectively, and get more out of the course."

Certificate and Discounts

All marathon participants will receive a certificate and a discount $10 off any of our other intensive courses.

Live Chat

There will be a chat on Telegram for those who need extra advice. You can find answers to your questions there, engage with the community and even chat with Venya himself. (*Only on Master and Guru packages.)

Personal Advice

Venya will answer your questions and check your homework himself in a personal chat. Perfect for those who want to delve deeper into their growth and learning.

Course Schedule

  • Week #1

  • Week #2

  • Week #3

  • Week #4 + 4 Bonus Days

Week #1

April 1 21:00 MSK


with Venya Pak

April 1

Day 1 | Pronouns:

How to use them correctly

April 2

Day 2 | Pronouns (Cont.):

Who, whom, which, that

April 3

Day 3 | New Words:

Learning new words, the right way

April 4

Day 4 | Adjectives:

The difference between ‘some’ and ‘any’

April 5

Day 5 | Prepositions:

The ones you really need

Week #2

April 6

Day 6 | Conjunctions:

Different types and their functions

April 7

Day 7 | Auxiliary Verbs:

Their role in communication

April 8

Day 8 | Auxiliary Verbs:

Understand them once and for all

April 9

Day 9 |Comfort Zones:

How the language comfort zone is your enemy, and what you can do about it

April 10

Day 10 | Conversation Fixes:

What to do when a conversation or chat starts to go wrong

April 11

Day 11 | Uses for “Used”:

Figuring out ‘used to’, ‘be used to’ and ‘get used to’

April 12

Day 12 | Comparing and Contrasting Techniques:

What is better and what is worse

Week #3

April 13

Day 13 | The Most Common Mistake:

Coordination of subject and predicate

April 14

Day 14 | Clauses:

What they are and why you misuse them

April 15

Day 15 | Passive Voice:

Stop your struggles!

April 16

Day 16 | The English Way:

How to think in English the way native speakers do

April 17

Day 17 | Useful Vocabulary:

Words that help you in any situation

April 18

Day 18 | Passive Voice:

I’m still having trouble using it, what’s wrong?

April 19

Day 19 | Subjunctive Mood:

A very useful tool in your speech

Week #4 + 4 Bonus Days

April 20

Day 20 | Tenses:

Figuring out the order of tenses

April 21

Day 21 | Verbal Connectors:

What to do if anything happens

April 22

Day 22 | Adjectives and Verbal Connections:

Embellish your speech with them

April 23

Day 23 | English Idioms:

The most popular idioms in English

April 24

Day 24 | Being Understood:

What to do if people don’t understand you

April 25

Day 25 | Introductory Words and Phrases:

Speak and write about new subjects correctly

April 26

Day 26 | Adverbs:

How to describe the action

April 27

Day 27 | Adverbs (Cont.):

Say “no” to boring vocabulary

April 28

Day 28 | Advanced Adjectives:

Time to show off your adjective skills

April 29

Day 29 | Advanced Clauses:

No one will doubt your language proficiency after this

April 30

Day 30 | BONUS Material:

Our final tips and lifehacks

April 30


with Venya Pak

Packages & Cost


  • 30 recorded lessons.
  • 2 livestreams: at the beginning and at the end of the course.
  • Access to new livestreams for two months.
  • Discount for online intensives.
  • Certificate.
  • 2-month access to classes from your personal account.
  • Homework.





  • 30 recorded lessons.
  • 2 livestreams: at the beginning and at the end of the course.
  • Access to new livestreams for two months.
  • Discount for online intensives.
  • Certificate.
  • 2-month access to classes from your personal account.
  • Homework.
  • 5 extra memos.
  • Access to a private chat on Telegram where Venya will answer all your questions and help with homework.






  • 30 recorded lessons.
  • 2 livestreams: at the beginning and at the end of the course.
  • Access to new livestreams for two months.
  • Discount for online intensives.
  • Certificate.
  • 2-month access to classes from your personal account.
  • Homework.
  • 5 extra memos.
  • Access to a private chat on Telegram where Venya will answer all your questions and help with homework.
  • Personal chat with Venya Pak for 4 weeks!





Student reviews

Denis Mysnik

Denis Mysnik

Finished the course "From Intermediate to Advanced in 30 days" with Venya and Marina. All the information was new and useful to me. You probably know that, when you learn a new language, at some point it seems that you’re stuck in one place. This course was created for people with such a problem. The course gives you all the necessary information, theory and a chance to practice on tasks in which most students make mistakes, and on constructions, without which it is simply impossible to boost your level of English. The marathon lasts 30 days without days off, which allows you to immerse yourself in an English environment without any problems. Most of all, I liked that we were taught not only grammar (which, by the way, was also presented in the most understandable way), but there was also a mental part (which was easier than grammar, so it felt like a day off, and I didn’t get tired for 30 days), for example, "How to speak with a native " or " What to do if the conversation isn’t going anywhere". In general, the marathon was awesome! To sum it up: - it helps you overcome the "plateau" effect; - boosts your level of English; - breaks up the moments that you would hardly pay attention to; - it isn’t boring; - the only drawback is that this marathon didn’t include tenses (but there is another intensive on this subject). P.S. If you bought this marathon, it doesn’t mean that your English will definitely improve. To improve knowledge, you also need to work. This course only gives you the necessary information from which you can jump to a higher level, or stay at the same point and just throw away money for no reason (if you don’t do anything).

Angelina Nerushkina

Angelina Nerushkina

I came across after I saw videos on Marina Mogilko’s YouTube channel. I really recommend everyone out there who’s learning English to subscribe to Marina’s channel :) Last month, I finished my first intensive course by Linguatrip «From Intermediate to Advanced» with Venya Pak and Marina Mogilko. The information was provided in a very interesting way (there were lots of useful tips on how to learn and memorize everything. The format of the course helped me learn English every single day. Generally, I liked it! Venya was giving us the necessary information in a really funny way. And Marina was really motivating us to continue learning :) Don’t stop creating these marathons, and I’ll see you on the next courses! :)

Aliona Fedorenco

Aliona Fedorenco

"If I did it, YOU can do it too" these are the words that motivated me to attend one of Venya's online English courses "From Intermediate to Advanced in 30 days." Was it helpful? Absolutely. This course set me on the right path. I started noticing things l never thought were important. I began practicing on my own using his explanations. The most important part is that Venya is really professional in the topic and knows how to explain the difficult parts, yet he doesn’t make it seem complex or boring. He uses techniques that are completely controversial to traditional education, which l think is exactly what most people are looking for. If you struggle to speak English, go check out, where you will find many interesting English courses and webinars.

Sergey Bukharov

Sergey Bukharov

Hi :) I want to share my feedback on the “From Intermediate to Advanced” course. Before taking this intensive, I didn’t think that there were many topics that needed to be known and periodically repeated on the Advanced level. This is really a lot of information that Venya and Marina managed to structure and present in a phenomenally understandable form. I am very pleased that I took part in the course, and I can say for sure that this marathon gave me all the tools to improve by 2 levels. 30 days passed very quickly. Thank you, it was incredibly cool!



I have been learning English for 26 years already… I am 29... And yes, moving to another country helped me a lot in this :) But I was still getting confused with grammar, since there were no strong basics. You keep forgetting stuff, because you were taught with the help of the 80s-90s’ textbooks, and that English has already become outdated! Or you go to courses and learn from someone who speaks the language only on lessons and not in everyday life :( I realized that this is a road to nowhere and began to look for people who use this language on a daily basis and preferably are Russians, so that they could explain all these subtle grammar rules in a familiar way. I began to watch the lessons of my beloved Venya Pak and Marina Mogilko, and soon after that, they announced the creation of exactly the kind of product I was really looking for - an online course “From Intermediate to Advanced in 30 days”! YES!!! That was exactly what I needed, because at some point you calmly begin to speak this language, you understand everything, and because of this, you are standing still in your development. Thanks to Marina and Venya, who gave me useful tips on grammar, and helped me expand my vocabulary! These guys and their products don’t need any advertising, because people, who have already seen them understand that they are motivating, inspiring and extremely helpful! And I also want to note that I, as a designer, was pleasantly surprised by the interface of the platform on which the training was being held. It wasn’t boring and dumb like GetCourse, but a platform that the guys seemed to create themselves. It was convenient and functional, and everything was just intuitively clear. And a couple of words about the lessons: You are given all the materials and exercises right on the lessons, Venya explains everything, and then the fun begins!! TEST! And there you must turn on your brain and not just apply what you just learned, but also cope with more difficult tasks :) To all those who are stuck in one place, just like I was, but want to improve their English: you know where to turn!

Tatiana Terekhina

Tatiana Terekhina

Hello friends. Recently, I finished a marathon on the Linguatrip online school “From Intermediate to Advanced in 30 days”. I will say right away that the course requires a level not lower than Intermediate, so there weren’t any basic grammar rules. It is designed for those who need to improve their grammar and make it more beautiful and complex. The way all the material was presented to us was very clear, and all the topics were useful. The videos were very positive and inspirational! After each topic, we were given tests to practice what we had just learned. Thanks to Venya and Marina for the excellent course. The effect of the course didn’t come immediately, but only after a lot of practice (yes, practice makes perfect), so it’s great that access to classes remains for 2 months, and you can re-watch videos if you forgot something. I look forward to a new intensive for people with higher level!


  • I see that the lessons are recorded. How does that work?

    The first live stream, which is on April 1tst, marks the start of the course. All of the materials, and the broadcast schedule are in your personal account — on the platform

  • When are the live streams and how to access them?

    There are two online broadcastings — at the beginning and at the end of the intensive course. You will have access also to the common streams with Venya. Broadcastings as far as their schedule are available in your personal account.

  • Where do I find recorded lessons?

    All recordings are in your personal account. Every day, there will be a new recorded lesson. You can watch the recordings wherever you want, within the two months available to you inside the access period.

  • And what about homework?

    It is better to do it immediately after the lesson so that you can review the material. This will also give you a chance to ask questions on Facebook or during the livestream, before the next lecture.

  • Will I benefit from the marathon?

    It’s perfect for the Intermediate level — we will help you to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and give you everything you need to become Advanced. It’s good for the Pre-Intermediate level too — but be ready to work hard enough.

  • How long do the lessons last?

    The average duration of one lesson is 10–15 minutes, depending on the difficulty of the topic. We make the lessons intensive and succinct so that you can easily find time for studying.

  • I want a $10 off of an intensive from How can I get it?

    Those who finished the course will receive the discount. It will be in the last lesson.

  • It seems that the Guru package is the best. Why?

    Those who book the Guru package receive a personal chat with Venya. He will go over all your mistakes, explain them to you, and answer all of your questions.

  • I want a refund. Is it possible?

    Yes, but only before the start of the course. Once the course has begun, and the memos and course access sent to you via email, we’re unable to give any refunds.


If you have any questions, email the coordinator of our intensive courses at

He answers emails from 1 am until 7 am (PT). If your email arrives after this time, he will respond the following day.

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