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About Venya Pak

• He developed his own learning system

Venya’s the author of three textbooks: “English Like a Boss”, "10 laws of perfect English", and “Tenses”. He also developed his own language-teaching methodology, based on his personal experiences and success.

• Popular blogger

Venya has his own YouTube channel called VenyaPakTV with over 600,000 followers. There, he talks about life in the USA, shares tips to help people learn English, and shows you how Americans react to Russian music.

• Knows the ins and outs of American culture

Venya lives in the U.S. and communicates with native English speakers on a daily basis. He makes his own music, writes song lyrics and records covers of tracks by popular singers.

Venya Pak

What Can the Intensive Do for You?

Improve Your Writing Skills

After completing this intensive course you’ll be able to write English as well as native speakers do.

Everything You Need to Learn in Order to Communicate

You’ll learn all the basic grammar you’ll need for speaking, such as verb forms, so you can chat with foreigners effortlessly.

Learn How to Use the Right Kind of Grammar Automatically

Learn how to use correct articles and verbs without doubting yourself, every time.

No More Knowledge Gaps

You’ll gain a full understanding of complex clauses. Our examples are always up-to-date, and our tasks are always practical and useful, so you can apply what you’ve learned immediately.

Who’s This Intensive Useful For?

  • Students and pupils who don’t understand something from their regular classes

  • Those who use English for work, but still feel confused with grammar

  • Specialists who work with American partners

  • Those who want to fluently speak in English without thinking about grammar rules at all

How Are the Lessons Conducted?

10 Recorded Lessons

You can watch the lessons wherever and whenever you want, at your own pace.

Access to Online Broadcasting

Venya hosts closed video streams where he is available to answer all your questions, once a month. Access lasts for 3 months.


Venya will give you practical tests after each lesson. You can memorize the information more effectively if you take the tests immediately after a lesson.

Certificate and discount

All intensive participants will receive a certificate and a discount of $50 on study-abroad language courses and $10 on an intensive.

Live chat

There will be a group on Telegram for those who need any extra advice. You can find answers to your questions there, engage with the community and even chat with Venya himself. (*Only on Master and Guru packages.)

Personal advice

Venya will answer questions about the course through personal chat. Perfect for those who want to go deeper in their studies and get more out of the course.

  • Lesson 1

    INFINITIVE vs. GERUND: Learn how to tell them apart and use them

  • Lesson 2

    INFINITIVE vs. GERUND: Structure and organization

  • Lesson 3

    ARTICLES PART 1: How to describe nouns using articles

  • Lesson 4

    ARTICLES: How to describe nouns using articles

  • Lesson 5

    ZERO CONDITIONAL: Something that everyone knows

  • Lesson 6

    FIRST CONDITIONAL: Things that could easily come true

  • Lesson 7

    SECOND CONDITIONAL: Imagination and dreams

  • Lesson 8


  • Lesson 9

    MIXED CONDITIONAL: How native speakers actually use conditionals

  • Lesson 10

    FUTURE IN THE PAST: How to explain your failed plans

How much it costs?


  • 10 Video lessons
  • Access to the personal account for 3 months
  • Discount on language courses and an intensive
  • One live broadcast per month
  • Certificate
  • Homework to do for every lesson





  • 10 Video lessons
  • Access to the personal account for 3 months
  • Discount on language courses and an intensive
  • One live broadcast per month
  • Certificate
  • Homework to do for every lesson
  • Additional memos from Venya to memorize the material quickly
  • Private group on Telegram






  • 10 Video lessons
  • Access to the personal account for 3 months
  • Discount on language courses and an intensive
  • One live broadcast per month
  • Certificate
  • Homework and personal account
  • Additional memos from Venya to memorize the material quickly
  • Private group on Telegram
  • Personal chat with Venya for 2 weeks





Valentin Aliferov

Intensive lessons with Venya were memorable because I received only relevant, current information on the topic. Everything was explained with real life examples, in plain language, and with humor. :) In addition, I was pleased with the technical and organizational side: webinars, chats, reminders - everything is clear, modern and tasteful. I'm looking forward to the next intensives!

Elizaveta Cherepanova

Venya is a very good teacher. He always smiles and jokes. And when the mood is good, it is much easier to study. When explaining the material, Venya usually gives such vibrant, I would even say "flashy" examples, which stick in your memory very well. I also liked that Venya communicates with everyone as if with long-familiar friends. The atmosphere is very comfortable. That's live chatting! That would be great to talk face-to-face! I have only one intensive grammar on my account. It is rather short, but capacious. It will probably be a little complicated if you’re completely new to the language. And those who know the grammar will still find something interesting. It is not necessarily related to the rules of the language. :) First of all, it is important that there is a direct link to the teacher, a resident of the United States, who is immersed in that environment, and practically any situation of life there can be depicted. Repeating and reinforcing many pieces was very useful. To all those who haven’t done so already, I advise you to try at least one intensive to see how the process is organized. As well as to see Venya in action. He is cool.

Alina Rozova

My first intensive workshop with Venya left the most positive impression! Everything is very accessible and understandable. The knowledge that was once put into my head was supplemented and systematized. And what’s important in my opinion: the intensive workshop is easy and fun, unlike the lessons with a tutor sometimes in school. In general, I can say that this is not my last intensive, and Venya is a very talented teacher, everything is cool, keep it up!

Elizabeth Korobeinikova

Intensive workshops are something that seriously help me in learning English. First of all, I would like to say a big thanks to LinguaTrip for organizing everything and to Venya for the excellent presentation of information. I like everything very much, classes are informative and interesting. Homework helps to consolidate information, I like tests and spoken tasks very much. I highly recommend enrolling in at least one intensive workshop, and you will understand everything by yourself. Personally for me, this is not the last intensive workshop, for now it is the best way to learn English.



If you have any questions, email the coordinator of our intensive courses at

He answers emails from 1 am until 7 am (PT). If your email arrives after this time, he will respond the following day.

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