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Learn Italian in Rome, Italy


Discover the benefits and types of Italian language courses in Rome for teenagers and adults.

Choosing Italian language courses in Rome, Italy. 

What is the best way to learn Italian? Arrange yourself a little “Roman Holiday”, combining language courses in Rome with touristic activities in the Italian capital. Rich ancient history, gems of architecture and arts, delicious cuisine and romantic charm created by dozens of movies, songs, and series, - all these await for you in Rome. Ready to explore this ‘Dolce Vita’?

This comprehensive guide by will explain everything you need to know about Italian courses in Rome.

  • Why should you study Italian in Rome?

    “All roads lead to Rome”, people say, and it’s true for millions of tourists, visiting the Italian capital every year. One of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, Rome is still essentially an Italian city with most of the communication carried out in Italian. Street signs and museum plaques, waiters in the cafes and taxi drivers, - everything is in Italian and everyone reads and speaks it. Choosing to study language in Rome, you dive into the language environment and benefit from mastering grammar in classes and practising listening and speaking with natives outside the school.

    There is a record number of cultural and historical sights per square meter in Rome. At the same time, it’s a modern European capital with bustling nightlife, huge shopping malls and hundreds of entertainment options on offer. Coming to language school in Rome, you will have the chance to explore Italian history and modern developments. Even better, you can do so with your classmates - other international students from all over the world. Great opportunity to learn a new language and find new friends.

    Furthermore, Rome has perfect transport connections with the rest of Italy, so staying in your Italian school for a few weeks, you’ll have a chance to visit other famous Italian cities over the weekend. Florence, Napoli, Bologna, Pisa and many other destinations are just a couple of hours away. Staying in Rome, you can explore the whole country over a few weeks. And learn a few local dialects while travelling around Italy.

  • Types of language schools in Rome

    Italian schools in Rome offer a variety of language courses for teenagers and adults, and you do not need to worry about your level or time commitments. All schools will test your level before assigning you to a certain course and you can choose any study option from general Italian courses that run only in the morning, leaving all your afternoons and evenings to explore Rome, intensive courses, the combination between group and individual studies or long-term academic courses.

    General courses are the most common type of Italian course you can find in Rome language schools. During this course, you will focus on your grammar and vocabulary, practising listening, reading and speaking with your classmates under the attentive guidance of the tutors. Topics cover everyday situations and vary from level to level, but generally cover family, transport, food, shopping, art, and culture. The group sizes vary from 6 to 15 students per class, and the minimum age in Italian schools in Rome is 16.

    Intensive courses are more suitable for those who want to make quick progress and come to Rome with a certain learning goal in mind. Compared to general courses, intensive courses usually offer smaller group sizes (on average 6 to 12 students per class), more classes per day and combination of theory and practice sessions that amplify your learning abilities. Check intensive courses at Accademia StudioItalia Rome for detailed information.

    Professional language courses focus on necessary language skills for the specialists of certain industries. During such a course, you will widen your vocabulary and learn to communicate effectively on work-related topics in a business environment. For instance, in Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Rome, they offer professional language courses for the following subjects: Business Italian, The Language of Tourism, Italian for Banking and Finance, Italian for Law, Italian for Healthcare and much more. Check their website for more details about these Italian programs in Rome.

    Academic courses are suitable for those who plan to enter Italian universities or work in Italy. For example, in Rome, language school EF Rome offers EF Academic Semester and EF Academic Year courses that help you to immerse yourself in the language environment, boost your Italian skills and practice not solely language, but also basic study skills, useful at higher education institutions in Italy.

  • What else you need to know

    Accommodation. Most probably, your language school in Rome will offer you accommodation at a student residence or in a host family for the length of your course. Otherwise, you may want to book accommodation on your own to stay in a hotel or Airbnb property. Course managers at are always ready to help you with choosing the best place to stay. We highly recommend not leaving the decision until the last moment as an address in Italy will be required for your visa application.

    Visa. As a foreigner, you will need a visa to study in Italy. Remember to allow enough time for your visa to be ready in time and consider an earlier application if you plan to travel during peak season (e.g. summer or Christmas and New Year holidays). If you have any questions or troubles with getting a visa, our professional advisors at can help you with your application.

    Learning material. The majority of language schools in Rome will provide you with textbooks, printouts for tests and exercises during your classes. However, you may want to bring a notepad, a few pens, and your small dictionary with you to use during classes.

    Pocket money. When visiting Rome, you will definitely want to visit some tourist attractions, such as museums, galleries, theatres, and excursions. You can check their websites for ticket info and prices in advance to plan how much money you should bring with you. Often, online tickets are cheaper so booking tickets in advance is a great money-saving strategy! You will also need to pay for food, public transport, and souvenirs so include these expenses in your budget as well.

    Books and magazines. To keep up the level you achieved during the course, you need constant language practice. We advise you to buy some local magazines, newspapers or books in Rome during your visit. This way, you will read real-life texts and practise your language skills even when the course is over.


Rome is the perfect destination for Italian courses for adults and teens. Here, you can learn the language with native speakers, improving your Italian in class and practising it as a tourist in this ancient city. Choose from general, intensive, professional or academic courses to find the language program in Rome that better suits your comprehension level and learning goals.

Here at, we are always ready to offer you help with choosing the right course, making your application and getting a visa. So check out our partner language schools in Rome and start to plan your dream vacation today.

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