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960 for 2 weeks



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Super intensive course +5
  • Super intensive course +5
  • Individual lessons
  • Music course
  • CILS preparation courses
  • Intensive course
  • Course for Italian language teachers and DITALS preparation
  • Online individual lessons
  • Part-time twice a week
  • Intensive Online Course
  • Intensive Italian language evening course
  • Sabbatical Year
  • Preparation course for studying at University
  • Academic School Year
  • IMAT - International Medical Admissions Test preparation Course
  • Italian plus Volunteering
  • Discover your Origins
  • Preparation courses for the AIL Italian language exam
  • Preparation course for Fashion & Design Academies
  • Professional courses
  • Super intensive course +10
  • Fine Art course
  • Italian cuisine / culinary arts for amateurs
  • Italian wines culture course
  • Art History
  • Gap Semester
  • Super Intensive
  • La Dolce Vita 55+
  • Italy Today course
  • Italian Tour
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Host Family
  • Do not book accommodation
  • Host Family
  • Standard Apartment
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Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milan

Exciting, dynamic and always keeping up with the times, Milan is the ideal place where to live an unforgettable and unique experience.

Leonardo da Vinci Milan is located in the historic centre of Milan, in a modern building a few minutes’ walk from Piazza del Duomo. The district is known for its liveliness and style, destination of foodies – thanks to countless restaurants to suit every budget –, lovers of culture attracted by theatres, bookshops, shops.

The style of Leonardo da Vinci Milan is the same as that of Milan: Italian passion and creativity mixed with the particular Milanese focus on service quality. The space is characterized by a youthful, functional and friendly design; the 12 classrooms are well equipped with modern audio-video systems and a high-speed Wi-Fi network. The school pays great attention to ecology and uses recycled materials, encourages the sorting of waste and has an air-conditioning system with a low environmental impact.

Public holidays: 01 November 2019, 21 December 2019 - 06 January 2020, 13 April, 22 April, 01 May, 2 June, 8 December

Language courses

Super intensive course +5
  • 16+ years old
  • 14 students per class
  • lesson 45 minutes

The school's courses are designed to respond more to general needs and problems, than to specific issues and have diverse learning objectives.The courses are subdivided into 6 ability levels, from beginner (A1) to advanced (C2), according to an assessment system validated by the European Council.

The plus 5 courses allow the student to learn in two different ways: on one hand there's studying in group, where you can benefit from the communicative dynamics, learning together with others, in a group of a maximum of 14 students. On the other hand, you can also follow a personalized and intensive study program taking advantage of the expertise and attention offered by a private lesson.

For those who have a high level of knowledge of the Italian language, private lessons are ideal to learn in depth about the culture of Italy, its history and the lifestyles of the Italian people.

If, on the other hand, you are preparing to do an Italian language certificate exam, a university test, or an important work interview; with the reinforcement and in-depth learning offered by private lessons, you will certainly succeed and reach your goals.

The school's staff are always available to help to organize extracurricular activities during your stay: guided museum visits, monument and church visits, tastings, lessons on various Italian topics (e.g. cinema, literature, opera, or food) and visits around the city.

890 for 2 weeks
Individual lessons
  • 16+ years old
  • 1 students per class
  • lesson 45 minutes

Individual Italian language lessons are tailored to the individual student’s needs and interests: in private Italian language courses, the teacher's attention is focused only on the student and his/her learning requirements.

The private Italian language course allows the student to freely decide on the number and time of the lessons, with a wide range of availability.

The private course is ideal for those who need to learn Italian for work or to learn a specific vocabulary relating to a profession, such as business Italian, Italian in the banking sector, Italian for law, medicine or for the fashion world or simply to deepen one's own personal interests in subjects such as art, cinema, literature or Italian history.

The One-to-one Italian language lessons are perfect to combine with the numerous group activities organised by the school, so as to complement the study and to provide periods of socialising, relaxation and interaction in the Italian language.

1500 for 2 weeks
Music course
  • 16+ years old
  • 14 students per class
  • lesson 45 minutes

The Leonardo da Vinci Italian language school, together with renowned music schools in Italy, offer ITALIAN LANGUAGE AND MUSIC COURSES IN ITALY.

Not available


Usually check in two days before the start of the course, and check out on the day of graduation. You can change the dates in your account.

The school must confirm the availability of your chosen accommodation.

If the selected housing is not available for your dates, the school will offer another accommodation option for you to consider.

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I don't need housing

+ 2
Host Family
  • From 16 yearsFrom 16 years
  • ~20 minutes to school by public transport~20 minutes to school by public transport

Student stay will be with an Italian family in their apartment/home. Living with a family gives student the unique opportunity to integrate in Italian culture and the way of life, but there are a few necessary compromises to be made between student and the family. There are some rules that students must follow: keep his/her room tidy; do not wake up the family when you come home after midnight; do not use the personal items of the family without permission; do not use the kitchen for your own purposes; the use of the washing machine is not included; the use of the iron is permitted without charge; students are permitted to use the common rooms and to receive telephone calls.

The payment is to be made on the spot to the accommodation provider.

Room for 1

Price per week

1 week: 228,00

2 weeks: 180,00

From 3 week(s): 196,00

Room for 2 (only booked together)

1 week: 174,00

2 weeks:143,00

From 3 week(s): 154,00

Half board: 84,00



0 for 13 days
+ 7
Standard Apartment
  • From 16 yearsFrom 16 years
  • ~30 minutes to school by public transport~30 minutes to school by public transport
  • No mealsNo meals

Standard Apartments are the apartnments with two or more rooms in which the bathroom and kitchen are shared with other people. Apartments are furnished and the kitchen is provided with all necessary utensils (dishes, plates, pots etc).

Electricity, gas, water, bills and taxes are included in the rent. Sheets are provided without charge and are changed every 2 weeks. Student must bring your own towels. School suggests organizing something to eat for your first dinner. The apartment does not have a telephone. The apartment will be cleaned before your arrival. During the stay student will be responsible for cleaning his/her own room as well as the common rooms (kitchen and bathroom).

The payment is to be made on the spot to the accommodation provider.

Room for 1

Price per week

1 week: 204,00

2 weeks: 163,00

From 3 week(s): 175,00

Room for 2 (only booked together)

1 week: 150,00

2 weeks:117,00

From 3 week(s): 126,00

Not available


Not required

  • 140 

    one way

  • 70 

    one way

  • 130 

    one way


School address:

Corso di Porta Vigentina, 35IT - 20122, Milano, Italia, Milan


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