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Get assistance in the preparation of your résumé, job search, and internship.


from 160 $

Your résumé is one of the most important documents in your portfolio. It contains information on your education, skills, achievements, and experience. A properly crafted résumé gives you a head start of twice as much as other students.

What the consultation includes

Reviewing your profile

We'll evaluate your experience, identify your important achievements, and show you in your best light.

The best practices of a successful résumé

We’ll help your résumé stand out and help you get the job you want or go to college abroad.

Résumé preparation

We'll prepare a structure and work together to create the perfect résumé to improve your chances of success.

Perfect set of documents

In addition to the résumé, we will discuss the entire package of documents required for admission to foreign universities.

An extended résumé is not always the best solution; in most cases, only the first page is read. Therefore, you should be especially careful when preparing the information you want to add, so as not to complicate it and not to mix important and minor facts.

Who it is for

  • Those who want to apply to a university or college abroad.

  • Those who cannot find the most proper and effective way to present themselves in the résumé.

  • Those who want to get an offer for a prestigious internship.

  • Those who want to stand out from other candidates.

How it works

Profile study

After payment, we will email you a detailed questionnaire which you have to fill in to let us evaluate your profile and start the preparation of your résumé.

Private online meeting

After agreeing on the date and time of the call, we conduct a personal consultation in which we discuss your profile, determine your experience, skills, and achievements relevant to be reflected in your résumé.

Preparing a draft résumé

After the consultation, we’ll send you a template of a résumé to fill in the missing information for us to be able to shape it up.

Expert work on your résumé

The expert will proofread the draft, improve the structure and stylistics, as well as check for errors and ask for additional information if needed.

Discussing the final version

We discuss the final version of the résumé by email, Skype or Zoom. We’ll then make final adjustments and send you the finished résumé.

Bonus: a discount on our services

If you decide to use another of our higher education services after your consultation, we'll give you a $20 discount.

Arina Govorina

Higher Education Consultant in the US, Europe, and Australia

  • Arina graduated with distinction from the Central European University (Austria). She received funding from the university and a monthly scholarship
  • She has been working in the field of education abroad for more than 4 years
  • She helps students prepare for bachelor’s, master’s and PhD entry
  • Together with Arina, our students have been admitted to York University (USA), Georgetown University (USA), Chapman University (USA), Warwick Business School (UK), and other foreign universities
  • Arina has special expertise in preparation for MBA programs, management, and business
Elena Shcherbakova

Higher Education Consultant in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia

  • Elena graduated from UCL, University College London
  • She has been working in the field of education abroad for 4 years
  • She has helped more than 350 students to enter universities in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Europe, including University of California, King's College London, UAL, University of Warwick, St Andrews University, and Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Elena specializes in preparation for the following programs: IGCSE, Foundation, Bachelor, International Graduate, Pre-master's, Master, A-level, Pathways
  • She is well versed in the intricacies of admission to bachelor's and master's programs, including changing specialty
Lilit Davtyan

Higher Education Consultant

Lilit enrolled herself in a bachelor's degree in International Business Management and Finance at the University of New Hampshire, USA.

Now she uses her own experience and expertise to help others enroll in US universities.

With Lilit’s assistance, you can prepare strong motivational and recommendation letters as well as CVs, and apply for a scholarship. Lilit's students study at Northeastern University, University of New Hampshire, Fordham University, and Suffolk University.


Assistance in résumé preparation

  • Individual template development

  • Résumé preparation

  • Overall time — 1 to 3 weeks



Preparing a résumé and a motivation letter

  • Individual template development

  • Résumé preparation

  • Overall time — 1 to 3 weeks




Preparing a full package of documents

  • Individual template development

  • Résumé preparation

  • Overall time — 1 to 3 weeks




Book assistance in résumé preparation


from 160 $

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