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Motivation Letter for University

With our assistance, over 300 students have been accepted to American higher education institutions


200 $

How does motivation letter assistance work?

A skype call

Initial Skype call (30 minutes) to discuss university/college requirements for writing a motivation letter, generation of ideas, content strategy and structure.

A draft essay

You write down as much as you can, using the strategy that you discussed with our specialist. You don’t have to follow any particular structure or worry about mistakes.


Our specialist would structure your thoughts, rewrite incorrect sentences, delete unnecessary details and correct grammar and spelling mistakes.

Final review

Final review during Skype call (15 minutes): final version review, last corrections. You are ready to submit your application!


A motivation letter from scratch

  • An individual consultation

  • A study of your university's motivation letter requirements

  • Making adjustments if necessary

  • Overall time — 1 to 3 weeks



Writing/revising a motivation letter to go with your US university application

A motivation letter is one of the essentials of your application to a US university. It is a unique opportunity of demonstrating a broader image of your personality to the university, not just providing a few figures and certificates. A good motivation letter for a foreign university is anything but a free-form essay on what a nice, outgoing and funny person you are. This abstract should deal with the essence of your life, accounting for the events which determined your future occupation, turned your world upside down and contributed to your choice of an American higher education.

A US university application form often includes two items in the list of documents: a Personal Statement and a Statement of Purpose. The former is mostly required for BA courses. Evidently, at this stage of your life you are quite unlikely to come up with a rigid plan for the nearest five or ten years, but you already have some achievements, aspirations and results to share. And these are exactly what you should include in your personal statement.

As to the Statement of Purpose, it is widely used in the application process of MA and post-graduate courses at American universities. In this letter, you are expected to give a clear picture of what you want to become and where you plan to be five or ten years away from now. You also need to prove that pursuing a course at the chosen university is an absolute prerequisite for achieving your goals in life.

An application letter to a US university with a request for funding. Most US universities consider your application for scholarship or funding by default. And this is when your essay comes forward, as funding is only granted to the best of the best.

Why writing an essay is an integral and principal part of a US university application process?

  • A good essay can drastically change the commission's opinion of you. You can use the essay to explain the real reasons behind low average grades or a lack of work experience, as well as to prove that you are the best candidate for the chosen program;
  • You can be sure that your letter will be read; thus, the University of Texas processes an average of 250,000 applications per years, paying attention primarily to the two motivation letters submitted by prospective students;
  • Choosing the topic is the main challenge. A wrong choice of topic won't allow the essay to demonstrate your value, thus lowering your chances of being accepted. This is why we pay thorough attention to our customers' background, in order to get to know them better and choose the most compelling topic;
  • Many students choose commonplace topics, such as the importance of learning in general, and how they want all the world to live in peace, and so on. If your topic is one of these, be prepared for your application to be declined, along with a few thousands similar essays.

Arina Govorina

Higher Education Consultant in the US, Europe, and Australia

  • Arina graduated with distinction from the Central European University (Austria). She received funding from the university and a monthly scholarship
  • She has been working in the field of education abroad for more than 4 years
  • She helps students prepare for bachelor’s, master’s and PhD entry
  • Together with Arina, our students have been admitted to York University (USA), Georgetown University (USA), Chapman University (USA), Warwick Business School (UK), and other foreign universities
  • Arina has special expertise in preparation for MBA programs, management, and business
Elena Shcherbakova

Higher Education Consultant in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia

  • Elena graduated from UCL, University College London
  • She has been working in the field of education abroad for 4 years
  • She has helped more than 350 students to enter universities in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Europe, including University of California, King's College London, UAL, University of Warwick, St Andrews University, and Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Elena specializes in preparation for the following programs: IGCSE, Foundation, Bachelor, International Graduate, Pre-master's, Master, A-level, Pathways
  • She is well versed in the intricacies of admission to bachelor's and master's programs, including changing specialty
Lilit Davtyan

Higher Education Consultant

Lilit enrolled herself in a bachelor's degree in International Business Management and Finance at the University of New Hampshire, USA.

Now she uses her own experience and expertise to help others enroll in US universities.

With Lilit’s assistance, you can prepare strong motivational and recommendation letters as well as CVs, and apply for a scholarship. Lilit's students study at Northeastern University, University of New Hampshire, Fordham University, and Suffolk University.

Writing a motivation letter


200 $

Put your motivation letter in the hands of professionals (we have managed to enter US universities with full funding)

Primary skype consultation will be scheduled after the order

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