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Amazing school, highly recommended, it was recommended by Alex and I liked the school very much. I w...
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1180 £for 2 weeks


665 £

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Intensive course
  • Intensive course
  • Sprint General English
  • IELTS Exam Preparation
  • Semi-intensive course
  • General course (Afternoon classes)
  • General course (Morning classes)
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for 2 weeks
  • for 2 weeks
  • for 3 weeks
  • for 4 weeks
  • for 5 weeks
  • for 6 weeks
  • for 7 weeks
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420 £

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  • Do not book accommodation
  • Homestay
  • IQ Paris Gardens
  • Wembley residence
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Breakfast only
  • Half board
  • Breakfast only
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95 £

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5 out of 5

English Path London Greenford

English Path is an English language school based in London. This is where you get experience learning English within a university style campus in the city centre.

London was once the largest city in the world. Today, London is still a fascinating city and attracts millions of visitors each year, with its many museums, famous landmarks, historical buildings, and cosmopolitan feel. If you are looking to enjoy new experiences, London is the place for you. If you like culture, there are world famous theatres in the West End, museums which are free to visit and amazing art galleries with collections from all over the world. English Path and GBS higher education college, are part of Global Education Group. Together our students share fantastic, modern university style facilities. EP London is our newest campus, a fantastic modern building with 100.000sq ft of space, including a library, cafe, and a lot of space for students. 


Experience learning English within a university style campus

Walking distance accommodation

Large Library and Self Study Area

15 classrooms with interactive screens

Outdoor space

Close to Greenford Quay and Parks

25 minutes by direct Tube to central London (Piccadilly and Central Line)

Activity and Masterclass Programme

The opportunity to mix with British university students

Language courses

Intensive course
  • 16+ years old
  • 15 students per class
  • lesson 45 minutes

The General English programme develops your English language and communication skills, giving you the confidence and ability to function in everyday situations. Through a communicative approach, you will practise your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. There are also many opportunities to learn these skills in a variety of ‘real-life’ situations. You will also be able to improve your pronunciation and develop your grammar and vocabulary range.

Some students may consider an 'Intensive' course to accelerate their learning.

700 £665 £for 2 weeks
Sprint General English
  • 16+ years old
  • 10 students per class
  • lesson 45 minutes

The EP Online General English course incorporates diverse topics to keep learners engaged. It offers structured speaking tasks with models, preparation time, and reflection opportunities. The course adopts a practical approach, teaching vocabulary applicable in real-life situations. It features an appealing design, user-friendly layout, and integrates entertaining video clips.

Minimum course duration — 4 weeks
Not available
IELTS Exam Preparation
  • 18+ years old
  • 15 students per class
  • lesson 45 minutes

The English Path IELTS Preparation courses are for students who want to take the IELTS Academic Exam. This course is designed for preparing students at intermediate level and above for the IELTS Exam. It aims to develop your English skills and improve your exam technique.

While following an objective based course structure, your teacher will work closely with you to establish what IELTS level you need to achieve and identify which techniques, exam areas and skills and you need to develop in order to reach your goal.

Every week, as part of your classes, you will study IELTS past papers, focussing on areas of the exam that you need to improve. Throughout your study at English Path your teacher and the academic team will monitor your progress and offer you feedback.

Taking an IELTS exam can help individuals progress their academic and professional careers. If your intention is to pursue a career in an English-speaking country, you will likely have to prove your level of English. By taking an IELTS exam, you can demonstrate your level of English to potential employers. Not only will our IELTS preparation course help you develop the language skills you need for the exam, but it will also prepare you for work in an English-speaking environment by improving your overall level of English.

Studying in an English-speaking university is another main reason why students decided to take the IELTS exam. If your goal is to do an undergraduate or postgraduate course in English, our IELTS preparation courses can help you to improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills for the exam. Our course will also help you to succeed when your university studies begin, by improving your overall level of academic English.

Minimum course duration — 3 weeks
Not available


Usually check in two days before the start of the course, and check out on the day of graduation. You can change the dates in your account.

The school must confirm the availability of your chosen accommodation.

If the selected housing is not available for your dates, the school will offer another accommodation option for you to consider.

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I don't need housing

+ 3
  • From 16 yearsFrom 16 years
  • ~40 minutes to school by public transport~40 minutes to school by public transport
  • Breakfast only/half boardBreakfast only/half board

For many English learners, there are instances where their experience is being exposed to a large culture, and the best way to do this is by staying in our homestay home.



420 £for 14 days
+ 10
IQ Paris Gardens
  • From 18 yearsFrom 18 years
  • ~160 minutes to school by public transport~160 minutes to school by public transport
  • No mealsNo meals

Paris Gardens offers modern student rooms and studios in central London, just a 5-minute walk from the River Thames and London Blackfriars train station.You will find a wide range of student accommodation at Paris Gardens, a central London property located 5 minutes' walk from London Blackfriars train station. This site is well located for London South Bank University and King's College London's Waterloo campus, both within 12 minutes' walk. Many other London universities are easily accessible thanks to the nearby Tube, train and bus links. Paris Gardens offers a range of social and study facilities, including a gym where you can build yourself up, and a lounge for you to study and socialise with your mates. There are regular events organised by the onsite team and, with close links to Bankside property just a few minutes away, plenty of people for you to meet.

1170 £for 14 days
+ 6
Wembley residence
  • From 18 yearsFrom 18 years
  • ~20 minutes to school by public transport~20 minutes to school by public transport
  • No mealsNo meals

Wembley Residence is located in Wembley Park, a 2-minute walk from one of the most famous football stadiums in the world,

Wembley Stadium with its sky-high arches. Diversity

events, from sports matches to concerts by the world's biggest star. Central London is a short tube ride away; you can get to the West End from Wembley within 20 minutes.


Gym on site

Field of study

social space


Landscaped yard



Game Zone

Shared kitchen

Bicycle storage

Regular social events

All inclusive (bills)

Super fast WI-FI

24/7 team on site

Secure login system

Cable TV

!You can not leave here in December.

Minimum stay 4 weeks!

Not available


Not required

  • 150 £

    one way

  • 100 £

    one way

  • 130 £

    one way

  • 110 £

    one way


School address:

891 Greenford Road Greenford, London,, London


Reviews 8

Total score

5 out of 5

Leisure time


30 Mar 2023

My trip was wonderful, I liked the school, the classes were very interesting and useful, the entertainment program was at a good level. They even managed to talk to me with my low level, I definitely felt that my English improved. There are no complaints about the service of your site either, everyt

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30 Mar 2023

Excellent, budget school in London. Right at the school there is a cafeteria, which is very convenient - to have a snack after class when you go for a walk. Excellent and friendly teachers, and the school administration, which is ready to help at any moment. For example, I was sick for a week, and I

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15 Nov 2022

English path London is extremely good!All teacher and staff are very kind!Not only studying but also social activities are fulfilling, and it's fun to go to many places after school😊I'm sure that English Path London is the best in UK!I love English Path London specially Nadia!I'm very happy everyda

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