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573.75 £

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Intensive English
  • Intensive English
  • IELTS Exam Preparation - Intensive
  • Cambridge FCE Preparation
  • Cambridge CAE Preparation
  • Business Supplementary
  • General English
  • Semi-Intensive English
  • Academic Year
  • Academic Semester (5-6 months)
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Kaplan International English Edinburgh

Kaplan school is in the very heart of Edinburgh, just minutes from the historical Edinburgh Castle.

The Kaplan school is in the very heart of Edinburgh, just minutes from the stylish shops of Princes Street and the historical Edinburgh Castle. It is housed in an elegant Georgian building with excellent modern facilities, giving you a taste of historical Britain but with the comfort of modern technology.

Edinburgh is an Exam Preparation Academy which means that they specialise in supporting students to achieve the highest possible IELTS result. IELTS preparation classes will be available in the morning and afternoon and you will have the option to take regular mock IELTS tests. You will be taught by teachers who have been trained to specialise in IELTS and will receive support throughout your course with tutorials and study plans focusing on maximising your IELTS score.

Make the most of your stay whatever your tastes, from beautiful highland walks to nights out and bars and clubs.

The school offers a range of English courses including IELTS and Cambridge exams, and we are an official Trinity test centre.

Enjoy the full Edinburgh experience, with friendly locals, natural beauty and rich history all on your doorstep.


There are 20 large classrooms with plenty of natural light. All rooms have an interactive whiteboard and new classroom furniture. There is ‘state-of-the-art ‘ wireless connection in all the classrooms and throughout the school.

Study Center

The Study center at the school has 15 computers with language learning programs, email and Internet access. There is teacher 9.30 to 5.00 every day to help with your studies. There is also a resource library with readers, study texts including exam preparation materials and DVDs available for use in school or at home.

Student common room

The school has a students’ room for relaxing, eating and enjoying free time before and after classes. There is a café selling sandwiches, pizza and cakes as well as hot and cold drinks. We have a machine selling fizzy drinks and a cold water fountain. There is excellent wireless for laptops and phones as well as computers for students. The students’ room is a place to relax as well as study. There is a dining area as well as space to relax.


There are many cafes nearby where students can buy lunch. Students can eat in the common room or on the patio outside in nice weather.

Sports facilities

Public parks can be used for outdoor sporting activities and there is a swimming pool nearby. Edinburgh has many sporting options including skiing, ice-skating, canoeing and many more.

Gym facilities

Students can join the local gym for indoor sports and fitness training.

Public holidays in 2019 (no lessons): 01.01, 19.04, 22.04, 06.05, 27.05, 26.08, 23.12 - 29.12.

Language courses

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Intensive English
  • 16+ years old
  • 15 students per class
  • lesson 45 minutes

Our Intensive English program offers a fast, enjoyable and effective way to improve your English language skills, whatever your current language level. You have the opportunity to customize your course with specific skills lessons, including business English and exam preparation.

Intensive English classes allow you to quickly achieve English fluency and learn grammar and vocabulary that will be useful in every day English. You can study for as long as you need to, and this level of focus will improve your opportunities in future academic and professional endeavours.

675 £573.75 £for 2 weeks
IELTS Exam Preparation - Intensive
  • 16+ years old
  • 15 students per class
  • lesson 45 minutes

IELTS preparation course will teach you valuable English skills and strategies for taking the IELTS exam, helping you to achieve a better score.

This course is highly focused on your IELTS exam preparation and will teach you about the different exam sections, the ways to maximize your exam time and the types of questions you will face on the exam. You will also practice reading, writing, listening and speaking, and improve your grammar and vocabulary.

IELTS is a widely recognised test of English language skills for educational and professional purposes, particularly for students who wish to go to university in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

20 IELTS Exam Preparation lessons (15 hours)

8 Specific Skills lessons (6 hours)

7 K+ sessions (5.25 hours)

675 £573.75 £for 2 weeks
Cambridge FCE Preparation
  • 16+ years old
  • 15 students per class
  • lesson 45 minutes

The Cambridge Exam is an internationally recognized test and qualification of English language ability. Our accredited Cambridge preparation courses enable you to feel confident taking the exam and help you gain the best mark you can.

During lessons for this FCE preparation course, you will cover all sections of the FCE in detail. This includes taking practice tests, learning the best exam techniques, and improving your general level of English.

675 £573.75 £for 2 weeks


Usually check in two days before the start of the course, and check out on the day of graduation. You can change the dates in your account.

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  • 190 £

    one way

  • 70 £

    one way


We strongly recommend you to book your flight only after your participation in a course and visa are confirmed.



School address:

9 Albyn Place, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Edinburgh EH2 4NG, Edinburgh

Reviews 7

Total score

4.7 из 5

Leisure time



I spent only a week in Edinburgh, but I fell in love with it! I got really lucky: there were only 5 people in my group and all came for 1 week (so everyone was interested in intensive and active learning). We all became friends right away and were going out to museums and pubs :) Also, I really like

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The host family was friendly and hospitable. In general, I liked the course. The only drawback is that in the IELTS preparation group were people of different levels of training. The school was modern and comfortable! Everything was on a high level



I liked everything very much! An efficient type of vacation, Edinburgh and the whole of Scotland are unreal beautiful. I took the usual course, but every day was so full of events that I did not have time to take a breath. Night in pubs every Thursday - only this event is worth going! As for the re

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Full cost of the course after prepayment deduction must be paid no later than four weeks before the start of the course.School returns money in case of visa rejection.

  • Best price guarantee
  • Personal assistance throughout preparation and travel
  • Free booking cancellation within 3 days
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