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EC Malta

St. Julian's, Malta
Very Good 4.7
School 4.7
Accommodation 4.4
Course 4.7
Free time activities 4.9
Thank you Linguatrip, for your help in booking and accompanying.

Learn English in the heart of the Mediterranean

Small and easy to explore, Malta is a charming and friendly place to learn English. Relax on the beach or visit one of the island’s many places of interest. Malta never fails to put a smile on your face. Not only sunny and bright, Malta is steeped in history and has great natural beauty from neolithic temples to crystal clear sea.

EC Malta is located in St. Julian's, a fun tourist resort built around a small bay and it's one of the few Malta English language schools to hold the international ISO 9001 quality accreditation. The school is bright, modern and buzzing with activity throughout the year. Expect a warm welcome from school's teachers and staff.

The courses offered by EC Malta are suitable for all levels of understanding, and are designed to focus on the area of your choice. Choose an Academic, Business or General English Course and study in the company of like-minded individuals from all over the world in the exciting city of St. Julian's. With the help of supportive, experienced teachers, state of the art facilities and the very best teaching materials, you’ll enjoy a life-changing experience and leave with the skills needed to pursue your dream.

EC Malta facilities:

- free wifi;

- interactive whiteboard;

- library facilities;

- student lounge;

- self-study area.


General English TOP CHOICE
From 16 years old 12 students per class 1 lesson — 45 minutes
Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels
3 September—14 September

Improve your level and maximise your ability to use English with our most popular course.

General English (20 lessons per week) will give you a practical understanding of the English language and take you all the way to fluency. See your confidence improve as we train you in all four communication skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing

Reasons to take this course:

- Your level is between Beginner and Advanced.

- You want to improve your English level quickly and effectively while gaining confidence.

- You want to develop your fluency in everyday contexts.


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20 minutes from school on public transport
Minimum age — 16
Breakfast only/half board

There's no better way to practise your English and learn about Maltese culture than in a homestay. Our homestay families will give you the security and support you desire along with great Maltese food! This is perfect for you if you enjoy all the comforts and familiarities of home life.

You can choose between twin and single room accommodation. If you choose twin room accommodation, then you can expect to be placed with a student of a different nationality, but you can even choose to share with a friend.

Each homestay bedroom has storage space for clothes, a chair and desk (if not in the bedroom students will be able to use a designated area for studying) as well as good lighting, mirror, waste paper bin. Bed linen and towels are provided by the host family and one clothes wash per week. Anything extra is at the discretion of the host family.

With advanced notice we can help with any special requests that you may have e.g. non-smoking family, no pets, allergies, special dietary requirements etc.; however, please note that this may not always be possible.

Whilst staying with a host family, you will have access to communal rooms such as the lounge, dining area and kitchen although most students will not be able to use the cooking facilities. Bathrooms will be shared with the host family unless you choose a private bathroom.

Host families are all within easy reach of EC Malta, either by public transport or within walking distance. Homestay locations include but are not limited to; St Julian’s, Sliema, Sweiqi, San Gwann, St Andrew’s, Ta’ Xbiex, Gzira, Msida and Pembroke.

Distance to school: depending upon location, from a 10 minute walk to a 30 minute bus journey.

An additional 50c per week government eco-tax is to be collected by homestay providers.

breakfast only

Standart Shared Apartments

20 minutes from school walking
Minimum age — 18
No meals

Shared apartments offer more freedom and independence. You will find students sharing with other international students, so such apartments are suited to those who wish to be more self-sufficient.

All apartments are well furnished and equipped with everything you need to make your stay comfortable.

One Bedroom Apartment

15 minutes from school walking
Minimum age — 18
No meals

This apartment is designed for those who love peace, comfort and privacy. In choosing this option of accommodation you will live in a separate one's own apartment.

It is well furnished and equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living. Such apartments are located about 5-25 minutes walk from the school.


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Ticket price is for your information only.



The experience is mostly positive. Thank you for your help in booking and accompanying.

As for learning, it's worth it to go to school to improve listening and speaking skills. What about grammar, although lessons were written and designed to practice this skill, in fact, grammar was paid less attention.

I liked the organization of the training: welcome and farewell activities, the location of the school, the availability of canteens in the territory, the classes themselves and recreation areas. The activity program was also saturated, but I investigated Malta myself, so I can not share my experience. The guys who went on excursions were fully satisfied.

My training lasted a week. As it was expected, a week course duration was not enough, but immersion in the environment still gives results even in such a short period. What you call, you start thinking in English. The only thing that confused was that there was no learning structure. It is not intended for those who arrive for a short time. I had students in my group who were studying for 3 weeks... At the very beginning of the training, the school gave us textbooks, in which there were many topics. One topic was discussed in one lesson. Therefore, if you go for the sake of being in a linguistic environment, for motivating yourself to learn and understand the language, then this is an excellent solution. But if your goals differ, I'm not sure that it will be effective. The tete-a-tete lessons with the teacher, in this case, are more effective.

As for living, I lived in Sliema. I went on foot to school, the road took about 30 minutes, it’s problematic with transport in Malta, so as not to spoil your mood, I would recommend minimizing of using the public transport. Those who lived in St. Julian, complained of the noise. Young people walk in the streets till the morning, so the noise rises all the night. In addition, Slim seemed to be more atmospheric and clean in terms of beaches.

In general, I liked Malta! Very much! Atmospheric, warm, delicious, beautiful places around ... Plus a pretty fast flight from Russia. And because the territory of the island is small, in a short period there is an opportunity to visit many interesting places.

May 2018

Unfortunately the feedback on this school will be negative. I took a general English course for 2 weeks. But enrolled me in "EC Malta 30+" by age.

On the first day in EC Malta there was only a briefing on the behavior in the school and a test for the level of the language. We were all warned that since the training is aimed at improving fluency in the language, we will not be interrupted and corrected by our teachers during the conversation at the lesson.

It's true, no one has ever corrected us neither during the speech ... nor after. Not once in two weeks of my training. As I said with mistakes, I kept talking

After the test students are assigned to an already existing group, so there is no structure in education. You will learn from the middle of the book, on the chapter where the group you studied was in. All schooling is built on the communication of students with each other. The task of teachers was only to offer us topics for conversation and talk when to start communicating and when to stop.

2 out of 3 teachers were mildly speaking at the age and so boring taught that it was not interesting even to my classmates age 50+

I thought maybe my course is very simple and does not involve in-depth study. I asked a familiar girl from another group who studied on an intensive course (which by the way is 50% more expensive than general English). So this course differs from the general one only by one additional lesson which by the way is exactly the same as in this school they offer additional free lessons.

In general, the level of education does not correspond to the price, it is very unfortunate that money was thrown to the wind. In my country for this price I could do with the best tutor for a year !!!

I will summarize the results - it will be productive for you to go to EC Malta school if the language level is zero.

November 2017
B1 B2

I went to the EС for a month preparing for the IELTS. Until the exam at the moment I have 3 more months for preparation. I wish i would have spent this time in school! Teachers are awesome! I had two: Chris is a Canadian Maltese (Canadian pronunciation), and Susan is British, very energetic. According to the teachers you can see that they love their work very much. For them, a lesson, like a stand-up show and it is important for the teachers to receive a feedback and help everyone, even at extracurricular times.

However, there was a moment that I did not understand: on the opening day they said that in school most of the emphasis is on speaking practice in the classroom, but this is exaggerated.

But there are a lot of students from all over the world, with whom you can talk freely in your free time.

In general, the trip was at 5.

Highly recommended!

August 2017

Just been here for three days and I found the school an excellent environment to make friends, exchange experiences with people from everywhere and study English. My wife Susi liked her teacher very much and recommends the school to whoever wants to go to the next level in English language proficiency.

EC Malta (St. Julian's, Malta) language school reviews EC Malta (St. Julian's, Malta) language school reviews

In July 2017, I had one of the best seasons of my life in EC Malta!!!

I had a opportunity to share knowledge with people of the several countries and I learned a lot with the classes!

By the way, Malta is a Paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea!!!

I had great times visiting the beuties of the Malta!!!

I going to remember forever of this season!!!

The teachers, the staff and the school are great!

The reception of the students, the accommodation, the individual assistance, the classes and the means of interaction used by the school are the best I have seen!

My accommodation was in a great location, large and comfortable apartment, nice rooms and a beautiful view of Spinola Bay!

I would like to give a special greetings to my teachers Greg and Victoria, the Staff Cheyenne, Luke (Skywalker), Stanley and my dear Romane!!!

I love you all! Thanks for everything!!!

September 2017

I would like to tell you about my impressions about studying at a language school in Malta. I had just one week of vacation and i wanted to spend it in a useful way, so i decided to improve my English. Even a week was efficient, a had a great experience of live communicating with native speakers, not with a tutor! When you don't understand something teachers will explain you that in English, not in your language, and it is very useful! School staff treats you very good, like their old friend. They even organized free transfer for me. As for accommodation i booked a room on Spinola street, it had its own bathroom, conditioner, towels, tableware, microwave, fridge, plate - everything you need! Not far from school, just 5-7 minutes walk. I attended business English course - teacher Edward was great!

Looking forward to coming back!

Big thanks to Linguatrip team!

EC Malta (St. Julian's, Malta) language school reviews EC Malta (St. Julian's, Malta) language school reviews EC Malta (St. Julian's, Malta) language school reviews EC Malta (St. Julian's, Malta) language school reviews

I travelled to Malta to improve my English skills. The school was OK, but conditions in the apartments was poor - especially kitchen. Moreover, you need to pay extra for conditioner.

Teachers at school were good, even though i haven't noticed such a big progress.

By and large the trip was cool !


I studied at EC Malta in March 2017. Thank you Linguatrip and Valeria for recommending this school. Friendly atmosphere , high professionalism of teachers. My level of English has increased several times over two months of studying there. I would love to go back there!


Teachers and staff are always helped! Thanks EC that I improved my English and now calmly communicate with foreigners)


I studied at EC in August 2016 and I have only the most wonderful memories of the school! It is best to go in the summer for 4 weeks to this fabulous island with friends! In Malta, this school is the best!

December 2016
very good
May 2015

I think EC is the best English school in Malta. EC teachers are good and I'm happy with them. My favourite activity is the Pronunciation Clinic. I visited Comino island with some friends I made at EC and we all enjoyed it a lot. I recommend future EC students to visit Comino as it is simply beautiful!

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'Language House', Marguerite Mangion Street, St. Julians, STJ 3180, Malta
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