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inlingua Malta

Sliema, Malta
Excellent 4.7
School 4.8
Accommodation 4.4
Course 4.7
Free time activities 5.0
Great location and teachers! They shaped my skills quite a bit. I became more accurate and fluent during the course.

inlingua Malta is a modern and comfortable school with a unique teaching method, which is only 3 minutes walk from the beach.

The slogan school inlingua Malta - "Breaking the language barriers" - reflects the main task of the school. inlingua Malta aims to teach the world the languages, so that, communicating in one language, people can share their worries and pleasures with each other.

inlingua Malta school is not just taught languages, but by the unique method of inlingua. Specially developed manuals, materials and methodology are aimed at the effective and successful development of foreign languages. The inlingua method is based on the use of the language itself, and not on the study of information about it.

Inlingua Malta has 44 modern, comfortable classrooms with air conditioning and interactive whiteboards, a lecture and a DVD room, a library / self-study center, a common student lounge and, of course, free WI-FI throughout the school building.

​In order to celebrate Valletta being 2018's European Cultural Capital inlingua Malta decided to offer a free cultural activity to each of her students, which will be timetabled in to their schedule for the first Monday of their stay. This is in addition to the induction and orientation walk we have always provided students with on starting a course with us. The activity will be "Malta 5D"​ and​ takes place in Valletta​ - a​ 7 minute ferry ride across the Sliema harbour. The cinematic multi-sensory show​ introduces Maltese history with a​ 30​ minute 3 dimensional flyover of the Maltese islands, with a fascinating commentary​​.


General English TOP CHOICE
From 16 years old 10 students per class 1 lesson — 45 minutes
Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels
5 March—16 March

This is the perfect choice if you want to learn English in inlingua Malta, combining your language course with a relaxing, fun-filled holiday.

The course teaches English for everyday life – conversational skills, grammar structures and vocabulary. You will learn to communicate effectively in a variety of social situations using the English language, with the additional lessons held in the afternoon focusing more on your conversational skills.


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Inlingua residence (6 reviews)

10 minutes from school on public transport
Minimum age — 18
Breakfast only/half board/no meals

The Residence comprises of 4 blocks of self-catering, shared apartments ideal for students travelling on a budget. This accommodation type is most suitable for students in the 18 – 25 age bracket who want to be centrally located in central St. Julians close to all amenities.

Facilities include:

Sharing apartments

Twin rooms

Private bathroom


Towels and linen provided

Reception Area

WiFi access



Swimming pool

The school residence is situated in the middle of St. Julians, the heart of Malta’s entertainment centre and is surrounded by shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, beaches, a cinema complex and bowling alley. A 24hr coin-operated Launderette is available 400m away from the Residence.

no meals

Host Family (2 reviews)

20 minutes from school walking
Minimum age — 5
Half board/full board

Live with an Inlingua Malta host family and speak English all day. You will learn Maltese customs and traditions and experience our easy-going way of life. Our families are specially chosen for the welcoming atmosphere in their home, the comfort and high standard of the accommodation and their friendly nature. This environment is safe and comfortable, especially for young students who are away from home for the first time.


Single room

Twin room

Private bathroom

Only Language Supplement

Special Dietary Requests


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Ticket price is for your information only.


December 2017

Learning experience:

I was lucky to have great teachers: Charlene for group lessons (20/week) and Sandra for private lessons (10/week). They shaped my skills quite a bit. I became more accurate and fluent during the course.


Inlingua has an awesome location right in front of Sliema harbour, so you can easily travel to the capital Valletta (which is quite a vibrant city) or other Maltese islands (Gozo & Comino) by ferry :) Also, you can take a bus to any location over the island.


I've been during low season and it was a quite good experience. Malta has a rich history, but also a lot of pubs, restaurants and bars with tourists. I believe in a high season Jun-Sep this place will be full of parties :) So, you won't get bored after school ;)

December 2017
September 2017
very good

In general, I was very pleased with the trip, because I'm from a small town, and this was my first trip abroad, to the civilized world :)

I liked Malta very much, I liked the school; very convenient location and schools and residences. The staff at the school is very friendly and helpful, will always help and answer your questions.

What i did not like at school was the lack of a common standard of teaching. For 4 weeks we had two teachers. Teaching was on top - I learned a lot in two weeks, and the lessons were very productive. While with the second teacher we most of the time just stuck in the textbook, then discuss what we read there.

By the residence. Location - this is the only plus. The staff was not very friendly, the light bulb was changed for two weeks (there was no light in one room), wifi wasn't good.

Well, in general, everything is OK :) 4 weeks is not enough for learning the language. But I got a definite push in terms of developing the colloquial skill.

Special thanks to the team linguatrip for their work, for the fact that you can just book a trip without leaving your home!

Peace for everyone!


The trip left only the most beautiful and warm impressions!

InLingua school i really liked! On the first day we passed testing and we were divided into groups. My level was determined as B2.

The first week was led by one teacher, the second week another (the first went on vacation). But this did not affect the class. Both teachers know their business well. Techniques, however, were different.

Every day we considered new topics, learned many new words, spoke, listened to audio, played skits and + a small homework.

There were 8 people in the group, then 9. My group was very friendly and cheerful, we all became friends (I think, for life). The group consisted of 3 Spaniards, 3 Russians, 1 Ukrainian, 1 from Venezuela and 1 Italian.

In addition to the group, everyone in the school is friendly and easy to get to know each other. I also had some friends from other groups.

It was difficult for me to leave, I said goodbye to everyone with great sadness. Two weeks are very few for such courses.

As for Malta, I also really liked it, architecture and nature there harmoniously combined with each other. I have traveled all over the island, part of myself on foot, and some on bus tours. In Malta its own unique atmosphere. The locals are kind and sociable, but most of all there are foreigners.

I did not reserve accommodation from the school, by myself. It was 5 minutes walk from the school and ferry dock (often went by ferry to Valletta).

Thank you very much!!!

inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews
very good

The best place to learn English. My family, friends was there and it was amazing, good class ( the second week there were 13 students in a small classroom, it was too much) , good atmosphere and good staff. I would like to return again next year.

Thanks for all the support to Linguatrip!

inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews

I was in Inlingua school only for one week but I got a lot of positive emotions from Inlingua school and from many good people! I won't forget my favourite teacher, Mister Joe. He didn't only teach me but he explained clearly and we talked about different subjects. I am grateful to him for it. At Inlingua school I met many good people from different countries and cultures. It was a pleasure for me to meet them. I will return for a new wonderful experience.

inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews
June 2017

Everything is great, thanks!

I can only praise this school, teachers with good experience, the groups are small, classes are productive.


The classes were interesting because I was in a small group. The average age was 25 years.

My family was very nice and friendly. I liked everything!

inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews
inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews
inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews

Everybody is very kind and worried about you; they try to help you and they are very flexible if you need to change your level if it's better for you.

Inlingua is an excellent school which gives you nice language skills for a short time. The friendly atmosphere and care will accompany you all throughout the training at school. The personnel at school will care not only for your training and safety, but also for the leisure organization.

It was my first experience of training in English abroad, and the result is better than I expected.

I overcame a barrier to communicate in English for a short time. I am really happy with that result.

It is necessary to remember that nobody will give you a tablet for speaking in English. :-)) I highly recommend this one school in Malta!

inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews inlingua Malta (Sliema, Malta) language school reviews

About school

inlingua Malta
9, Guze Fava Street
Sliema SLM 1632
Average age: 26
  • Spain — 10%
  • Japan — 10%
  • China — 5%
  • Italy — 10%
  • Argentina — 5%
  • Switzerland — 10%
  • Austria — 5%
  • Brazil — 3%
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