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1348 for 2 weeks



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General English
  • General English
  • Standard General English + IELTS Course
  • IELTS Preparation
  • Intensive English
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  • Binary Hub
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  • Half board
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5 out of 5

CES Dublin

As one of the top English language schools in Ireland, CES Dublin has a reputation for excellent teachers in a wonderful location.

The CES Dublin School is ideally located in the heart of the historic city, on the same street as the main attractions: Trinity College, Dublin Castle and Temple Bar.

The CES Dublin School has:

- 2 centralized training centers

- 23 classrooms

- 2 computer classes

- free Wi-Fi and internet access

- e-learning before / during and after the course

- a cafe

- roof garden

- 2 private residential buildings for students

- half board in the city center, just 20 minutes walk from the school

- summer residences

- a wonderful and experienced team of teachers


01/02/03 January, 17 March, 10 April, 13 April, 04 May, 01 June, 03 August, 26 October, 18 December 2020 – 04 January 2021

Language courses

General English
  • 16+ years old
  • 14 students per class
  • lesson 55 minutes

During this course, students work on improving skills involved with speaking, listening, reading, and writing so that they can improve their comprehension and communicate more freely. They will work on their linguistic knowledge, increasing their vocabulary and deepening their understanding of the grammar and structure of the language. Courses at CES are communicative and task-based, using the most up to date technology and authentic materials. Students are free in the afternoons to join school's exciting social program, use the self-access facilities, or to explore the rich history and culture of Ireland

558 for 2 weeks
Standard General English + IELTS Course
  • 16+ years old
  • 14 students per class
  • lesson 55 minutes

In the morning class, you will work on improving the skills involved with speaking, listening, reading and writing, so that you can improve your comprehension and communicate more freely. You will also work on your linguistic knowledge, increasing your vocabulary and deepening your understanding of the grammar and structure of the language. Courses at CES are communicative and task-based, using a core text book, the most up to date technology and authentic materials.

There are 2 afternoons a week of IELTS preparation lessons Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (14.00-16.00) This course focuses on improving students’ English, as well as on developing their exam techniques. At the end of each week, students will sit one part of an IELTS exam, under exam conditions. The IELTS classes are topic-based and follow coursebook content as well as learner training and exam techniques.

676 642.2 for 2 weeks
IELTS Preparation
  • 16+ years old
  • 14 students per class
  • lesson 55 minutes

This course is dedicated to improving English, as well as teaching the basic strategies for each task in the IELTS exam, to make sure that you have the best chance of achieving the desired result. The CES school has a full mock exam in the curriculum, helping students cope with the pressure of the examination conditions.

558 for 2 weeks


Usually check in two days before the start of the course, and check out on the day of graduation. You can change the dates in your account.

The school must confirm the availability of your chosen accommodation.

If the selected housing is not available for your dates, the school will offer another accommodation option for you to consider.

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I don't need housing

+ 5
  • From 16 yearsFrom 16 years
  • ~45 minutes to school by public transport~45 minutes to school by public transport
  • Half boardHalf board

Staying in a host family, you get a unique opportunity to use your English in a natural environment, as well as to learn the local culture from the inside.

All host families are carefully checked by the school staff.

Many students like to be part of the host family and enjoy a sense of security, a warm welcome, comfort and home cooking. All host families are conveniently located relative to the school or transport. Students need to bring towels and all personal care items.



615 for 15 days
+ 8
Binary Hub
  • From 18 yearsFrom 18 years
  • ~20 minutes walking~20 minutes walking
  • No mealsNo meals

A modern student hotel is located right in the center of Dublin and is just a 20-minute walk from the CES Dublin School, Dublin Castle, Trinity College and the National College of Arts and Design.

The price includes:

-Fully furnished room with study space and clean bed linen.

-the modern shower room

-General, well-equipped kitchen with all necessary accessories.

-configured garden

-Lounge Area

-Super-fast broadband and Wi-Fi

-owners gym


-Bicycle storage

- 24-hour service, support and security

720 for 15 days


Not required

  • 75 

    one way


School address:

Centre of English Studies Dublin: 31 Dame St, Dublin 2, D02 CX73, Dublin

Reviews 17

Total score

5 out of 5

Leisure time


It's a good school, a lot of activity, great teachers. On Friday it was very hearty, we learned the song in English, and after the battle song in Irish. My family is amazing. The landlady is cool, I had a cough this morning - she made tea and honey for me and now she's making lunch, and he's not a p

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I got lucky with the host family. There were everything for comfortable staying. Social programme of school is much more for younger children, but some trips were interesting. The course was amazing, I overcame the language barrier. Teachers are amazing too. I liked the school and the course. One th

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Accommodation from the school is high-level. There are everything you need, very comfortable conditions. I took part in school's events twice. It was rather interesting. I recommend you. I achieved a little progress during the course but I took only 2-week course so that was expected. Method of tea

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