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ATC Dublin

Dublin, Ireland
Excellent 4.8
School 4.9
Accommodation 4.4
Course 4.7
Free time activities 5.0
I would like to thank Linguatrip for help with my trip’s organization: -I ran out of free time awfully, so my manager helped me quickly, I didn’t have to find out about the details -It was a short time until my trip, but we never worried and got our visa 1 week after applying for it.

ATC Dublin is located in the center of Dublin and offers high-quality English language learning with three free afternoon classes.

ATC Dublin is located in the heart of Dublin City Centre within walking distance of the city’s most popular attractions and fashionable cafés, restaurants, and pubs. The school itself is located in a modern building that has been completely refurbished and upgraded to provide students with the most comfortable city center experience.

ATC Dublin has 16 bright, modern, and spacious classrooms. Each classroom is equipped with advanced audio and audiovisual technologies, including interactive whiteboards that enable teachers to use the latest technology to enhance students’ learning experience. The educators use the internet regularly in the classes giving students practical examples of how to use their language in the 21st Century.

A variety of classroom layouts with tables and chairs creates the perfect environment for helping pupils learn English. All classrooms in ATC Dublin have versatile fittings which allow for a range of functions, including testing and examinations.

On the 4th floor, there is a relaxation and recreation space for learners. The light filled student common area is a perfect place for the pupils to meet during breaks and after class and arrange their social activities.

There are also computers on the 4th floor where students can prepare and update their CV. The computers can also be used to log in to ATC Dublin's guided e-learning platform where students can monitor their progress and continue their studies.


General English TOP CHOICE
From 17 years old 11 students per class 1 lesson — 60 minutes
Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels
3 September—14 September

The General English course syllabus is 15 or 20 hours per week and is designed to improve the students' understanding of the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. All levels from elementary to advanced are catered for throughout the year. By the end of the course, students will see an overall improvement in their standard of English and improved confidence in their language ability.


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Host Family

35 minutes from school on public transport
Minimum age — 16
Half board

Students attending ATC's Dublin city center school can stay with Irish host families, located in nice, leafy suburbs, close to good public transport. Students travel to and from school by bus, DART (train), or LUAS (tram). Host families for adult students offer single or twin rooms with half-board during the week and full-board at weekends.

Student Residence Archway Court

This accommodation option is fully booked from 26 August 2018 till 31 August 2020
25 minutes from school walking
Minimum age — 18
No meals

ATC Dublin residence is conveniently located within 20-25 minutes walking distance from the school. Bus routes and the LUAS line

are located near the residence which will take you to the city centre in minutes.


-Single bedroom apartments with shared bathrooms.

-The living areas are furnished with a modern kitchen, hob, microwave, refrigerator, kettle and toaster.

-Bed linen provided

-Central Heating

-Internet Wi-Fi access available in every apartment

-On site laundry facilities

-Onsite security intercom

Please note that Archway court is not going to be available after the 26/08.

Highlight Residence

20 minutes from school walking
Minimum age — 18
No meals

Highlight Residence provides stylish student living. Residence offers single en-suite rooms in shared self-catering apartments. All bedrooms include a work station, study lamp and generous storage. Each apartment is fully furnished complete with modern kitchen and dining room. In addition, the residence offers a great social space too with a TV lounge, pool table and plenty seating areas.


- Single en suite bedrooms

- Modern living room and kitchen area

- Bed linen provided

- Internet Wi-Fi access available in every apartment

- Onsite 24 hour security

- Laundry facilities

- Dedicated ATC staff member living on-site

- Games room

- Gym


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I would like to thank Linguatrip for help with my trip’s organization:

-I ran out of free time awfully, so my manager helped me quickly, I didn’t have to find out about the details

-It was a short time until my trip, but we never worried and got our visa 1 week after applying for it.


It was my first time to go abroad alone for a whole 3 weeks. I haven’t almost prepared for it. Once I landed, I used Google maps to make a way for my host family (I haven’t even messaged them before) and got there by a few buses. Calling your stop turned out to be necessary once you take a bus, also you have to pay with coins. It was okay, I delayed this bus little bit, but finally came to host family. They heard the clatter of my case’s wheels and opened the door.

Host family

They were accommodating pensioners. I lived as a tzar: I had a breakfast and a dinner (a dinner is always different: delicious, nourishing, basically we ate together), my clothes were washed and ironed every two days, the linens to change every week. They allowed me to come back home lately If I warned about it (sometimes I came back even after 11 pm). For some reason, they gave me to lunch to go (sandwiches, fruits, cookies and a bottle of water). I took a shower twice a day. It took 55 minutes to get to a school (long walking distance from the bus stop), but it would have taken 35 minutes by bicycle. I asked the students: most of them didn’t get their dinner if came back home late, and I was the only one who had lunch to go. So they were kidding that they envy me, but no one wanted to resettle to my host family since my way to a school was the longest one, which matters a lot. However, I liked everything: the south part of Dublin is green and quiet, 20 minutes of my way to school was a nice promenade. The biggest disadvantage to me was that they gave sweet food for a breakfast (croissants, etc.)


They conducted a fact-finding excursion to the city. We had copious different teachers during our studies, I liked them all, the lessons are useful and helpful, however, don’t expect to feel the momentary feedback. I visited all the extra free classes. In general, this school is very good. We could explore Ireland during the weekends. I tried to go out with somebody after classes every day, it helped me to develop speech fluency. I wish I could not take an intensive course, sometimes I even missed some classes to spend some time with new friends after school. I felt like it’s better for my English. Exactly after funny nights at pubs (I never visited them before) going back home, I noticed that it’s more convenient to think in English sometimes. Next time I’ll take a regular course.

As for disadvantages: I found it weird that school is too loyal about various, and sometimes very strong accents. The work on pronunciation was just 1 hour per week on a free lesson. Moreover, about 15 people visited this class, and those with indistinct speech took most of the time. The teachers said that our accent is our zing, there is no need to fix it)) The most important thing is to be understood by others.

I have met only one Russian girl for 3 weeks. There are a lot of Koreans, Japanese and Brazils. Once I got back home I continued my studies with a tutor using the same exercise book, trying to imitate that I am still at this school, the process goes faster now)) I recommend this school to everyone. It was sad when I had to leave. I would definitely go somewhere once again. For those with B1 level and upper: I advise to go for 3 weeks minimum, not for 1-2: you would have enough time to immerse into a new atmosphere and find new friends.

ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews
June 2017

All organizational issues took on a linguatrip, many thanks to them. Everything was done quickly and clearly (from consultation to getting a visa).

I traveled to learn a language abroad for the first time. Ireland is a small and safe country, so if you are traveling for the first time or you're a child, then this option is the best. As for the school, the location is ideal, in the heart of Dublin, all major attractions are within walking distance. After classes (13:30) they went with the girls on excursions or just take a walk and enjoy the incredible architecture of the city.

Next, staff and training. I'll start with the staff. Very sympathetic and kind people (in Ireland everything is basically good, sometimes it was surprised that one can not be such kind and sympathetic, everyone will help, everyone will tell (from the most everyday issues to the call of a taxi, (if, for example, you are a little scared to communicate in English)).

Now about the teachers, they're just gorgeous, especially Maeve, Fergal (when I was in B1) and Jimmy, Mark (in B2). I asked them thoroughly what I was interested in and what I misunderstood in vocabulary, grammar, everyday English, they always explained everything, and most importantly - they cited examples and situations where I can only say so, and not otherwise.

I also liked the fact that there are additional classes (Listening & Speaking class, Business class and Pronunciation class), which are absolutely free. So, if you do not have enough classes, then the ideal option is to talk, improve your pronunciation on them).

I also took a 6-week course in preparation for IELTS, passed it to 6.0, which is good for the first time, very satisfied.

Very modern classes, with interactive boards. Listened to audio and watched mini-movies. On the 4th floor there is a lounge room & kitchen where you can make toast, warm up food and chat with other students.

There were also great entertainment programs, such as Boarding Games, they organized world cuisine festivals, each brought food to their country and treated others. Every weekend there were trips on excursions to other cities and nearby areas. In the soul of sunk Cliffs of Moher, the unreal beauty of nature, the spirit captures, always to visit.

Accommodation. As I was traveling for 12 weeks, I decided to stay for 6 weeks in a host family and 6 weeks in a Residence for students. My family consisted of one person - it was a host- mum, 60+ years old, but she looked pretty good. She lived 40 minutes from the school (on foot), by bus 10-15 minutes (2 euros), in the south (Donnibruk). With me in the room lived Italian, we became very good friends. We agreed on a meeting in Russia in the near future. After traveling around the houses we communicate without ceasing, so make as many friends and contacts as possible so that the training will not be wasted and you maintained your level of English and improved.

After my majority, I move to the Residence, to the north of Dublin, to the school 25 minutes on foot. It was a little dirty, but it is fixable (the whole inventory was present). In addition to me, there were two other girls, from Turkey and Brazil.

It was hard to leave, you are getting used to the country, the city, people, the Irish life in English.

Thanks a lot to the school atc and linguatrip for the first incredible trip abroad to learn English language.

ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews

I studied at lunch, the usual course of English. Personally, I got a little education at school (as everywhere, probably, much depends on the teacher), learn more on the streets of the city, dealing with locals. By the way, I had a level of Upper-Intermediate, and there were no special problems with understanding "difficult to understand" Irish English.

I would recommend taking morning classes (if you do not intend to work as well): 1. School for lunch offered free extra lessons, games, activities and excursions; 2. Only one or two people studied in day groups, who came for a month or two, the rest are working people who are not interested in exploring the city. In my group there were a maximum of 13 people, with a couple of exceptions, all Brazilians.

In addition to excursions after lunch on weekdays, the school organizes one-day excursions on weekends. To go to one of them, it was necessary to have also a British visa, the remaining 3-4 trips required only the presence of 20+ euros.

Big thanks to Linguatrip and especially to Ekaterina for my Irish visa!

ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews
June 2017
very good
April 2017
ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews
September 2016

The trip was extremely good! It was my first experience of education abroad. In ATC school all the teachers are professionals and have a good pronunciation. I studied in the afternoon so also I had a lot of time for walking around the city and sightseeing. I was impressed by the narrow streets and alleys, old castles and buildings and Guiness factory of course))

ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews ATC Dublin (Dublin, Ireland) language school reviews
July 2016

Я брала курс 25 недель и жутко боялась, потому что мне 30 лет и обычно не рекомендуют ехать на Учеба и Работа в Ирландии. Поначалу было очень сложно, особенно выстоять очередь в гниб или найти квартиру. Сразу первый совет - берите от школы проживание на месяц как Марина сказала. Многие вопросы решают по почте, присылают важные документы и тд, поэтому лучше, если возьмете общежитие от школы, куда будут приходить бумаги. Я нашла комнату с подругой из Италии, с которой познакомилась в школе и мы снимаем за 200 евро в месяц недалеко от школы, комната большая. Школа очень понравилась, я ожидала, что будет непонятный ирландский акцент, но тут такие же британцы как и в школе UIC в Лондоне, где я до этого училась...Здесь много бесплатных занятий, найти бы время на это все:))) У меня утренний курс, он немного дороже, но очень удобно совмещать с работой. Работу я нашла сразу, мне повезло) Я пошла в местный паб в первые дни с подругой и так нашла работу, там висело объявление. Паб называется Hogans, будете в Ирландии, заходите, 10 минут от ATC, буду рада знакомству! Подводя итог, школа 10 из 10, общежитие 9/10! Спасибо огромное Кате, которая помогала с визой, там очень много документов, я сама бы не получила её. Всем, кто раздумывает - меняйте свою жизнь и идите к своей мечте!

July 2016
very good

There is no blames to the course and school itself. I learnt a lot new things as to language matters. The google office also impressed me a lot (I visited it during my trip).

But i did not like my host family accommodation - they had some strange rules in their house4 and the food was bad.They always reminded me that I was only a guest so I felt myself a bit uncomfortable.

April 2015

I studied there last year and it was amazing! I had a great time, met incredible people, learned a lot about English and life. ATC forever in my heart!

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34-35 South William Street,
Dublin 2,
Average age: 25
  • Western Europe — 44%
  • Eastern Europe — 5%
  • Russia — 3%
  • Asia — 22%
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