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About Marina Mogilko
  • got admitted to 5 American universities
  • two US universities provided full financial aid for her masters and MBA program
  • scored 117 on TOEFL
  • scored 700 on GMAT
  • was awarded Opportunity Award by the US government
  • manages a Silicon Valley startup
  • raised from the Silicon Valley investors
Anna Markova

Marina, thank for your advice upon motivation letters writing, my sister won a grant to make scientific research in the best university of Balkans, The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Roman Fetter

Marina has really helped me. She helped me to deal with all the issues that I had before. I found out which links to click, what to write in the letters upon the education financial asset, how to select universities and what sort of resources I need to prep for GRE. Be sure to address Marina, spare no expense because knowledge is the best kind of investment that will be helpful to achieve even a lot in the future, and I am talking not just about material benefits.

Andrey Starikov

Thank you Marina for an interesting, instructive and very helpful information that is very difficult to pull together on one’s own without losing a great deal of time. You also energize and motivate to achieve goals. If you are hesitating whether to order the consultation or not, don’t you doubt, it is worth that!

Stanislav Ignatenko

I did not even expect that I would have such a desire and aspiration to study in the USA after the consultation. I thought it was just impossible. Now, having consulted with Marina, I realize what I should do to enter the university and get financial support! If you are eager to study abroad be sure to get Marina’s consultation. Good luck! Especially to you, Marina!!

Stanislav Ignatenko
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