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What to write in the motivational letter
Review of types of financial assistance
Review of types of financial assistance
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Olesya Lapina

I read it in one sitting and got a lot of useful details, which I finally collected in one big picture. Your success story was very inspiring: destroying the most horrible and harmful stereotype for Russia and the CIS countries: «You're already X years old and you're too old to live.»

Thank you very much for the many specific references and the list of organizations that helped you with enrollment. The usnews.com rating was particularly useful because the large amount of contradictory information on the Internet was very confusing at first.

The section about funding was also very useful. When the picture became clear, the first thoughts about my strengths and a couple of strategies for selecting funds with external financing flashed through my head (given my rare specialty and wide recognition for metallurgy and engineering; not considered a «woman's occupation» in Russia).

I was very pleased to be one of the first people to read your book and receive a powerful charge of inspiration to go out and do the job (I couldn't resist and already dragged the whole book into quotes and notes :)

Thank you for all the work you’ve done and the creation of this wizard-motivator. It helps not to get intimidated by all the details when entering and to be able to prioritize correctly.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to to be enrolled to US universities:)

Anastasiya Kicheva

About three days ago, I bought this wonderful book! The author is a great blogger and a successful businesswoman named Marina, and she has dispelled my doubts about studying abroad. From my early childhood, I dreamed of studying in America, but seeing huge prices for just one degree and knowing that my parents would not be able to afford it, I was frustrated and desperate. «My dreams will not come true!» - that’s what I thought until I came across Marina’s channel, and then her book. She proved by her own example that everyone has a chance to enter an American university for free and that this is available not only to millionaires, but also to people who do not have as much money for education. All the information in the book is well organized: what exams you need to take, when to apply to the university you have chosen, what you need for this, what information you need and where to find it ... (I could list for a very long time).

The book is very compact; nothing superfluous. There are a lot of examples from the author's life, but the most important thing is that the book is full of energy and motivation. After reading it, I don't think anyone will want to sit on the couch and do nothing. It has been three days since I bought it. I've read it 20 times and I plan to do it again! Thank you, Marina!!!

Table of contents

My first mistake
Who studies in the US for free and how do they do it
A ‘scholarship’ is the best form of financial aid, but the hardest to get
A 'student loan' is a different situation
An 'assistantship' is when you work on campus and get your tuition waived
A 'fellowship' is a stipend for research work
Where can you look for funding?
That is how I chose the universities to apply to
I just want to go to a state in a warm place, no snow!
Is it possible to apply for 20 universities at the same time? Application fee
GMAT at 7/8
GMAT: two out of four
Save $800.00. Manuals for GMAT preparation
It's you vs. artificial intelligence for the GMAT
Finnish ‘holiday’ — the day of the exam
GMAT Results and What to do with them
One more exam. TOEFL
TOEFL anthropology
TOEFL Reading-30
TOEFL Listening-30
TOEFL Speaking-30
TOEFL Writing-27
How I wrote letters for my professors
We need to talk about Stanford in this book
The winds that blow through Silicon Valley
Now the marathon began
What to write in the motivational letters and essays
'Congratulations, you have been admitted...'
And what next?
Haven't you forgotten about Marina?
I haven't told you that yet
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