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EDUCA Russian Language School

Санкт-Петербург, Россия
Превосходно 5.0
Школа 5,0
Проживание 5,0
Курс 5,0
Досуг 5,0
EDUCA language school is amazing! I came to St. Petersburg to learn Russian and their excellent teachers helped me a lot! My language skills have improved very much! I`m sure I went to one of the best language schools in the world! Absolutely recommended.

Join us in Saint Petersburg and get the experience you'll never forget!

Founded in 2003, Educa Russian Language Center has for more than ten years enjoyed the reputation of one of the leading Language Schools, especially in the field of Russian as a Foreign Language. Apart from carefully and accurately designed programs and courses we owe our success to full and precise quality control which ensures our staff to anticipate, meet and exceed the expectations of our students.

The main objective of all our courses is to teach our students to freely and confidently communicate in Russian language, general or specific, spoken or written. Therefore we use the communicative approach as base when developing our courses. We don’t teach listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary independently; they only come in a highly integrated program determined by the communicative situation students are currently learning to act in. On the other hand our programs are entirely focused on particular target language, so you’ll never have to learn something you don’t need.

All of this together with constant interaction of students among themselves and the careful guidance rather than domination of the teacher ensures that even Beginners start actually speaking Russian from the very first lesson. Still, however fluent Russian one speaks, it’s impossible to truly master the language without the understanding of the country where the language is spoken and its people.

To help our students discover the “mystery of Russian soul” we offer a wide range of different social activities from classic bus and walking tours of Saint-Petersburg and suburbs to informal activities like picnics, cooking, clubbing etc.


От 16 лет 5 учеников в группе 1 урок — 45 минут
Курс начинается каждый понедельник, есть группы всех уровней
27 августа—7 сентября

We offer a wide range of study programs in mini groups (up to 4 people) suitable for all age groups and learning levels.

In mini groups every student gets personalized attention. If you ask a question here it could always become a conversation between students and you will learn how to respond faster.

Mini-groups allow us to adjust the course to every student’s needs. Each student speaks at least 60 % of the lesson. And gets a brand new information 40 % of the lesson. We focus on all areas of practical Russian: speaking, reading, writing and listening.

The most attention is paid to the ability to speak in various real life situations. All new grammar and vocabulary items are practice in meaningful context through communicative tasks. Syllabi incorporate useful up-to-date high-frequency lexis.


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26 минут от школы на транспорте
От 18 лет
Без питания

Уютная квартира в центре исторического района Санкт-Петербурга, в которой есть большая ванная комната, оборудованная кухня, стиральная машинка, а также большой выбор книг из домашней библиотеки. В доме есть большая парадная и тихий двор, типичные для Северной столицы. Отдыхать здесь после напряжённого учебного дня с книжкой в руке на кухне за чашечкой чая — одно удовольствие. В пешей доступности магазины, бассейн, остановки общественного транспорта. Удобная транспортная доступность: 15 минут до Дворцовой площади на общественном транспорте.

без питания

Host Family

25 минут от школы на транспорте
От 16 лет
Только завтрак/завтрак и ужин

Host Family is usually the most popular type of accommodation where a friendly atmosphere allows a student to use Russian in a relaxed and natural way. Our carefully selected host families always have time to talk to students, are patient, understanding, attentive, and prepared to provide help with any problem that may arise during the student’s stay. Being treated as a member of a family gives the ideal opportunity to practice Russian in an authentic environment and experience firsthand Russian way of living.

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Авиабилет не включен в стоимость. Мы не рекомендуем покупать билет до получения визы в страну назначения. Цена на авиабилет приведена для справки.


Май 2018

EDUCA language school is amazing! I came to St. Petersburg to learn Russian and their excellent teachers helped me a lot! My language skills have improved very much! I`m sure I went to one of the best language schools in the world! Absolutely recommended.


My course type was intensive. The course content was a bit challenging for me but I’ve gained amazing results. I found myself very well with all my teachers. They did paricularly well in the explanation of the material, there were lots of mimics instead of translating unknown words to English. I’m very satisfied with my results, I really feel that I’ve improved my Russian. St. Petersburg is a very nice, cultural and interesting city. There are many things to do and to visit. I’m very happy that I’ve chosen this school. All the teachers and the staff are very available in all the senses and humane.


I'm very happy that I've chosen this school. I liked the way it works - it's very flexible, the teachers and the stuff are very available and always ready to help. I achieved my goals and feel that I improved a lot.

And of course St.Petersburg is a magnificent city with all its beautiful architecture, museums, galleries, cosy cafes etc. I'll come back for sure!

Отзывы о языковой школе EDUCA Russian Language School (Санкт-Петербург, Россия) Отзывы о языковой школе EDUCA Russian Language School (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)
Сентябрь 2016

I was interested in acquiring as much new vocabulary as possible in the period I could afford, so Full Immersion course seemed like the best choice. It resulted in great progress and a wonderful traveling experience. Educa made sure I feel comfortable and all the paper filling was processed quickly and professionally. The program itself was a unique opportunity to learn enormous amount of useful material and practice it in real life. Teachers were very passionate about what they do, which consequently made me passionate about learning the language. Every evening back at the host family's place I felt satisfaction and knew that tomorrow will be an interesting day. Thank you, Educa.

Июнь 2016

Мне очень понравилась эта школа! Я занимался в мини-группе (3 человека), и это весьма эффективно для обучения! Учителя просто идеальные! Я добился превосходных результатов! Более того, в школе проводится множество бесплатных мероприятий, таких как походы в кино, разговорные клубы, Русский обед, катание на лодках и различные экскурсии. Я встретил множество интересных людей и отлично провёл время в СПб! Я определённо сюда вернусь!

Май 2016

Мне очень понравилось моё путешествие в Санкт-Петербург, так же как и обучение там! Отдельно хочется отметить отличное содержание занятий и то, как хорошо подаётся информация на них. Персонал дружелюбный и всегда готов помочь. Русская принимающая семья сделала мой опыт жизни в России даже лучше, чем я мог предположить. Я чувствовал себя как дома, много практиковался в русском языке, поэтому сейчас я могу спокойно поддержать беседу. В целом поездка более чем удалась, я полностью удовлетворён услугами этой школы.

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Bolshaya Morskaya str 3, Business Centre "Lidval", 3d floor
Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 191186
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