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EF Singapore

Singapore, Singapur
Excelente 4.8
Escuela 4,6
Alojamiento 5,0
Curso 4,6
Actividades de tiempo libre 5,0
The school and the residence were located in the centre, and in our free time we often hang out somewhere nearby. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to Bali for the weekend, but the teacher helped me to drive to the island of Indonesia. For this month I became a friend with lots of guys around the world, so it is very convenient to travel now.

EF Singapore is located in a stylish building on an island, and has a modern interior with the latest learning technology.

EF Singapore is located on an island, in a city, and in a country at the same time.

School's modern interior features latest learning technology. Also, there is a spacious rooftop terrace which offers fantastic views of the city. The school has developed its own course curricula, instructional methods, books, courseware, and online applications. The integration of this groundbreaking educational content with your personalized study program ensures that every moment spent learning — in print, in class, on your iPad, and on your computer — advances your individual goals.

Besides, EF Singapore offers hiking tours and excursions to Bintan Island and Kuala Lumpur, and nearby attractions include Clarke Quay, Chinatown, and the Esplanade. Furthermore, students have to spend only two minutes walking to reach shops, bars, and cafés.


EF General Course EL MÁS POPULAR
De 16 años 15 alumnos en grupo 1 lección — 40 minutos
Los cursos empiezan todos los lunes y es para todos los niveles de idioma
3 de septiembre—14 de septiembre

This carefully composed course is designed to help you move up one course level of ability every six weeks. EF’s General Course includes 26 morning and afternoon lessons taught both in the classroom and iLab – focused on communicating clearly in everyday language (total tuition time of 17 hours, 20 minutes). You’ll also benefit from 4 Special Interest Lessons, which focus your studies on the subjects you enjoy and help you reach your academic goals – whether it’s your destination’s culture or preparing for an official exam.


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40 minutos de la escuela a pie
Edad mínima — 16
Half board

Experience maximum cultural exchange by living with welcoming hosts in a private home. Gain insight into local culture, pick up expressions with greater ease and return home with a more authentic accent.

Enjoy breakfast and dinner with your hosts on weekdays, and all meals on the weekend. EF's homestays are typically in residential neighborhoods throughout the city, conveniently located near public transportation. Homestay hosts are carefully selected and we connect with them regularly to ensure their home is suitable and our students are happy. Many EF's Homestay Hosts have been welcoming our students for years.

Está incluido en el precio del curso
half board

Pelajar House

15 minutos de la escuela a pie
Edad mínima — 16
Sin comida

Live in the heart of the city alongside EF students from over 100 countries. Enjoy easy access to your course center by public transportation – as well as the city’s shopping, restaurants and sport facilities. Residences vary, but often offer Wi-Fi internet access, meal plans and more.


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Este fue mi tercer viaje, así que elige entre Estados Unidos y Singapur. Decidí quedarme en Singapur, como ya he estado en Inglaterra y Europa. Y, en general, siempre me han gustado las de Asia, y nunca he visto antes de que tal "milagro Asiático". Por supuesto, he oído algo acerca de la Hong Kong y Kuala Lumpur, pero una ciudad cosmopolita estado no he visto antes y no podía imaginar. El mes de mi vida en Singapur ha cambiado mucho mis opiniones e ideas sobre el mundo y mi perspectiva de la vida. Las tres veces que fui con EF, los maestros están bien, las excursiones también son buenos, pero el campus con una vista de los rascacielos es algo increíble. La escuela y la residencia se encuentra en el centro, y en nuestro tiempo libre nos suelen reunirse en algún lugar cercano. Por desgracia, no fue capaz de ir a Bali para el fin de semana, pero el maestro me ayudó a conducir a la isla de Indonesia. Para este mes se me hizo un amigo con un montón de chicos de todo el mundo, así que es muy conveniente para viajar ahora. Viaja con EF siempre han sido una buena idea, no sólo por el hecho de que es una gran manera de mejorar el nivel de inglés, sino también la posibilidad de conocer a estudiantes de todo el mundo y tener algo de diversión en nuestro tiempo libre juntos.


To be honest, if you want to experience a different culture, especially Asian culture, Singapore EF probably is a good option. However, if you want to improve your English, I don't think this school is a good choice. Most teachers are non-native English speakers, their first languages are Malay, Indian, Chinese. Of course, Singaporean speaks English quite a lot of daily life, but they have an extremely strong accent, and the grammar is not correct sometimes. So, if you want to know what Asian Melting Pot is, come to Singapore; If you want to practice English, go to the six English speaking countries. P.S. All the EF staff are quite nice and easy going. ( probably my comment is not like others who gave a very high rating. I just want to evaluate this language school objectively. I did learn a lot here from other perspectives, not language )


My trip to Singapore was incredible! I'd like to share my feelings here. One week passed and I'm still thinking about my teachers, lessons, classmates, staffs, city, and friends. I'm in love with this city and school! All teachers and staff are very sympathetic, and if you need help you can ask them. I wanna return back soon! And I will do it! Moreover, my friends are also inspired by my trip and I will recommend this place to every person!

EF Singapore took my heart away. Thank you!

julio 2016

Before traveling to Singapore, my parents first sent me to study in Malta and then to Edinburgh (Scotland), and as the previous experience with Education First was extremely positive and useful, they decided that since the equator is not so often someone can visit. Such an unusual cosmopolitan city with a minimum level of crime and maximum level of maneuverability is a very good choice. The climate in the summer is very pleasant, the warm sea and palm trees are not overshadowed by short-term warm rains. It was very interesting to learn, the staff at the school was chosen the best, and after the lessons you can go to the island and take a walk closer to the city and take a walk along ChineTown, but the most beautiful area is of course Marina Bay, where I successfully hit the National Day of Singapore with the grandiose Shaw. For a week more, I would definitely go to Formula 1. I even went to Indonesia on the weekend, I picked up a company of students, bought tickets and sailed on the ferry to spend a fun weekend. As a result, for a month it turned out to pull up English from B2 to C1, a sea of ​​acquaintances and impressions :) I advise this school everyone!

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15 Carpenter Street, Singapore, 059904, Singapore
Edad media: 26
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