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Learn to Speak English Like an American

Four lessons and homework





He who hesitates is lost. Time to jump in!

Online platform

You will finally try out marathons, and figure out whether this format appeals to you.

4 lessons and homework

You will be able to comprehend 3 out of 14 lessons and complete the tests. Well, at least, we hope you will.

Meet Your Teacher

You will meet our tutors and fall in love with their style of teaching, based on easy and up-to-date examples.

What is this test drive?

The test drive is a trial version of's intensive course, "Learn to Speak English Like an American". It is the perfect opportunity for people who always wanted to try learning the language with us, but felt indecisive about it. The test drive will put an end to this hesitation.

You will get four lessons and the relevant homework tasks for $4 only. These will provide you with a taste of studying with our online marathons. After the test drive, you will feel a desire to complete all the courses. Just kidding. Or are we? :)

Three lessons and your accent will never be the same

Access to the online studying platform

  • 4 lessons
  • 2 tests


  • Tracker of good habits
  • Certificate

Error correction

  • Correction of errors in pronunciation of the most difficult sounds


  • Secret offer for the full version of the course


Lesson 1

Sounds T & D


Sounds R & H

And test for two lessons

Lesson 3

Endings ED & S

Lesson 4

Intonations and stresses

And test for two lessons

N.B.: The lessons are available at our super-handy studying platform. You can use either a PC or smartphone to access it. You will get the instructions in your email after the registration.

How much it costs

«Learn to Speak English Like an American»

  • 4 lessons

  • 2 tests

  • Tracker of good habits

  • Certificate

  • 7-days-access to the platform


2755503 ₽




Forget your doubts and sign up for the test drive


Any day


From 503₽

Reserv your spot now!

How to participate:

  1. 1Reserve your spot
  2. 2Make the payment
  3. 3Get access to the lectures via email
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