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Private Group Classes (Intensive)
  • Private Group Classes (Intensive)
  • Combined classes: 4 group classes + 2 individual classes
  • Portuguese Language and Painting/Drawing Classes
  • Group Classes
  • Combined Classes: 4 group classes + 1 individual class
  • Individual Classes (Intensive)
  • Surfing after Classes
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Portuguese Connection Lisboa

The Portuguese Connection Lisbon located in the heart of one of Europe’s most exciting cities — Lisbon!

The Portuguese Connection Lisbon's lessons focus on communication. We emphasise role-plays, learning activities in a real context (street, cafes, markets), debates, oral presentations, etc. Students are encouraged to interact with their classmates and their teachers. For us, all language skills are important (reading, writing, and listening). That’s why we are also able to provide you a teaching and learning atmosphere focused on specific content, such as: reading and analysing texts, understanding advertising images and text, in-depth grammar study, listening comprehension exercises using music, creative writing exercises, study of the cultural and linguistic variations of European and Brazilian Portuguese and other Lusophone countries, with emphasis on each country's unique history, contemporary society, politics, economics, religion, popular music, fado, proverbs, etc.

Main goal of the Portuguese Connection Lisbon is to provide high quality and personalized Portuguese courses. The lessons are individually adapted and suited to different students’ levels and objectives.

The Portuguese Connection Lisbon is equipped with wireless Internet and a small library. Сlassrooms are modern, airy and full of natural light.

Cursos de idiomas

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Private Group Classes (Intensive)
  • 16+ años
  • 7 estudiantes por clase
  • lección 55 minutos

Would you like to learn Portuguese with a friend? Maybe with a boyfriend or girlfriend? Or with a relative? Or even with the whole family? If that´s the case, you've come to the right place. These classes are designed for those who want to study and learn Portuguese within a private group. In order to guarantee a more personalized approach, the maximum number is 7 students per class. Plus, the fact that you all know each other will create a great learning atmosphere so that you can all work on your language skills more easily and effectively.

You can also book as many lessons as you want (with a minimum number of 15 hours) a for very a reasonable price.

1720 1634 por 2 semanas
Combined classes: 4 group classes + 2 individual classes
  • 16+ años
  • 9 estudiantes por clase
  • lección 55 minutos

This is indeed our most popular option, which combines group classes with individual lessons. It allows you to have the regular 4 group classes in the morning plus two private sessions in the afternoon starting at 2 pm.

These course is great for students who want to study, practice or improve specific aspects of the language or for those who have special needs regarding their jobs or areas of interest. In fact, you can choose the subject you want to work on and have the teacher's attention concentrated on the areas you would like to improve.

1083 1028.85 por 2 semanas
Portuguese Language and Painting/Drawing Classes
  • 16+ años
  • 8 estudiantes por clase
  • lección 55 minutos

Lisbon is an incredibly photogenic city. Lisbon marked countless artists with its unique atmosphere.

Instead of bringing home one of those tram paintings that you can find around every touristic corner, why don’t you learn to make your own?

School imagined a new program that can be combined with Portuguese classes. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (3 times a week), from 17.30 to 19.30, school offers you the possibility to participate in painting and drawing sessions lead by a highly qualified Portuguese painter!

During these sessions, you will:

- Learn to master up to 9 different techniques

1. Azulejo: painted tin-glazed ceramic tilework.

2. Observation drawing: graphite, charcoal , colored pencil, pen, ...

3. Oil pastel and dry pastel.

4. Watercolor and acrylic painting.

5. Encaustic painting.

6. Metal leaf.

7. Engraving.

8. Collage.

9. Mixed techniques - combination of the above mentioned techniques.

- Learn about the Portuguese technical vocabulary and the history of arts

- Visit and exploit the most beautiful and inspirational places in Lisbon

1. Gardens: Príncipe Real, Amoreiras, Gulbenkian...

2. Squares: Cais do Sodré, Terreiro do Paço, Rossio, Largo do Carmo, Camões...

3. Stations: Rossio, Sul e Sueste, Cais do Sodré...

4. Open markets: Ribeira...

5. Museums: Museu do Chiado, Museu de Arqueologia do Carmo, Museu do Azulejo, Casa Museu Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves...

6. Viewpoints: S. Pedro de Alcântara, Graça, Portas do Sol/Alfama...

7. Indoors: Clube Ferroviário de Portugal, 22Atelier (aos Anjos), Oficina 42 (a Alfama).

Choose yourself the colors you want to give to your memories, join our painting program!

980 931 por 2 semanas


Como regla general, se registra dos días antes del comienzo del curso y se va el día de la graduación. Puedes cambiar las fechas en tu cuenta.

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Te recomendamos que compres el vuelo sólo después de que tu participación en el curso y el visado estén confirmados.



La direción de la escuela:

Praça do Príncipe Real 23, cv esq. 1250-184 Lisboa, Lisbon

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