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Peter Gustavsson
German was my weak point, and I managed to set this right in Vienna....
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2145.4 por 4 semanas



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Standard German language Course
  • Standard German language Course
  • Long-Term German Standard Course
  • Super-Intensive German Course
  • Intensive German language course
  • Business German
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ActiLingua Academy Residence Standart
  • No reserves alojamiento
  • ActiLingua Academy Residence Standart
  • ActiLingua Penthouse
  • Studio Apartment The Social club
  • Host Family
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No meals
  • No meals
  • Breakfast only
  • Half board
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4.3 de 5

ActiLingua Academy

In ActiLingua Academy Vienna lessons are held in small groups with modern teaching methods, so that makes learning the German language not only useful, but fun!

ActiLingua Academy Vienna offers more than 20 years of experience as one of the leading schools for German as a foreign language. The modern language school is situated in beautiful Vienna.

Why ActiLingua?

- Centrally located in Vienna’s embassy district; opposite “Schloss Belvedere”.

City centre (Stephansplatz) 15 minutes by public transport;

- Completely renovated, partly air-conditioned and non-smoking Art Nouveau building;

- Bright, modern, friendly, and well-furnished classrooms;

- Multimedia library featuring 20 workplaces with computers and FREE internet access (WiFi) and library;

- 10-15 additional classrooms and sports grounds; dependance Sacré Coeur next door;

- Student lounge with coffee, cold beverages, and snacks.

ActiLingua Academy Vienna is not only about learning German – with school's activity programme and the special interest classes, you can experience Vienna and the Austrian culture and language in an exciting way.

Cursos de idiomas

Standard German language Course
  • 16+ años
  • 8 estudiantes por clase
  • lección 45 minutos

About Standard German language course:

• You study for four lessons every morning or afternoon from Monday to Friday.

• You have sufficient free time for self-study, sightseeing or relaxing.

• The main emphasis is placed on improving your general German and your communication skills. Lessons in grammar and conversation help you with syntax and vocabulary building. You practice formal and informal letter writing and work on listening and reading comprehension.

• Each group is taught by two teachers per day in order to ensure more varied and stimulating instruction. Hence, participants of the Standard Course are made familiar with different individual styles of teaching, teacher personalities, and variations in the pronunciation of modern German.

Dates for full beginners 2022: 03.01. / 31.01. / 28.02. / 28.03. / 02.05. / 07.06. / 04.07. / 01.08. / 29.08. / 26.09. / 31.10. / 28.11.2022 / 02.01.2023

1292 1227.4 por 4 semanas
Long-Term German Standard Course
  • 16+ años
  • 12 estudiantes por clase
  • lección 45 minutos

The longer you study and live in a country, the more your vocabulary grows, your pronunciation becomes accurate and your communication improves. After some months of learning German at ActiLingua, you will not only have an excellent command of the language, but also gained a profound understanding of the culture and everyday life in Austria. You will also have made many new, international friends.

Duración mínima del curso — 12 semanas
No disponible
Super-Intensive German Course
  • 16+ años
  • 10 estudiantes por clase
  • lección 45 minutos

Super-Intensive German Course is a combination of group tuition (Standard Course) and individual tuition. Individual tuition caters to special learning needs and takes your vocational interests into account.

The Super-Intensive German language course is suitable for anybody wanting to make quick progress in short time.

Course structure: German course (20) + individual tuition (10) + cultural and special interest programme (5) per week.

Like in the Standard Course, the main emphasis is placed on improving your general German and your communication skills. Lessons in grammar and conversation help you with syntax and vocabulary building. You practice formal and informal letter writing, and work on listening and reading comprehension.

3224 3062.8 por 4 semanas


Como regla general, se registra dos días antes del comienzo del curso y se va el día de la graduación. Puedes cambiar las fechas en tu cuenta.

La escuela debe confirmar la disponibilidad del alojamiento elegido.

Si el alojamiento elegido no está disponible en tus fechas, la escuela te ofrecerá otra opción del alojamiento.

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no reserves alojamiento

+ 11
ActiLingua Academy Residence Standart
  • de 16 añosde 16 años
  • ~15 minutos En trasporte~15 minutos En trasporte
  • Breakfast only/half boardBreakfast only/half board



This accommodation option is fully booked for the following dates:

  • 2023-07-02 — 2023-07-15
918 por 29 días
+ 1
ActiLingua Penthouse
  • de 18 añosde 18 años
  • ~30 minutos En trasporte~30 minutos En trasporte
  • No mealsNo meals

Accommodation in a newly-built Penthouse shared with other ActiLingua students. Single rooms or deluxe single rooms with private balcony. Shared open kitchen and living area, balcony and two shared bathrooms. Approx. 30 minutes with public transport.

1196 por 29 días
+ 3
Studio Apartment The Social club
  • de 18 añosde 18 años
  • ~15 minutos En trasporte~15 minutos En trasporte
  • No mealsNo meals

Close to the Danube, The Social Hub Vienna has ample iconic spaces to meet, collaborate and create. Hang out in the lobby or unwind in your spacious room before heading to the bar for a cocktail or a bite.

Refresh, recharge and unwind

With comfy beds, lounge corners, private desks and daily cleaning services, rooms at The Social Hub are the ideal spot to refresh, recharge and unwind.

2201 por 29 días


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La direción de la escuela:

Reisnerstraße 61, 1030 Wien, Austria, Vienna


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4.3 de 5

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