You’ve stumbled upon that dream job, and it’s like all the stars have aligned – the requirements match your skills and goals so well, it’s almost fate! So, take a deep breath and get ready to put together a killer job application. But here’s the thing, even if you’re pretty good with English, it’s still worth checking for clichés, overused phrases, and tone of voice. Let’s dive in and see what you should write to boost your chances of landing that job. 

A job application is basically a letter or form where you spill the beans about your qualifications, skills, and experience when you’re trying to score a job with a company. It’s like the carrier pigeon that delivers your cover letter and CV – all in one package! But here’s the kicker, an average recruiter receives about 250 applications for each job posting, and they barely spend 7 minutes (about the time to tie your shoes) scanning each one. So, your first shot at making contact has gotta make you shine like a star!

What should be included in a job application?

You can write an email, drop a message in a messenger, or use the HR feedback form on their website. No matter what format you go with, remember the key parts:

  • Introduction: tell them who you are and what position you’re applying for.
  • Main part: explain why you are the right fit for the job.
  • Conclusion: reference your résumé and request feedback.

A top-notch message is all about being brief, persuasive, and ditching those typical phrases and clichés. Hiring managers are flooded with responses every day, and they’ve got this automatic filter that kicks out the generic ones with errors, fluff, and weird styles.

How to write a job application?

The job application should demonstrate that you have the necessary experience and skills. Here’s how to do it:

How to introduce yourself:

Stick to a neutral style, be polite, and try to show genuine interest in the job from the first sentence.

❌ Hey, Josh! I am Paul. I’m applying for this job that I saw on HeadHunter.

✅ Dear Josh, I am writing to express my interest in the internship program with your marketing company.

Avoid the phrase “Dear Sir/Madam” or using formal titles such as Mr, Mrs, or Ms. Use a simple “Hello” instead. 

How to describe your experience:

Remember: everything is already in your résumé. In a job application, it’s essential to highlight the most critical points that would interest the HR specialist. Avoid fluff and duplicating your résumé.

❌ I have higher education in the IT field.

✅ I’m an environmental fundraising professional with over 5 years of experience looking for an opportunity to apply my skills in new ways. I’d love to bring my expertise and enthusiasm to your growing development team.

Employers value candidates who can solve specific tasks. Show that you understand the company’s activities and can handle the assigned tasks. It’s great if you briefly mention cases from your previous job and demonstrate how you helped the company solve problems.

❌ I’ve worked as a sales manager at a previous company for 3 years, so I believe I’d be a good fit for the position.

✅ I’ve worked with a fintech company for 3+ years. As a Sales Representative, I generated an average of $30,000+ in monthly sales (beating the KPIs by around 40%).

Highlight two of the most in-demand skills on the job market: adaptability to changes and quick learning. Did you help your team transition to remote work? Great, briefly describe how you achieved it. Did you find a way for the company to stay afloat during the pandemic? Mention that too!

How should you write your job application to make sure your résumé is read?

The most common reason for rejections is not the lack of skills. Candidates don’t get offers because they couldn’t convince the employer that they genuinely want this job and it’s their dream job. Show that you are interested in the vacancy, but avoid excessive flattery.

❌ I’d love to work for your company. Who wouldn’t? You’re the industry leader, setting standards that others only follow.

✅ I’ve immersed myself in your groundbreaking work in the transportation industry.

How to change your tone of voice to improve the delivery of your message?

So, tone of voice is basically how you talk in your message. Imagine you’re the boss and think about how they’d talk to potential candidates. Boring, overused phrases won’t get their attention, trust us!

❌ I’d love to work for the company because of its culture of innovation.

✅ I’ve personally used the company’s products, and I believe they’re the most innovative tech I’ve used in years.

Be honest, but don’t come across as desperate. Even if you’ve been job-hunting for a while, don’t be like, “I’ll take any job, pretty please!” Keep it cool and professional.

How to write the conclusion and request feedback?

Briefly explain why you are a perfect fit for the position. Show your excitement to hear back and find out what’s next!

❌ I hope you’ll send me feedback, bye-bye!

✅ Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to learning more about the sales position and the company.

Even though you might have all the necessary contacts in your CV, please include them in the email. This reduces the steps between clicks or contact.

Here live some of the things you should include included either job application print: 

  • full name
  • telephone number
  • social media links (LinkedIn also Twitter)
  • portfolio relationships (optional)

Proofread your letter at least twice and get a colleague or a buddy to read it. That way, you can see if it’s really convincing, you know?

Crafting a killer job application is key to catching those hiring managers’ eyes. Skip the clichés, show off your skills, and let your real interest in the gig shine through. Oh, and don’t forget to keep that pro and confident tone all the way. Good luck out there!