Get ready for some real talk, spontaneous reactions, slang, loads of cool words, and a bunch of jokes – that’s what you can pick up in podcasts to improve your English. We’ve compiled a selection of podcasts for everyone – whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner. These podcasts are your ticket to honing your listening skills and adding some snazzy new words to your vocabulary. So, pick any one you like and start boosting those listening skills!

For Beginner Learners

These are short audio recordings on a single topic. The hosts speak slowly and use simple words.

Culips ESL Podcast

  • American English Video 
  • Duration: 15-25 minutes 

These podcasts are made by American and Canadian experts: an English language professor, pronunciation coach, and writer. 

“Catch Word” talks about small things or one word. It helps you understand all the meanings and ways to use the words. 

“Simplified Speech” has talks about everyday stuff. The sentences are simple and short, and they talk slowly. 

In “Real Talk,” they talk about things that happen in real life. Like ordering food in a restaurant, asking about things in a store, and buying a bus ticket.

Voice of America

  • American English 
  • Duration: 5-40 minutes 

The podcasts have three parts: a story, speaking practice, and pronunciation. If you want to learn better, they have words written down, a test, and videos. You can also ask questions to the teachers.

Elementary Podcasts by the British Council

  • British English 
  • Duration: 3-5 minutes 

These podcasts are from the British Council. They are for people who are just starting to learn or are not very good yet. Each episode, they talk about a real-life thing. They also give you the words they say and a test.

BBC Learning English

  • British English 
  • Duration: 6 minutes 

These podcasts will help you learn English and improve your pronunciation, grammar and real vocabulary. Episodes are divided into easy and medium.

For Intermediate Learners

These podcasts will help you understand English speech better and speak more fluently. They cover grammar rules, idioms, and phrasal verbs.

Learning English BBC

  • British English 
  • Duration: 1-6 minutes 

The BBC offers a variety of podcasts for intermediate learners. They have programs on grammar, pronunciation, spoken English, news summaries, business English, and teaching English. Each podcast comes with a transcript. The speech pace is moderate, and words are pronounced clearly. To understand some phrases and slang, you might need to use a dictionary.

Grammar girl

  • American English 
  • Duration: 10-17 minutes 

Grammar Girl, created by Mignon Fogarty, an American linguist and author of six books on writing, aims to make grammar interesting and easy to understand. The podcasts teach techniques that help you remember and grasp grammar rules quickly.

Let’s master English

  • American English 
  • Duration: 3-5 minutes 

Hosted by Shane, an English teacher with 30-years experience, this program helps students understand spoken language and improve their speaking skills. Shane records short podcasts about news and daily life, focusing on pronunciation. He articulates each word clearly and slowly.

Luke’s English Podcast

  • British English 
  • Duration: 5-90 minutes 

Another English teacher’s podcast, Luke’s English Podcast is hosted by Luke, who has been teaching for 18 years. He talks about life, politics, travel, and also provides lessons on phrasal verbs. All podcasts come with transcripts and summaries. The sentences are complex, and the speech is fast. Luke, a comedian, believes that learning should be fun, so he often adds humor and discusses rules casually.

Business English Pod

  • American English 
  • Duration: 20-30 minutes 

This podcast teaches business English, covering negotiation, product presentation, and interview skills. The podcasts feature experienced teachers in finance, IT, engineering, medicine, and consulting. Some topics come with slides that you can read while listening.

Tim Ferriss

  • American English
  • Duration: 1-2 hours

Tim Ferriss, an author, and entrepreneur who speaks six languages, manages Fast Company remotely, and advises early-stage technology companies like Uber, Facebook, Shopify, Duolingo, Alibaba. His podcast has been downloaded over 300 million times and features guests like Neil Gaiman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, LeBron James, Ray Dalio, and many others. They discuss favorite books, fitness, art, business, and health. The podcast is available in audio, video, and transcript formats. It’s suitable for intermediate and higher-level learners, as it includes professional terms, fast speech, and subtitles for the videos.

James Altucher

  • American English
  • Duration: 1-2 hours

James Altucher is an investor, entrepreneur, and author of 11 books on business and motivation. Currently, he runs a blog, records podcasts on business, efficiency, life management, and conducts interviews. Guests on his show are authors, artists, rappers, billionaires, drug dealers, astronauts – anyone who has forged their own path to financial freedom. Topics of discussion cover ideas, finance, investments, success and failure stories, technology, art, consciousness, and more. 

Russell Brand

  • British English
  • Duration: 20-60 minutes 

Russell Brand, a British entertainer, stands as a multi-talented figure known for his roles as a comedian, stand-up comic, actor, journalist, writer, and radio and TV host. He has hosted thought-provoking programs that push societal boundaries, where he satirizes established taboos and brings unconventional guests into the spotlight, including homeless individuals, drug dealers, and those struggling with addiction.  

The podcast’s discussions encompass a wide range of topics, spanning from politics, current events, and health to meditation, consciousness, psychology, relationships, spirituality, society, and worldviews. The podcast comes in both audio and video formats with subtitles. While it provides an excellent learning opportunity for intermediate and higher-level English learners, it features British English, incorporating various technical terms, swift speech, and slang. 


  • American English
  • Duration: 40-90 minutes 

Dave Asprey, a prominent entrepreneur and author, leads the way as the founder and host of an interview-based show, podcast, and blog dedicated to biohacking. Biohacking is a method aimed at improving one’s health and extending lifespan by closely monitoring vital signs, sleep patterns, nutritional intake, and physical activity. With aspirations to live for an impressive 180 years, Asprey is the driving force behind the “Bulletproof” product line, which offers beverages and food items designed to minimize toxins, maximize healthy fats, and reduce carbohydrate consumption.

Asprey has also developed comprehensive systems to enhance various aspects of life, including sleep quality, stress management, detoxification, and an intake scheme for nootropic supplements. His podcast frequently features prominent guests, such as scientists, researchers, and medical professionals. Topics covered during these discussions encompass a wide range, delving into subjects like health, sleep optimization, stress management, sports performance, cognitive enhancement, and medications.

For Advanced Learners

For those who are proficient in spoken English and wish to delve into complex subjects, these podcasts offer an opportunity to broaden their horizons.


  • Duration: 50–65 minutes 

This is a podcast without visuals, where each season presents a new real-life story. These podcasts feature multiple voices, include musical accompaniments, and set a distinct atmosphere. Three seasons have been released so far. 

The Allusionist

  • Duration: 10–20 minutes 

These podcasts explore topics related to culture, science, education, discoveries, gossip, and more. You can listen to David Peterson’s account of inventing the Dothraki language for “Game of Thrones” or discover how the British found solace after World War I through Agatha Christie’s detectives. These podcasts often include scientific terms, long sentences, and rapid speech.

The Infinite Monkey Cage

  • Duration: 50–70 minutes 

Hosted by English stand-up comedians Brian Cox and Robin Ince, this podcast delves into human evolution, science, and news while injecting humor. From these podcasts, you’ll learn about remarkable scientific discoveries of the last decade, space tourism, and even why the most diverse life form—insects—exists. They speak very quickly, employ slang and terminology, and use lengthy and complex sentences.

Smart People Podcast

  • Duration: 45–90 minutes 

These interview-style podcasts focus on marketing and business. Successful entrepreneurs, authors, and scholars discuss speed reading, memory, unlocking creative potential, philanthropy, and the components of a successful startup. They also touch on socio-economic topics such as class issues in America, the challenges faced by working mothers, and refugee stories. These podcasts feature plenty of slang and terminology and involve fast-paced speech.

How Stuff Works

  • Duration: 12–60 minutes 

These podcasts are designed to promote learning and inspiration. They include episodes like “Hysteria 51” on conspiracy theories, “Behind the Bastards” on crimes and racism, “Happy Face” on musician murders and suicides, “Techstuff” on technology, and more.

Podcasts offer a fantastic opportunity for English learners at all levels to sharpen their listening skills, expand their vocabulary, and immerse themselves in real-life conversations. Whether you’re a beginner seeking simple, slow-paced discussions or an advanced learner ready to tackle complex and fast-paced dialogues, there’s a podcast out there for you. Happy listening!