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2150 $por 2 semanas


1160 $

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Standard English Course
  • Standard English Course
  • Executive English Course
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • IELTS Preparation Course
  • TOEFL Preparation Course
  • Cambridge English Exam Preparation Course
  • Conversational English Course
  • Business English Course
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690 $

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  • Não reservar alojamento
  • Homestay
  • Vantagio State Street
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Half board
  • Half board
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Taxa de matrícula da escola

300 $

Valor da entrada


Converse International School of Languages

Learn English in California!

CISL has an adult ESL school in San Diego offering a variety of language courses to help students improve their skills in English. CISL also has several junior programs throughout the year across the U.S. for students ages 13-17.

One of the things that makes CISL special is its focus on small class sizes. Every CISL class has a maximum of eight students, and the Executive English courses have a maximum of only four students per class! Learning and using a second language can be stressful and challenging. Being in small classes helps CISL students feel comfortable, get personal attention from their teachers, and focus on their particular needs and goals.

Since people have many different reasons for learning English, CISL offers a variety of English courses in academic English, business English, and more. People also have different schedules and amounts of time available, so many of CISL’s courses allow students to join a class on any Monday and stay for any number of weeks. Students can customize their schedules and enroll in the courses that will help them achieve their goals in the time that they have available.

Our integrated CISL curriculum combines grammar, vocabulary building, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Small classes with a maximum of 8 students (average 7) in our adult class, maximum 10 (average 8) students in our junior classes, and maximum of 4 students per our Premier Program guarantee that you will receive a high level of personal attention and maximum learning opportunities.

Our interactive teaching method engages you in the learning process so that you learn communication skills and develop confidence quickly. We offer 10 different levels, so there will be a class which is just right for you. An online placement test before you arrive will determine your correct level. Throughout the course, your progress will be evaluated according to the CISL Grading Standards. An exit test on your last day will measure your progress. You will receive a Converse International School of Languages English Certificate and a detailed report of your progress in each skill area.

Cursos de idiomas

Standard English Course
  • 16+ anos de idade
  • 8 Alunos por sala
  • lição 45 minutos

The goal of the Standard English Course is to help students use English with accuracy and confidence. Students improve their general English language skills and, just as importantly, they learn how to be better communicators, how to use English in different situations, how to interact with people from different cultures, and how to be better language learners.

1160 $para 2 semanas
Executive English Course
  • 16+ anos de idade
  • 4 Alunos por sala
  • lição 45 minutos

The Executive English Course is designed for motivated students and business professionals who want to focus on the skills needed to effectively conduct business in English. Courses are designed to cover a variety of real-life business situations and address each student’s specific needs and goals. The committed instructors are experienced in both English education and the business world and will challenge and guide the students through this rigorous program.

Maximum 4 students per class

Required level: CISL Basic (A1) or higher

1550 $para 2 semanas
English for Academic Purposes
  • 16+ anos de idade
  • 8 Alunos por sala
  • lição 45 minutos

The goal of the EAP Course is to prepare students for college level coursework and academic writing. The course is divided into seven projects over twelve weeks; students can take just one, two, or more weeks of the course to improve their writing skills without receiving a certificate. Students who successfully complete all seven projects in twelve weeks of the EAP Course are eligible to participate in the CISL Pathway Program.

Duração mínima do curso — 12 semanas
Não disponível


Normalmente os estudantes chegam à residência um ou dois dias antes do início do curso e saem no último dia das aulas. As datas de chegada e de saída podem ser alteradas no seu gabinete.

A escola deve confirmar a disponibilidade do alojamento escolhido.

Se a acomodação selecionada não estiver disponível para as datas, a escola oferecerá outra opção de acomodação a ser considerada.

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Não preciso de acomodações

+ 1
  • de 16 anosde 16 anos
  • ~30 minutos De transporte público~30 minutos De transporte público
  • Half boardHalf board

To maximize the opportunities for speaking English, CISL strives to place students from different language backgrounds in the same host family whenever possible. Each student has a private room. Meals are included in our homestay rates, either breakfast only or breakfast and dinner, 7 days per week.

Our host families are carefully selected and monitored according to strict criteria established by CISL. Homes must be comfortable, the families welcoming and, most importantly, CISL homestay families are genuinely interested in receiving students and helping them to develop fluency in English.



690 $para 14 dias
+ 2
Vantagio State Street
  • de 18 anosde 18 anos
  • ~25 minutos Caminhando~25 minutos Caminhando
  • No mealsNo meals

Vantaggio State Street in San Diego lies in the heart of Little Italy, a charming and trendy place lined with sidewalk cafes and numerous restaurants. Your new home here is just blocks away from Downtown and the harbor, and only minutes away from the Gaslamp Quarter and the San Diego airport.

Rooms Include: Free Wi-Fi, television, telephone, mini-refrigerator, and microwave. Computer room, laundry room and shared kitchen available onsite.

Reservation Deposit: $250 deposit

is required for all confirmed room reservations and will be applied to the total accommodation cost. The deposit is non- refundable if a cancellation or change is made less than 30 days prior to check-in.

Additional Fees: Refundable security deposit of $500 due at check-in and non-refundable cleaning fee of $50-$100 depending on room type and length of stay.

Não disponível


Não é requerido

  • 100 $



Endereço da escola:

San Diego, CA 92101, United States, San Diego


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