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Juliane Furtado
I would totally go back to IH and I totally recommend to my friends!...
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Young Adults Programme + accommodation
  • Young Adults Programme + accommodation
  • Young Adults Programme (Dublin Wesley College) + accommodation
  • Work and Study
  • Business English and Internship
  • General English
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  • Não reservar alojamento
  • Homestay
  • Beckett House Premium Apartments
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Half board
  • Half board
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International House Dublin

In International House Dublin you will enjoy a top quality and effective learning experience, in a friendly and supportive environment.

IH Dublin is located right beside Trinity College and Grafton street on one of

Dublin’s most prestigious streets, Dawson Street. The school has a wonderful college campus atmosphere and facilities including:

- Modern student café and common room serving hot food and ‘real Italian coffee’ at discounted prices for students;

- Spacious College Library with hi-spec PCs and Apple Macs;

- Computer Labs & free Wi-fi throughout the college;

- Bright & spacious classrooms with multimedia facilities.

IH Dublin offers exciting & varied daily social and cultural programme with many free events & weekend trips around Ireland.

Cursos de idiomas

Young Adults Programme + accommodation
  • 16...20 anos de idade
  • 14 Alunos por sala
  • lição 60 minutos

20 hours of mixed nationality group lessons per week. Student can choose among the following courses to attend:

General English classes embrace a modern communicative approach to provide an ideal learning environment for students of all backgrounds and language abilities. Lessons are delivered using a range of real-life English materials that integrate language and skills, with a particular focus on communicative practice.

Our Exam Preparation courses will help you focus on the practical academic and English communication skills necessary to excel on your exam. This includes regular exam tutorials and mock exams, oral & written practice using authentic exam papers, and real-life English, tasks, and topics to develop your practical academic skills.

Young Adult students can choose to be placed with one of our friendly, carefully selected homestays, or students ages 18-20 can avail of our high-quality residence accommodation.

Full Board Homestay Accommodation

- Homestay accommodation in a shared room with another student(s) of a -different nationality, where available.

- Single rooms available on request for additional fee.

- Full board – Breakfast and dinner with your host family, and packed lunches every day

- LEAP Travel Card, with unlimited travel on public bus, DART / train and LUAS / tram in Dublin .

The activity programme includes a variety of social and cultural trips to help Young Adult students experience Irish life, and to make friends from all over the world

- A range of afternoon visits and activities 4 days per week, Monday through Friday

- Group dinners arranged out 1 evenings per week

- Full day excursion every Saturday

DATES: 12th June 2023 to 11th August 2023

1750 para 2 semanas
Young Adults Programme (Dublin Wesley College) + accommodation
  • 9+ anos de idade
  • 17 Alunos por sala
  • lição 60 minutos

DATES: 2nd July to 30th July

Wesley College is an exclusive, private boarding school located in the safe residential area of Ballinteer, South Dublin; in the foothills of the Dublin mountains. The school is just 15 minutes by LUAS / tram to Dublin city centre and only a 10 minute walk to Dundrum Shopping Centre, Europe’s largest shopping centre!

Tuition: 15 hours. Mixed nationality, group lessons per week. Each lesson is 60 minutes.

What’s included


15 hours of mixed-nationality group lessons per week.

Morning or Afternoon timetables

Students can choose to attend either General English or Exam Preparation courses (PET or FCE)

Students can also select to book and take the PET or FCE exam while in Dublin for an additional fee

Full-Board Accommodation

Students can choose to stay in Wesley College’s excellent, spacious and modern, on-campus boarding houses OR at one of our friendly and carefully selected homestays!

The activity programme includes a variety of different pursuits for students to enjoy, including sports practices, cultural excursions, and Project-Focused activities that focus on developing communication and skills for the 21st century. During the Project Focus, students will engage in digital media workshops to create e-portfolios, podcasts, blogs, and online newsletters, among others.

A wide range of activities Monday through Friday for all students, including 2 half-day trips per week

Evening activities every evening for residential students, and 1 evening per week for homestay students

Full day excursion every Saturday

Half-day excursion every Sunday (residential students only)

1900 para 2 semanas
Work and Study
  • 18+ anos de idade
  • 15 Alunos por sala
  • lição 60 minutos

The Work & Study program is available to students wishing to study in Ireland on a long-term basis. Students of this

The program offers 25 weeks of classes at IH Dublin, as well as 10 weeks of holidays.

You can choose:

- 20 hours of morning classes

- 15 hours of morning classes

- 15 hours of afternoon classes

We also offer the following courses and exams:

General English + Cambridge

General English + IELTS (from B1)

General English + Business English Cambridge

Duração mínima do curso — 25 semanas
Não disponível


Normalmente os estudantes chegam à residência um ou dois dias antes do início do curso e saem no último dia das aulas. As datas de chegada e de saída podem ser alteradas no seu gabinete.

A escola deve confirmar a disponibilidade do alojamento escolhido.

Se a acomodação selecionada não estiver disponível para as datas, a escola oferecerá outra opção de acomodação a ser considerada.

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Não preciso de acomodações

+ 3
  • de 16 anosde 16 anos
  • ~50 minutos De transporte público~50 minutos De transporte público
  • Half boardHalf board

Host family accommodation is available on a half-board or breakfast only basis.

International House Dublin's host families may be 'traditional' families with children, young couples with no children, single-parent families and retired couples whose children have left home.

Host families live outside the city centre in houses with gardens in the suburbs of Dublin. The majority of families live in residential areas on the south side of the city within 1 bus ride of the school.

Most students come to school each day on public transport (bus/train). The journey time takes approximately 40-50 minutes, this may be longer at peak traffic times.

Please note that family accommodation is not available in the city centre.



620 para 14 dias
+ 6
Beckett House Premium Apartments
  • de 18 anosde 18 anos
  • ~5 minutos Caminhando~5 minutos Caminhando
  • No mealsNo meals

Beckett House Premium Apartments are located in a city centre and in 5 minute walk from school.

Each shared apartment has 4 single en-suite bedrooms, a living area with TV and a fully equipped kitchen. All apartments have free Wi-Fi.


• 24-hour concierge at desk;

• modern gym;

• lounge area;

• cinema room;

• coffee bar;

• rooftop terrace;

• laundry room.

820 para 14 dias


Não é requerido

  • 100 



Endereço da escola:

Block B, The Steelworks, Foley Street,Dublin 1, Ireland., Dublin

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