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Отзывы об изучении английского по Скапу


Оставьте, пожалуйста, ваши впечатления о занятиях английским по Скайпу с нашим носителем из Калифорнии Джонатаном.
Расскажите, как впечатления об общении в носителем, как вам само преподавание, будете ли продолжать.


This is Carmen and this morning I just finished the first lesson with Jonathan. He’s really nice and gave me a good deal of useful information of how to prepare the TOEFL well. I would say that really helped me to have a better understanding of the whole picture of the test. I would love to go on the lesson with him with no doubt.

The test is two weeks away and I hope I’m able to get a good score in the test.

Thanks to you and your great team!!

Best regards,
Carmen Xiaowen Guo