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Regent Oxford

Оксфорд, Великобритания
Отлично 4.8
Школа 5,0
Проживание 5,0
Курс 5,0
Досуг 4,0
Если вы хотите реально улучшить свой английский, встретить новых друзей, добросовестно учиться и в то же время получать удовольствие от процесса, то Regent - это то, что вы ищите!

Oxford is world famous for its university, and it has a huge amount to offer its visitors.

There are lots of cultural events, a lively social scene, beautiful buildings and a variety of international restaurants. The city is steeped in history and the air of academic excellence is reflected in our school’s culture. Students often comment that the unique atmosphere of the school is both professional and personal.

The school is situated in an impressive Victorian building surrounded by a picturesque, typically English garden very near to the centre of Oxford. Students use our library and resource room, student lounge, conservatory and computer centre with free internet access and wireless. We are open on Sundays and offer an exciting social programme with plenty of cultural events as well as weekend excursions.

Regent Oxford is a centre of academic excellence for which we have been renowned locally and internationally since we were established in 1953. Our goal is to provide you with a learning experience that will have an immediate impact and a lasting effect on your life.


От 16 лет 10 учеников в группе 1 урок — 45 минут
Курс начинается каждый понедельник, есть группы всех уровней
25 декабря—5 января

English World courses are designed to have an impact on the present and future life of the learner in an international environment. Our unique programme has five complementary elements that give learners the tools they need to operate confidently and successfully when using English as an international language.

The Skills Training session provides the practice that students need according to their study goals, such as pronunciation, business English or study skills.

The Accuracy in Grammar session perfects core grammar skills and works on the eradication of common errors.

The Knowledge for a Global Community class is at the centre of the course. Through individual and team- based research, students work on a broad range of historical, economic, sociological, artistic and cultural topics designed to equip them with the knowledge to function more effectively in the global community. Students present their findings in a range of debates, presentations, and pair and group work activities.

In the Language Focus session you develop your reading, listening, writing and study skills in English. The skills enhanced during the Language Focus are used in authentic tasks in the Spoken Performance Workshop.

In the Spoken Performance Workshop, the learner develops confidence and skills in a range of speaking situations through mini role-plays, presentations and public speaking activities.

Every full time student receives a 15 minute coaching session each week, in which goals are set or reappraised, and progress and course work reviewed. On longer courses we stretch learners by setting additional tasks on which the personal tutor provides feedback.

English World 33

This intensive course comprises 25 hours (one hour = 60 minutes) of study per week (equivalent to 33 x 45 minute lessons!). This enables you to develop your all-round skills, as well as allowing special focus on specific areas of interest.

English World 22

We also offer the English World programme in a part-time option with 16.5 hours of study per week.

English World Combination

Make your course more intensive by adding 5 one-to-one hours to the English World Intensive course. This highly personalised course enables you to focus on areas where you need additional help.

Entry level:

Beginner to advanced


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Проживание в семье

30 минут от школы на транспорте
От 16 лет
Завтрак и ужин

Наше проживание в семье дает студентам гостеприимную обстановку в британской семье.

Жизнь в семье дает Вам возможность практиковать то, что вы узнали на уроках и опыт британской культуры и особенности питания.

Проживание в семье включает в себя одну комнату, а также завтрак и ужин каждый день. Ensuite семье включает в то же самое, а также собственную ванную комнату.

завтрак и ужин

All Year Round Residential Accommodation (1 отзыв)

20 минут от школы на транспорте
От 18 лет
Без питания

Regent Oxford offers both standard and ensuite residences which are situated in residential areas all around Oxford. They are all well linked to the city centre and the school by bus routes.

Whilst some of our residences are owned by the colleges belonging to the University of Oxford, we also work with a few student houses under private management.

Decor will vary between the different residences ranging from traditional English houses to more modern purpose-built apartment blocks, however they are all self-catered with common areas in which to study, relax or prepare and eat food.


The standard and ensuite residences are between 10 or 20 minutes by bus from Regent Oxford. You will also find supermarkets, parks, some pubs and restaurants as well as a few other shops in these vibrant areas. On Monday, we provide a free tour of Oxford, where you can buy your bus pass.

Private Apartments

10 минут от школы пешком
От 18 лет
Без питания

The Regent Oxford studio apartments are situated in a beautiful area of North Oxford called Summertown. Staying in them gives you independence and a comfortable base from which to study, relax and explore.

- 10 minutes walking distance from school, 20 minutes from Oxford City centre.

- 12 self-contained studio flats within our apartment block ranging in size, decor and price. Request a size to suit your party.

- Each apartment contains a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen area.

- Well-furnished and equipped with LCD TV, wireless internet and a modern, fully equipped kitchen.

- Fully serviced - weekly cleaning, bills included.

- On-site parking is also available.

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Октябрь 2016

Если вы хотите реально улучшить свой английский, встретить новых друзей, добросовестно учиться и в то же время получать удовольствие от процесса, то Regent - это то, что вы ищите!

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Godmer House, 90 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6JT
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