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Mind Your Language Bophut Thailand (Education Visa)

Bophut, Tailandia
Excelente 4.8
Escuela 5,0
Alojamiento 5,0
Curso 5,0
Actividades de tiempo libre 4,0
Tammy Wade
Mind Your Language is an awesome place to learn the Thai language!

Mind Your Language schools are located on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in the gulf of Thailand.

They offer a truly unique environment in which to learn a new language. Our students are able to learn Thai, English, German and Italian and experience the wonders of Koh Samui island at the same time.

Since establishing our first branch in 2001, we have worked hard to create and maintain our friendly, relaxed but highly effective environment in which to learn a new language. Over the past thirteen years we have taught over 2,500 students and now have 2 schools to better serve the growing number of foreigners who travel to or live on Koh Samui. Our schools are located in Bophut near Fisherman’s Village and in north Lamai opposite the IT Complex.

We offer our students a variety of courses aimed at all different levels of learning from our beginner course “Discover Thai”, through to our advanced level “Fluent Farang”. Thai Language courses can be arranged for tourists or long term residents. Private, one–to–one lessons can be scheduled if desired and we also offer reading and writing courses to fit the needs of our students.

Our experienced team at Mind Your Language is made up of friendly, bilingual native Thai teachers and office staff. Our director and head teacher, Jom, has many years experience teaching Thai to foreigners.

The Mind Your Language basic teaching philosophy is to spend as much time as possible on speaking and listening to practical Thai conversation. We believe that learning should be both effective and fun so we try keep our groups to a maximum of 6 students to ensure that everyone benefits from a more personal teaching approach and the group progress together. We structure our programs based around the individual’s ability and needs, frequently reviewing & updating our course materials & methods for optimum learning capabilities.

Our Teaching Method.

We follow a practical Phrasal Expression based method which enables our students to confidently practice what they have learnt each day in daily life, outside the classroom. This method has been proven to dramatically speed up the learning process and compared to traditional methods guarantees much faster results.Free Introduction Lesson!
 We offer a free introductory lesson to anyone who is interested in coming to see our schools, meeting the staff and experiencing our specialized programs.

The Education Visa (ED) application process could not be simpler!

Once you have purchased your Thai or English language Education Visa package from Mind Your Language we will be able to provide you with a letter from the Thai Ministry of Education in order for you to obtain your Education Visa.


Package 1 (1 course, 15 lessons, 30 hours, no visa) EL MÁS POPULAR
De 18 años 8 alumnos en grupo 1 lección — 45 minutos
Los cursos empiezan todos los lunes y es para todos los niveles de idioma
29 de enero—23 de marzo

Our Thai courses are broken down into different levels as

described below and each level is for 30 hours or 15 lessons.

Course 1: Discover:

- Greetings & Saying Farewell

- Introducing yourself and Others

- Pronouns & Words used to Address People

- Basic Sentence Structure• Asking & Answering Questions

- General Useful Phrases• Asking & Answering Questions About Work

- Phrases For Learning More Thai

- Ordering Food & Drinks

- Numbers

- Prepositions (in, on, at, etc)

- Asking about the Location of People, Landmarks & Items

- Using Verbs and Past, Present & Future Tenses

- Question terms; What? Which? Where? Would like to?

- Common Expressions I

- Classifiers I.

Course 2: Foundation:

- Bargaining

- Taking Taxis & Buses

- Days / Dates / Times

- Prepositions (in front of, past. Opposite, etc)

- Numbers

- Asking & Answering questions about direction

- Using negative questions

- Asking for Permission or Items• Using Present Simple & Future Continuous

- Question Terms: Which? When? How long? What time?

- Driving Instructions

- Common Expressions I I

- Thai Proverbs

Course 3: Explorer:

- Using “But & Also

- Family and Age

- Using Verb to be & Still & Not yet & Ever & Never

- Ordinal number (as first child, second child, etc)

- Using Adverbs, (again, another time)

- Using “Could you please…….?”

- Using “For & To & This & That & Have to (must)”

- Using “thee in Thai – As I said that, she thinks that, I told…that, etc

- Using “How many + classifiers & many + Classifiers”

- Using “Every & Each & Some” – every house, some houses, etc

- Using “If & Then & Same as & Because & Should & Together”

- Using “Gaw” – It is a linking word that gives a hypothetical, indirect and under stated meaning to sentence

- Present Continuous

- Medical Problems

- Thai Idioms and Phrases 1

- Question Terms – Have you…..? Have you ever……? How is……?

Course 4: Confidence:

- Comparative (as better than, more beautiful than, etc)

- Using “Not much different” (in Thai)

- Using “Not at all & Not very & Only & First time & Sometimes / Before etc”

- Using “More & Again & And & With and Since”

- Using “thee” – as who which is connecting word• Superlative : Most

- Using “na” – which has no meaning in English but we use it as “I assume you agree”

- Using “rawk”

- Verbs of Degree – as “not expensive & not expensive at all & not very expensive etc

- Using “when & whenever” – as connecting word to refer to the time in the past and any time

- Using “mang” – It’s a word that makes the question sound polite and we use it after question words

- Using “si” – Interjection for urging someone to do things etc

- Parts of the body & Can you? – (Physically)

- Telephone Conversations

- Thai Idioms & Phrases 2

- Question Terms

- gwaa + gan? – Question word to compare

- chai – mai? – its second way usage.

Course 5: Developing Details:

- Using “then & after & To leave something for”

- Using “Increase & Decrease”

- Using “To bring & To take & To pick up”

- The same & same time – there are two different words to use.

- Using “When with Seasons in Thai”

- Using “Or not and how to answer

- Using “hai” – as to give, to allow, for, to• Using “To want”

- Using “Until”

- Since when?

- Relative Clause

- Reservation and Booking Conversations

- Thai Idioms & Phrases

Course 6: Almost Local:

- Useful Telephone Conversations and more sentence structure

- Role Playing Dialogue

- Using “Since When…….?” & associated Vocabulary

- More advanced Question Structure• Seasons of the year & how to discuss the weather

- Using Positive & Negative Statements

- Asking Negative Questions

- Explaining & Understanding “level of Quantifiers”

- How to show uncertainty or to downplay an answer

- Using “either or also and contradictory replies

- Using “repeated adjectives and verbs”

- Using “Altogether, including, throughout, until and the exceptions’

- Months of the year, public holidays & holiday culture


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Estados Unidos
febrero 2015

Mind Your Language is an awesome place to learn the Thai language! Great teachers and friendly classmates make every class fun!

Sobre la escuela

142/7 Moo 1
The Old Monkey Theatre Road
Bophut, Koh Samui
Surat Thani, Thailand, 84320
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