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Speak Portuguese Now (teacher's home)

Florianópolis, Brasil
Perfecto 5.0
Escuela 5,0
Alojamiento 5,0
Curso 5,0
Ocio 5,0
Andrea Barrica
Daniela is amazing. She is patient, very experienced, and cares so much about her students. Her house was awesome, and she and Flavio were more than helpful but also let me have my privacy.

School is located in the beautiful island and you will be living at your teacher's home.

The most effective way to learn a language is through complete immersion. It comes through contact with native speakers and experience of the country’s traditions. This is a difficult task for a tourist, where you’re typically limited to sight-seeing activities and can’t experience the culture to its full potential. By immersing yourself in a country’s culture, you’ll go about as if you were a native. You’ll spend a day (or rather, a week or two) in a Brazilian’s shoes, if you will.

In addition to the immersion activities, we offer personalized, one-to-one tutoring, to ensure that all your language learning needs and doubts are met!

All work and no play makes for a cranky traveller! Tours to beaches, trails, bike and boat trips, museums, cinemas, street fairs and more are included in, and indispensable to the immersion program.

Your safety, enjoyment and peace of mind are priorities to us. To help ensure this, we guarantee safe mobility throughout the city, at your disposal.

Now you might be asking, what is a day in the life of a Brazilian like? What will I be doing? Here are some of the daily activities you can choose from. Keep in mind, all of these will be done speaking Portuguese.

Cultural activities - Go to plays, cinemas, traditional Brazilian parties, museums and more

Grocery shopping - Get groceries at the local supermarket and farmer’s market

Preparing meals - Cook with the ingredients we shopped for, especially Brazilian dishes

Restaurants - Experience the local culinary scene, like Brazilian churrascarias.

Hiking - Choose from dozens of mountains and trails, some of which lead to exclusive beaches

Beaches - Catch some rays on Florianópolis’ most beautiful beaches

Shopping - Explore Brazilian literature, music and cinema, and bring it all back home!

Night life - Be invited to live concerts, local bands, samba dancing, electronic music and more.

Create your own Brazilian adventure based on your interests, tastes and desires.​

Book in advance and we’ll work with you to design your own customized program.

Your program Includes:

Pickup and dropoff from Hercílio Luz Airport

Transport to and from all scheduled events

Daily meetups with your cultural guide and teacher

Planning of all events for your customized program


Portuguese for fluency MÁS POPULAR
De 16 años 4 alumnos en grupo 1 lección — 45 minutos
Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels
4 de septiembre—15 de septiembre

You will be studying at your teachers home. Please meet your teacher - Daniela Avila, she has been teaching Portuguese for more than 7 years!

Daniela focuses on providing the tools for our students to be able to navigate and communicate effectively in the Portuguese language. Having lived in Brazil and in the USA, the American and Brazilian cultures are equally familiar to Daniela. She makes sure this experience translates as a benefit to her clients by sharing and engaging her students in useful information and activities about social and business culture, traditions, and customs.

In her free time, Daniela enjoys cycling around the island of Florianópolis, watching movies and participating in marathons. She has recently completed her first long bike ride: 200km (124 miles). Impressive, right?

Her partner, Flavio, is algo engaged in the program, in everything from sharing his experience and knowledge of Brazilian geography, to preparing delicious barbecues and touring with students in some of the most fascinating and exquisite sites the region has to offer.

Her daughter Marta administers social media and the weekly newsletter, as well as offering classes for beginners!


Tienes que reservar alojamiento por este tipo de curso

Daniela's home

0 minutos desde la escuela a pie
De 16 años
Breakfast only

Our home is located in the beautiful island of Florianópolis, in the neighborhood of Fortaleza da Barra. Other than the 42 beaches which harbor the city, "The Magic Island" is filled with native and national arts and culture, breathtaking nature, exquisite food and a vibrant night-life. Fortaleza da Barra is a tranquil neighborhood, minutes away from the famous Lagoa da Conceição and Praia da Mole, among various restaurants, beaches and hikes. Equipped with 2 guest rooms (one with a queen bed, and the other with a full) with a private bathroom, two living areas, dining area, larga balcony, and parking space, the home was projected with the immersion program in mind. If you fear puppies, beware! Two very chill doggies provide cuddles!

Translado (a/de aeropuerto)

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Flight is not included. We recommend you to book your flight only after you get a visa to your destination country or make sure that you don't need one. Ticket price is for your information only.


Estados Unidos

Last November, I got to stay at Daniela's house and was so happy to finally meet her, since we had been working together on Skype.

Daniela is amazing. She is patient, very experienced, and cares so much about her students. She designs our Skype lessons for my interests, like entrepreneurship and business, but she also helps me speak to my Brazilian friends. I love our lessons so much. In two months, she helped me get ready to speak Portuguese in São Paulo in front of a whole group. If you have the chance to work with Daniela, take it! She’s the best.

Her house was awesome, and she and Flavio were more than helpful but also let me have my privacy. Daniela is also a great chef :)

Estados Unidos
diciembre 2015

Foi a melhor viagem da minha vida, com certeza!

Estados Unidos
noviembre 2015
Opiniones de escuela Speak Portuguese Now (teacher's home) (Florianópolis, Brasil)

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