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Karolina K.
I spent three weeks in Sprachcaffe in Nice studying French, I started from the ZERO level and I must...
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Sprachcaffe Nice

Sprachcaffe Nice is located on the edge of the old town, in a beautiful building from the “Belle Epoque”. The stunning Basilica of Notre Dame is located just a few meters away, and bus stops as well as a train station aren’t far from the school.

Students can spend their breaks and free time at the nearby beach, which is just a 10 minute walk from the school. In sunny weather, classes are often held outside.

Accredited by: Rectorat de Nice, ALTO, WYSE (formerly FIYTO) and CSN.

School facilities:

- Bistro, Snacks and Drinks: Student common room has a vending machine for snacks.

- Internet room: Wireless internet access can be used free of charge by students with their own laptop.

- Study Room: A student lounge is available in the afternoon where students can do their homework.

Please note that material fee is calculated for 2 weeks and includes the deposit. After 2 weeks, an additional EUR 6,5 fee/week will be charged.

Cursos de idiomas

Intensive Course
  • 16+ años
  • 12 estudiantes por clase
  • lección 45 minutos

Ideal for students who want to learn the language more intensively. The additional lessons give one the opportunity to focus further on various aspects and contexts of the language - and still have time for the afternoon leisure activities! The course is aimed at improving 4 key language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

16-17 year-olds accepted with parental or guardian authorization.

1290 1225.5 por 3 semanas
Standard Course
  • 16+ años
  • 12 estudiantes por clase
  • lección 45 minutos

The Standard course offers students the perfect balance between language training and leisure time. A communicative approach developing fluency in speaking, listening, reading and writing ensures that the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation components are applied to actual language use.

The teachers assess their students' learning needs and objectives on the first day and then plan their lessons accordingly.

16-17 year-olds accepted with parental or guardian authorization.

Duración mínima del curso — 4 semanas
No disponible


Como regla general, se registra dos días antes del comienzo del curso y se va el día de la graduación. Puedes cambiar las fechas en tu cuenta.

La escuela debe confirmar la disponibilidad del alojamiento elegido.

Si el alojamiento elegido no está disponible en tus fechas, la escuela te ofrecerá otra opción del alojamiento.

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no reserves alojamiento

+ 4
Standard apartment
  • de 18 añosde 18 años
  • ~20 minutos a pie~20 minutos a pie
  • No mealsNo meals



1428 por 22 días


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La direción de la escuela:

3 Rue Pierre Dévoluy 06000 Nice France, Nice


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