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Bucky Adventure Summer Camp

Plumpton, Reino Unido
Excelente 4.8
Escuela 5,0
Alojamiento 4,0
Curso 5,0
Ocio 5,0
This is my best summer holiday. I met amazing people.

Bucky Adventure is a summer school experience that combines English language with adventure activities such as sailing, mountain biking and kayaking.

With 18 hours of English tuition each week, a maximum class size of 11 students and a 20% cap of any nationality, the course immerses students aged 13-16 in the English language. Students go on a Wilderness Adventure for 3 days and 2 nights to Snowdonia, Wales. Students are able to go hiking, mountain biking and take advantage of the water sports available.

No experience is necessary to take part in any of the fantastic adventure activities!


- Full-board accommodation

- Insurance

- Airport transfers

- Enrolment on Bucksmore Assessment

- Personalized report card & certificate

- Entrances to attractions on excursions

- Full activity programme

- Three off-site ‘adventure’ sessions each week.


Bucksmore Summer programme
The course is only available for booking in the following dates:
De 13 a 16 años 11 alumnos en grupo 1 lección — 45 minutos

Course Requirements:

- Any level of English accepted.

- The age range for students is 13-16.

- Bucksmore has a nationality cap of 20%.

Students on Bucky Adventure take lessons with all other students on the main Bucksmore Summer programme.

Course Content:

The syllabus incorporates language study, language for life, project sessions, excursion link lessons and academic skills sessions.

The language study lessons focus on the communicative style of language learning and provide grammar and vocabulary tailored to a student’s ability. Whereas language for life lessons integrate a wider range of topics including learner training, literacy, culture and life skills.

The course aims to:

- Build language skills and confidence gradually through our multi-level syllabus.

- Help students achieve their individual goals in language learning.

- Gain a better understanding of English books, films, songs, the internet and other media.

Academic Skills Sessions:

The academic skills sessions give students an introduction to exam techniques and are intended to help students improve the skills of academic reading, writing, listening and speaking.

These sessions take place over two hours each week and culminate with students taking the Bucksmore Assessment.

The variety of lessons and teaching material provide students with a stimulating and comprehensive learning experience throughout their stay with Bucksmore.

Excursion Link Lessons:

Excursion link lessons bridge the gap between the academic and activity programme. Students learn about popular tourist attractions and destinations through the medium of English.

Lessons are chosen and adapted by the centre’s Director of Studies to complement the excursions on the programme that week.

Covering a range of destinations including London, Cambridge, Oxford and Brighton, the lessons provide students with vocabulary and language functions necessary to make excursions at Bucksmore that much more memorable.

Project Work:

Project sessions promote group work and co-operation, in order to allow participation across all levels of English.

In previous years students have created ‘Bucksmore Theatre’, ‘Bucky Music Videos’ and the ‘Bucksmore yearbook project’.

The aims of project work are to encourage collaboration and communication through the completion of real-world tasks that use English with an authentic purpose. Mixed ability classes for projects provide the opportunity for peer teaching and a stronger focused interpersonal communication skills.

Students receive vocabulary and grammar input in the first part of the project session, and are then placed into groups. Groups are provided with a project guideline which they should follow with the aim of completing by the end of the preparation session. The weekly project culminates in a presentation evening in which groups display and present their work.

This course will be run in two blocks of 2 weeks - the course will be repeated.


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Plumpton College student residence

3 minutos desde la escuela a pie
De 13 años
Full board

Plumpton College provides both single and twin bedrooms in separate male and female accommodation blocks, and all bathrooms are shared between 4-6 students. Laundry is available onsite and free of charge.

Bucksmore also offers a complimentary airport transfer service to students arriving at Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

Esta incluido en el precio del curso
full board

Translado (a/de aeropuerto)

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I love Bucksmore Plumpton. This is my best summer holiday. I met amazing people. I was here for 3 weeks and I have very good memories. I will miss you all but next year you will see me.

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Plumpton, near Brighton, East Sussex
El aeropuerto cercano
Gatwick Airport (LGW)
En 40 minutos
Sobre estudiantes
Edad (medio): 14
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