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OISE Oxford

Oxford, Reino Unido
Excelente 4.8
Escuela 5,0
Alojamiento 5,0
Curso 5,0
Actividades de tiempo libre 4,0
I love the course and staying here helps me a lot.

Intensive English language courses that inspire confident communication!

Established over 43 years ago, OISE Oxford English Language School still preserves the classical teaching method. Its basis is a personal approach, based on the individual goals of each student. In groups for each program no more than 4 people, which guarantees quality training.

OISE Oxford employs experienced teachers with different teaching methods. They find an approach to each student, helping to focus on the skills of the English language, which they need to develop in order to achieve the desired result. Students who choose OISE Oxford must have a clear goal and strive to achieve it.

OISE Oxford is situated in the very heart of Oxford, above the Covered Market with its shops, cafes and bustling food stalls. The school is within easy walking distance of all Oxford’s major attractions, such as the world-famous Ashmolean Museum, the enchanting Bodleian Library and, of course, Oxford University’s historic colleges.

Advantages of OISE Oxford:

* Central location;

* Groups with a small number of students;

* Masterclasses on learning English;

* Individual training program;

*Classrooms are equipped with modern equipment and comfortable furniture;

* FREE drinks and Wi-Fi in the training centers;

* Entertainment programs and excursions are provided.

Documentos importantes


The Quatorial EL MÁS POPULAR
De 16 años 4 alumnos en grupo 1 lección — 55 minutos
Los cursos empiezan todos los lunes y es para todos los niveles de idioma
27 de agosto—7 de septiembre

The Quatorial course is designed with precision to give participants the skills and confidence to interact effectively in English. A carefully engineered management training environment enables participants to improve not only their language skills but also their confidence in tackling international situations.

The programme

Aptitude: accurate use of the language

– controlled practice in language structures and lexis development to achieve a good command of grammar structures, idioms, and vocabulary

– activities to sharpen understanding of the written text through reading exercises based on a wide range of materials: reports, articles, studies

– coaching and practice in writing letters, reports, emails, presentations, articles

– formal listening exercises.

Attitude: confident and inspiring

Interactive sessions designed to develop leadership skills.

– The Quatorial Project: working on engaging task participants use the soft skills of analysis and problem solving, collaboration, research, planning, assertiveness, and self-direction. Self-awareness is enhanced through the use of video playback.

– Plenary Session: including a News-Review to practice formal presentation.

– Spoken Assertiveness Workshop: a fluency skills session to help the learner overcome inhibitions and group communication anxieties.

– Critical Analysis Workshop: develops the participant’s ability to analyze, categorize and process information in their language. Students apply critical thinking skills through the lens of current affairs by evaluating texts and offering cogent and well-structured responses.

Examination preparation:

Students wishing to take an official exam focus on exam requirements with active practice on past papers under timed conditions to foster familiarity with the exam.

Price included:

•homestay accommodation in a single room with half-board

• audio, video, CD-rom library

• support of academic counselor

• initial testing service

• loan of all course materials

• 3 social events per week

• course certificate

• internet/email facilities


Para el curso seleccionado es necesario reservar alojamiento


20 minutos de la escuela en transporte público
Edad mínima — 16
Half board

To maximize the opportunities for speaking the language, OISE has a policy of never allowing two students of the same mother tongue to stay in any one homestay.

All students have a single room. Each host family is selected and monitored according to strict criteria laid down by OISE. Houses must be comfortable, the hosts welcoming and, above all, genuinely interested in receiving students and helping them to develop fluency in the English language.

Está incluido en el precio del curso
half board

NOA Residence

10 minutos de la escuela en transporte público
Edad mínima — 18
Sin comida

For students who prefer a little more independence, OISE Oxford recommends the following residence, which is located just a 10 minute bus ride from the school: NOA Residence – Modern, self-catering apartments with ensuite bathrooms in a large Victorian house in the desirable Summertown area. Standard and ensuite rooms are available

All properties are fully furnished and the tariff includes linen & towel change, heating, lighting, water, electricity, council taxes and television licence.


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El precio del vuelo no está incluido. Te recomendamos que reserves tu vuelo sólo después de recibir la confirmación del visado o si estás seguro de que no lo necesitas. El precio del billete de avión es puramente informativo.


julio 2015

I love the course and staying here helps me a lot, especially in grammar, vocabulary and conversation.

Sobre la escuela

13-15 High Street, Oxford OX1 4EA, United Kingdom
Edad media: 28
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