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Unique place. The best school I've been to so far. Especially teachers, such legends as Charlie, D...
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1525.5 £por 2 semanas


655.5 £

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General course
  • General course
  • General Academic Year
  • Intensive Academic Year
  • General Academic Semester
  • Preparación examen IELTS intensivo
  • Preparación examen Cambridge Advanced (nivel B2)
  • Business Supplementary
  • Semi-Intensive English
  • Intensive English
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705 £

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Casa anfitriona (Zona 3-4)
  • No reserves alojamiento
  • Casa anfitriona (Zona 3-4)
  • Scape Canada Water
  • Scape Wembley Residence
  • Scape Shoreditch Residence
  • Scape Canalside Residence
  • Casa anfitriona (Zona 3-4)
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Half board
  • Half board
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Tasa de registro escolar

165 £

Discuento de LinguaTrip

34.5 £

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4.8 de 5

Kaplan International English - London Covent Garden

97.67% de nuestros estudiantes recomiendan nuestras escuelas en Londres

Estudiar inglés en Londres

Londres, una de las ciudades más grandiosas del mundo, ofrece una mezcla de increíble historia y envidiable cultura. Teatros en el West End, museos de talla mundial, tiendas de diseñadores, excelentes restaurentes, bares de moda y clubes, y famosos lugares de interés turístico son sólo algunas de las opciones que ofrece esta ciudad global.

Cursos de idiomas

General course
  • 16+ años
  • 12 estudiantes por clase
  • lección 45 minutos

General English courses are designed to improve your English language skills and give you more professional and academic options in the future. As well as taking lessons, you will have plenty of time to sight-see and explore your destination.

The course is semi-intensive, and is available at all levels from Elementary to Advanced, with classes made up of different levels. The focus is on the four main aspects of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

690 £655.5 £por 2 semanas
General Academic Year
  • 16+ años
  • 12 estudiantes por clase
  • lección 45 minutos

English Academic Year courses are nine month English courses that aim to take you from your current level of English up to a very high level of fluency. As well as this general English course, you can choose an Intensive Academic Year course, in which you will study specific sections of vocabulary and skills, such as Business English and exam preparation.

Immerse yourself in the English language, and spend a year studying and getting to know a new location and culture. The course is an effective way to increase your fluency, and you will be helped by exclusive and specially designed study materials.

Course length:

9 months (32 weeks of tuition and 2-3 weeks break)

Course structure:

- 20 lessons (15 hours) of General English: focus on the four main aspects of language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking;

- 7 sessions (5.25 hours) of K+ tools, K+eXtra and K+ clubs: Self-study time with access to exclusive materials and resources along with personalized sessions for you study the areas you most need help with, including exam techniques and study group work.

All courses are Monday-Friday, with morning and afternoon classes and each lesson lasts 45 minutes.

Duración mínima del curso — 32 semanas
No disponible
Intensive Academic Year
  • 16+ años
  • 12 estudiantes por clase
  • lección 45 minutos

Structured like a real university year, an Intensive Academic Year course is unforgettable in more ways than one. Long-term immersion and expert tuition help you achieve lasting fluency, while you’ll never forget the sights and experiences you’ll discover.

Intensive Academic courses offer you the maximum classroom time each week, with extra lessons focusing on specific skills such as Business English, Academic English, Literature or TOEFL/IELTS preparation.

But don’t forget – at Kaplan, exploration and adventure are part of the learning process, so you’ll still have opportunities to get out and enjoy your destination.



English language classes cover all the key areas of language and will help you master difficult grammatical structures, fine-tune your pronunciation, read complex texts and build a large working vocabulary.


Focus on a range of specific skills such as vocabulary, business English, or local culture

- 7 K+ SESSIONS (5.25 HOURS)

Exclusive K+ Online and K+ Online Extra materials help you reinforce progress made in class and provide instant feedback, while our teacher-led K+ Learning Clubs allow you to socialize and practice your language skills at the same time.

Duración mínima del curso — 32 semanas
No disponible


Como regla general, se registra dos días antes del comienzo del curso y se va el día de la graduación. Puedes cambiar las fechas en tu cuenta.

La escuela debe confirmar la disponibilidad del alojamiento elegido.

Si el alojamiento elegido no está disponible en tus fechas, la escuela te ofrecerá otra opción del alojamiento.

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no reserves alojamiento

+ 7
Casa anfitriona (Zona 3-4)
  • de 18 añosde 18 años
  • ~60 minutos En trasporte~60 minutos En trasporte
  • Half boardHalf board

Ideal para estudiantes que quieren descubrir la cultura local y aprender sobre sus costumbres con una familia anfitriona. Al compartir las comidas con tus anfitriones todos los días, te beneficiarás pues podrás hablar inglés en un ambiente cómodo y relajado.



705 £por 20 días
+ 2
Scape Canada Water
  • de 18 añosde 18 años
  • ~30 minutos En trasporte~30 minutos En trasporte
  • No mealsNo meals

Located in Canada Water, Scape has everything you need to stay in one of the most exciting cities in the world. A stone's throw from central London and even closer to the iconic London Bridge area of the city, Canada Water is a riverside neighbourhood which enjoys close proximity to trendy Bermondsey, famed for it's street food markets and craft beer scene, as well as London Bridge, which is home to the famous Borough Market and The Shard. The residence itself offers modern ensuite rooms with bathrooms and shared kitchen. The beautiful common spaces include a cinema room and communal kitchen, as well as access to a gym

Ensuite rooms

Communal kitchen

Cinema room

Onsite gym

Central location

1380 £por 20 días
+ 4
Scape Wembley Residence
  • de 18 añosde 18 años
  • ~60 minutos En trasporte~60 minutos En trasporte
  • No mealsNo meals

Scape Wembley is located on Fulton Road and is ideal for students who want to balance their academic and social life.

To make your stay more comfortable, all our rooms come fully furnished with your own double bed, en suite bathroom, study desk and ample storage. We also have spaces to relax, study, cook, exercise, and socialise – on top of being highly secure with around the clock security and support.

870 £por 20 días


No reservar

  • 155 £


  • 140 £


  • 135 £



La direción de la escuela:

3-4 Southampton Place, Covent Garden, London, UK., London

Reseñas 68

Puntuación total

4.8 de 5

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