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OISE Dawlish

Dawlish, Reino Unido
Excelente 4.8
Escuela 5,0
Alojamiento 4,0
Curso 5,0
Actividades de tiempo libre 5,0
I always come back because every year I can see a big improvement.

OISE Dawlish has a capacity limited to 48 students and is located in the center of this pretty Devon seaside resort, close to the beach.

OISE Dawlish has a warm family atmosphere which makes it perfect for those who are visiting England for the first time. The school itself is nestled in picture-perfect grounds complete with a trickling stream.

School's philosophy of total language immersion plays an important role, meaning the whole learning experience is structured to teach relevant vocabulary and expressions and to provide constant opportunities for students to reinforce what is studied by applying it to natural, real-world situations, both in the classroom and outside of it.

With over 40 years of experience, the OISE Dawlish's method has been proven to teach valuable and relevant communication skills promoting rapid progress, resulting in the learner gaining confidence, and having an excellent command of the English language.

One evening per week there will be a social activity for all students. Examples include film nights, barbecues, talent shows, art, quizzes, and bowling. Excursions include places of historical or architectural interest such as the Barbican Centre in Plymouth, an outing to the National Marine Aquarium or a visit to the city of Exeter. Sundays are spent with host families.


Intensive English Extended Programme
Este curso sólo está disponible en las siguientes fechas: 24 de junio—21 de julio 2018  
De 13 a 17 años 8 alumnos en grupo 1 lección — 45 minutos

The Extended programme pushes the boundaries to communication and prepares students for the future by applying language learning to situations that students encounter in further study and in the work place. By the end of the course students have improved in all aspects of communication in English and have learned valuable skills they can take beyond the course.

Programme Features:

- Rigorous English course tailored to committed students.

- Intensive tuition on vocabulary, grammar and expressions covered each morning.

- Group projects encourage interaction and confidence in language ability.

- Approach to learning fosters good study techniques preparing students for further study and the workplace.

- Fully immersive experience provides constant opportunities to apply language learned.

OISE tuition hours are a full 60 minutes.

Classes are divided according to the ability of students and this is reassessed each week in line with progress made. There are 3 hours of lessons each morning, with another three hours every afternoon after the lunch break, totaling in 30 hours of intensive tuition per week.

Small groups of a maximum of eight students allows each student to receive maximum feedback and attention from the tutor to aid their progress.

Lessons focus on learning study skills, pronunciation, oral and written communication in academic and professional contexts. The approach of the tuition in class fosters strong academic skills that will be useful in their studies in the future such as note taking, reading comprehension and text analysis.

The Extended Programme can be taken for a set number of weeks during the summer. OISE Folkestone also offers the Extended Programme 52 weeks a year starting every Monday.

The course is aimed at students who want to improve their language skills rapidly in a short amount of time and who are serious about the rigorous nature of the course.

The Extended programme is an intensive course that is designed to be stimulating, encouraging students to become effective communicators in English by focusing on good study skills that will prepare them for further education and their career.

OISE's philosophy of total language immersion plays an important role in the course, meaning that the whole learning experience is structured to teach relevant vocabulary and expressions, and to provide constant opportunities for students to apply what is learned in real situations.

With over 40 years of experience, the OISE method has proven to teach valuable and relevant communication skills promoting rapid progress in a short period of time, and resulting in the learner gaining confidence and having an excellent command of the English language by the end of the programme.

At the beginning of the course students are tested on their existing English ability and are divided into appropriate groups of no more than eight students according to their level.

Each morning classes focus on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, comprehension and oral and written expression on academic topics with activities such as debates, presentations and group work.

Each afternoon students prepare a team project that enhances their understanding of the language learned ready for presentation.

The program is concluded with half an hour of leisure, culture and sports in the afternoon. These activities vary from school to school and allow students to practise using the language outside the classroom and in different contexts. Saturday excursions allows further opportunities to apply the language learned during tuition.


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Estancia mínima — 2 semanas
10 minutos de la escuela a pie
Edad mínima — 14
Full board

Students staying in Dawlish are all within walking distance of the school. All host families are thoroughly inspected and their credentials checked. There will be no other student of the same mother tongue in the house.

Students are brought to the school by the host family on the first day, and from then on they walk or are provided with a bus or tram pass to travel to and from school as necessary.

Integration into family life is essential to make the student’s stay in the country enjoyable and to make the learning process complete. Living with a family gives students the opportunity to practise what they have learned during the lessons.

All families meet OISE’s standards: the houses are comfortable, the hosts are welcoming and, above all, are genuinely interested in receiving young guests and helping them to develop fluency in the English language.

Students share the family’s way of life by having breakfast and dinner with them, and joining in other activities such as sports and

discussions. OISE also ensures that each pupil gets the maximum opportunity to practise their language by not accommodating two students of the same mother tongue in the same home.


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julio 2015

This is my third year with OISE: I always come back because every year I can see a big improvement and I have a lot of fun with students coming from different countries.

Sobre la escuela

The Manor House, Old Town St, Dawlish, Devon EX7 9AP, United Kingdom
Edad media: 15
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