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OISE Badminton

Bristol, Reino Unido
Excelente 4.8
Escuela 5,0
Alojamiento 4,0
Curso 5,0
Actividades de tiempo libre 5,0
I have improved not only my language skills but also my ability to use complex grammatical structures.

The summer school with lots of activities and sports facilities which is located in gorgeous gardens of Bristol.

OISE Badminton is located just to the north of Bristol, and the students find the local shops of Westbury-on-Trym a short walk away; Bristol itself is served by regular buses.

The Badminton School is the longest running OISE summer center. Set in lavish gardens just outside Bristol, the school is a favorite for many returning students. Its location encourages a close-knit and supportive atmosphere among both students and tutors.

The OISE Badminton school is an active one. Due to its surrounding facilities and structure, a more fluid approach to the classroom is encouraged. Students can take advantage of the great hall, with its theatre stage in frequent use for both presentations and plays. Many of the teachers and senior staff return year on year, creating a strong team of experienced tutors.

OISE Badminton has excellent sports facilities including a heated swimming pool, an indoor sports hall and tennis courts. As well as sport, other activities available include jewelry making, decorative painting, quizzes, casino nights, film and games nights, talent shows, and discos. Weekends offer full-day excursions to London, Oxford or Cardiff, and local tours to Bath, Bristol city center or Bristol Zoo.


Intensive English Full Study Programme
De 13 a 17 años 8 alumnos en grupo 1 lección — 45 minutos
9 de julio—20 de julio

The Full Study programme for 13 to 17 year olds is specifically designed to equip students with the tools necessary for an academic and professional future using English as an international language, challenging students to immerse themselves in the language and culture, and fostering strong English skills to give them a voice in the world.

Programme Features:

- Intensive English course tailored for 14 to 17 year olds.

- Language coaching exercises tailored to the interests of the age group.

- All aspects of language and communication covered.

- Fully immersive course provides constant opportunities to apply language learned.

- Course fully prepares students for using English academically and professionally in the future.

OISE tuition hours are a full 60 minutes.

Classes are divided according to the ability of students and this is reassessed each week in line with progress made. There are 3 hours of lessons each morning, with one and a half hours of tuition after the lunch break, totaling in 22.5 hours of tuition per week.

The small groups of up to eight students allows the tutor to give constant individual feedback to the student and offer maximum attention.

The lessons are designed to stimulate fluent use of English in a range of relevant contexts that will be useful to students in the coming years.

The programme is designed specifically for children aged 14 to 17 years of age, and aims prepare students for their future speaking English for academic and professional purposes.

The Full Study programme for 14 to 17 year olds is a rigorous course that encourages fluent communication and effective self-expression in English.

OISE's philosophy of total language immersion plays an important role in the course, meaning that the whole learning experience is structured to teach relevant vocabulary and expressions, and to provide constant opportunities for students to apply what is learned in real situations.

The course offers a unique opportunity for young people to take an intensive course that corresponds to the needs of their age group, in an encouraging and supportive environment.

With over 40 years of experience, the OISE method has proven to teach valuable and relevant communication skills promoting rapid progress in a short period of time, and resulting in the learner gaining confidence and having an excellent command of the English language by the end of the programme.

At the beginning of the course students are tested on their existing English ability and are divided into appropriate groups of no more than eight students according to their level.

In the morning classes are focused on the development of oral and written expression and comprehension, study of grammatical structures and development of vocabulary.

In the evening, workshops focusing on oral communication promote fluency and correct inaccuracies in pronunciation. Confidence in English is built through interesting discussions, presentations and creative writing.

The programme is concluded with half an hour of leisure, culture and sports in the afternoon. These activities vary from school to school and allow students to practise using the language outside the classroom and in different contexts. Saturday excursions allows further opportunities to apply the language learned during tuition.


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0 minutos de la escuela a pie
Edad mínima — 14
Full board

Students are accommodated in the school residences, most rooms are dormitories sleeping between 4 & 6 students. Meals are provided in the school dining hall. Special dietary requirements can be considered and a vegetarian option is always available.

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full board


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abril 2015

I have improved not only my language skills but also my ability to use complex grammatical structures and now I'm more accurate.

Sobre la escuela

Westbury Rd,Bristol BS9 3BA, United Kingdom
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