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Inlingua Singapore

Singapore, Singapur
Excelente 4.9
Escuela 5,0
Alojamiento 5,0
Curso 5,0
Ocio 4,5
Chi Yeon K.
Also, I got as much help as a foreign full time student can get from the staffs. Staffs also occasionally arrange some events like barbeque party, or going on a walk, etc., which is a great chance of getting along with students in other classes.

Learn the language by speaking the language!

Welcome to inlingua Singapore

At inlingua, you can learn a language naturally, with realistic speaking activities and practical expressions you can use immediately.  Our teachers are all trained native speakers, using the best interactive techniques and technology to help you speak from the very first lesson.

inlingua Singapore offers full-time courses in English and Chinese, and part-time courses in French, Korean, Spanish, Thai, German, Japanese, Italian, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and more!

Located on Orchard Road, right in the centre of Singapore’s shopping and dining district, there are plenty of things to do nearby with your friends after school! Come visit us at our convenient location and check out our comfortable classrooms, self-study area, corporate training space, tennis court and barbeque patio!

Get ready to learn the natural way at inlingua Singapore!


Full-Time Courses MÁS POPULAR
De 18 años 15 alumnos en grupo 1 lección — 50 minutos
Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels
28 de agosto—8 de septiembre

Full-time courses are specially designed for learners who need to unlock their potential within the shortest period of time and for long-term students wanting to further their education and career.

Small groups to maximise opportunities for participation

Consistent and comprehensive programmes to develop all skills

Professional and experienced teachers to help you achieve your objectives

International environment to experience social and cultural variety

Full-time Language Courses

Classes are held daily from Monday to Friday. The Teacher-Student Ratio is minimum 1:4 and maximum 1:15 for full-time group lessons.

There are Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels of proficiency. Please check our levels and book a free placement test if you already have some knowledge of the language.

Students have the flexibility to choose between 25 and 35 hours a week according to their needs.


- 25 hours per week.

- 5 hours per day in a group.


- 35 hours per week.

- 5 hours per day in a group.

- 2 hours per day on an individual basis.

Courses are offered at 12 different levels of difficulty, from a Starter level to a very Advanced level.

Each level is benchmarked against the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and other international standards. Clearly defined learning outcomes are correlated to the objectives of each lesson.

The inlingua method teaches you to communicate in the target language fr​om the very first lesson. You learn the new language quickly, by being encouraged to use it, as well as naturally, because your teacher is a native-speaker.

You are taught the 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, but the inlingua method places most emphasis on speaking.

The ultimate purpose of learning languages is to communicate. A central concept of our approach to language teaching is communicative competence: the learner’s ability to understand and use language appropriately to communicate in authentic social environments.

This approach to teaching provides opportunities for learning that go beyond repetition and memorisation of grammatical patterns in isolation. Accuracy and fluency are stimulated by speaking activities, role-plays and real-life simulations thus providing meaningful contexts and a desire to use the language.

You may enrol for any number of weeks from 1 to 24.

Each lesson lasts 50 minutes followed by a 10-minute break.

There is a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 or 15 students in a group.


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30 minutos desde la escuela con transporte
De 18 años
Breakfast only

Home-stay with a Singaporean family is generally the best option where you will have the opportunity to:

- Practise the language that you are learning.

- Make friends with your Home-stay family.

- Get a chance to experience the local culture and way of life.

What’s more, the home-stay option includes daily breakfast, laundry, and vast opportunities to interact with the hosts. As with the principle of the inlingua method, the additional chances of speaking the language will definitely speed up your learning curve!

Price ranges from S$390/week to S$450/week.

Air-conditioned Single Room in an Apartment or a Terraced House.

With or without Attached Bathroom, with or without Facilities (e.g Swimming Pool, Gym,etc).

breakfast only

Translado (a/de aeropuerto)

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Flight is not included. We recommend you to book your flight only after you get a visa to your destination country or make sure that you don't need one. Ticket price is for your information only.

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junio 2017
Opiniones de escuela Inlingua Singapore (Singapore, Singapur) Opiniones de escuela Inlingua Singapore (Singapore, Singapur) Opiniones de escuela Inlingua Singapore (Singapore, Singapur) Opiniones de escuela Inlingua Singapore (Singapore, Singapur) Opiniones de escuela Inlingua Singapore (Singapore, Singapur) Opiniones de escuela Inlingua Singapore (Singapore, Singapur)
Corea del Sur
marzo 2016

My 9-month- long Chinese course in Inlingua is now over. I dare say I have made a great improvement, because I started from the very beginning “ni hao”.

I think great thing about learning Chinese in Inlingua is that you get to practice and review a lot. For me, memorizing new vocabularies always has been a problem in learning a new language. I felt that the materials that I learned in each lesson is just the right amount. I had enough time to digest the meaning and usages in class. This allowed me to have less pressure and prevented me from giving up learning Chinese. In fact, I think I may have developed more and more interest in them!

Teachers put a lot of effort in making sure that students understand the materials. For instance, they review a lot and especially, make you to use the vocabularies, or structures to form a sentence. I think this really helped me to grasp the meaning and sometimes it made me realize that I actually did not understand it after all.

In Inlingua, classes are not that big so that the students can get the appropriate amount of attention from the teachers. Smaller class, more attention from teachers, more chance of speaking and practicing!

Last, but not least, the staffs at Inlingua are VERY nice and friendly. Also, I got as much help as a foreign full time student can get from the staffs. Staffs also occasionally arrange some events like barbeque party, or going on a walk, etc., which is a great chance of getting along with students in other classes.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience in here.

Thank you so much Inlingua!

Opiniones de escuela Inlingua Singapore (Singapore, Singapur)
marzo 2017

I learned English at Inlingua school for three weeks. It was a short time, but I was happy because I met people from other countries and profession, and I was taught by the best teachers. Amazing experience!

noviembre 2014

Thank you for everything. One month in Singapore was a great time for me! inlingua gave me many valuable experiences. I could enjoy and forget about my job.

I think that my English skills have improved a lot. The people of inlingua were very nice. I'll never forget the people of inlingua. What's more, if I come to Singapore again, I'll surely visit inlingua

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