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Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS

St. Julian's, Malta
Bueno 4.3
Escuela 4,3
Alojamiento 4,5
Curso 4,4
Ocio 3,9
Yulia P.
Language trip abroad is a great way to diversify process of learning a foreign language, change your environment: new country, new culture, people, emotions.

Beautiful campus with classes, apartments, a residence, a restaurant, a pool & more in one location.

Magnificent architecture of Sprachcaffe St. Julian's will leave no one untouched. Built in 1930 initially it was army quarters. Sprachcaffe Malta school represents the unique ensemble of design art with stone vaults, columns and arcs in the Greek-Roman style. Notwithstanding the fact that language school Malta is located in secluded area of St. Julian's Bay - boiling with night life Paceville is situated not far from it. Campus of Sprachcaffe St. Julian's disposes of all the necessary conveniences. Official residence, comfortable air-conditioned furnished apartments and class rooms, library, swimming pool, cinema hall, game room, disco bar-restaurant wait for you. Class rooms of English courses Malta are not only indoors, but also at outdoor air with audio-visual facilities. Moreover, in summer campus includes twenty extra class rooms to study English in Malta more. Here you’ll be able not only devote your time to learn, but also well and truly repose. Summer climate also gives you perfect opportunity to rest in nature’s lap and take pleasure of sport activities.


Standard Course MÁS POPULAR
De 18 a 99 años 10 alumnos en grupo 1 lección — 45 minutos
Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels
28 de agosto—8 de septiembre

The Standard course offers students the perfect balance between language training and leisure time. A communicative approach developing fluency in speaking, listening, reading and writing ensures that the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation components are applied to actual language use. Our teachers assess their students' learning needs and objectives on the first day, and then plan their lessons accordingly. In this way, our students are motivated to keep improving, while also having a good time! Minimum duration 2 weeks!


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Standart Apartment

15 minutos desde la escuela a pie
De 18 años
Breakfast only/half board/full board/no meals

Standard self-catering apartments have four bedrooms and two bathroom, a fully-equipped kitchen, and standard furniture. Single or double rooms are available and breakfast, half board or full board can be booked additionally.

Our self-catering standard apartments are located on campus. Please note, however, that during peak season standard apartments may also be located a 10-15 minute walk from campus.

Facilities: All rooms have telephones to receive calls and ventilators. There is a small launderette in the school for students' use.

Services: Cleaning service once a week; students are asked to take care of the day-to-day cleaning. Bed-linen and towels are provided.

Distance to school: In low season, standard apartments are on campus.

During high season some apartments may be a 15 minute walk away

Distance to supermarket: The closest supermarket is 5 minutes away.

Distance to the beach: The closest beach is ten minutes away on foot. Sandy beaches are in the north of the island, 30 minutes away by bus.

Key deposit: 50 EUR

Comfort Apartment

0 minutos desde la escuela a pie
De 18 años
Breakfast only/half board/full board/no meals

Comfort self-catering apartments are larger and more comfortably furnished than standard apartments. They are usually shared by 5 students and have a bathroom and a fully-equipped kitchen. Single or double rooms are available and students can book breakfast, half board or full board additionally. Comfort apartments are located on campus in low and peak season and are air-conditioned.

Facilities: All rooms have telephones to receive calls and are air-conditioned. There is a small launderette in the school for students' use. All rooms have a private phone.

Services: Cleaning service twice a week; students are asked to take care of the day-to-day cleaning. Bed-linen and towels are provided.

Distance to school: On campus

Distance to supermarket: The closest supermarket is 5 minutes away.

Distance to the beach: The closest beach is ten minutes away on foot. Sandy beaches are in the north of the island, 30 minutes away by bus.

Key deposit: 50 EUR


0 minutos desde la escuela a pie
De 18 años
Breakfast only/half board/full board/no meals

Large, comfortable apartment with a bedroom, a fully-equipped kitchen and a bathroom (shower and toilet) for a maximum of 1 or 2 students enrolling together. Some studios have a TV and a washing machine.

Homestay HB

0 minutos desde la escuela a pie
De 18 años
Breakfast only

Double or single rooms with a bed, wardrobe and desk. The bathroom is shared by the students and the members of the host family.

Translado (a/de aeropuerto)

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Flight is not included. We recommend you to book your flight only after you get a visa to your destination country or make sure that you don't need one. Ticket price is for your information only.

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julio 2013
agosto 2015

I don't like just a beach holiday, that's why I decided to combine leisure with learning a foreign language. For me it is important that during the holidays I had something to do besides sunbathing and swimming in the sea, because walking to the shops / cafes, visiting staff - it's different. The second reason is that I've been studying English, but due to lack of practice, language is very quickly forgotten.

I've heard that there are a lot of language schools in Malta and many people and some of my friends go there to learn English. This was my first experience of learning English abroad. Malta was chosen because: a) the main cause has been combining holidays with language learning, and not vice versa; b) at the moment, it is the budget variant for language learning abroad.

For me it was in principle that students were my age or older, I'm worried that there will be a lot of young people of 18 years old (I'm 26), so I chose the middle of September, as all 18-year-old should study at this time. And it so, basically, the average age of students was 23-25 years old, and come across as 28-year-olds, 35-40 -year-and even 60-year-old :).

Anyway, the trip eas very usefull.

My classes were held in the morning from 09.00 till 13.00, for 1.5 hours, with a break of 30 minutes, so I had a lot of time to get acquainted with the country. Many students had additional classes, business English, as well as private lessons, someone (probably) studied a lot on their own. Such students had less time to get acquainted with the country, but as a rule these students were already in Malta 2-3 th time, and their acquaintance with the country has already taken place).

For me personally, the main feature in the studying is still that learning was in English only, the teacher does not know your language, and if you do not understand some of the grammar rule, he or she will explain it to you till you understand (unless you ask) in simple English with examples. In Russia, even if the lessons are in English, In difficult situations the teacher start explaining in Russian (unless the teacher is a native speaker). The second feature that lessons (but then the teacher plays an important role) pass unnoticed, no division into grammar, vocabulary, conversation. At the same time, the is a structure of th lessons, but you do not notice it. And it's all happening very naturally, no sense of the lesson. I didn't notice monstrous Maltese teacher's accent, which I had read about on the internet before the trip. Many of the students praised the teacher from England, but I have not had a chance to compare.

There were many young people from Turkey (mostly Istanbul), Brazil, Poland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Hungary (2 women), South Korea (no more than 6 man), Ukraine, Russia (not a lot). I didn't meet a single person from France in the school, but the French were in Malta. Of course we've became friends and now support our relationship on Facebook).

Accommodation is well organized. I chose the cheapest variant: twin room in the apartment (3 rooms for each for 2 people, a shared kitchen and 2 toilets / showers). There were never problems with the queue for the shower. The school has a more comfortable living conditions (someone can not live with a stranger, for example). In general, there are variants.

We had a program for every day, various paid trips and free activities in the bistro of the school.

A trip to a language school is one of many variants to diversify learning a foreign language, a change of environment: a new country, culture, people, experiences, and so on. Also, it is not necessary to shift all the responsibility to the teacher, no matter how boring he is, if you are actively involved in the lesson, ask questions, have an interest, he will help you. If you just sit in class and wait until you are asked or involved into a process-you can wait forever (if the teacher is not very active, this also happens).

abril 2014

A great trip, loved it. The staff met me at the airport of Malta, quickly accommodated me. I had booked a double room in the residence Sprachcaffe, but lived alone, as there weren't many people in the school in April. There were students from 11 countries in my group. I improved my language, although speaking was difficult at first, but then I managed to overcome this barrier.

Advantages: Excellent accommodation, teaching and service!

abril 2013

I liked my host family most of all. My host mother was just great, we still keep in touch with her. She was a great cook and very caring.

I didn't like excursions organized by school, they haven't been very informative, so I have explored the majority of sights myself.

agosto 2012

I really liked people around me. I am now feeling more confident when speaking English. Three weeks were definitely not enough. I would have extended my stay if I gad a chance.

junio 2012

I liked relaxed atmosphere at school. I had great time communicating with my teachers and fellow students. I have really enjoyed an opportunity to meet people from all over the world, we still keepin touch with them! :)

agosto 2012

I have really enjoyed this trip. Every day had something special about it. I was impressed by Sliema, Valetta, the Blue Grotto. Paceville is great! Thank you so much!

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