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Gateway School of English GSE

St. Julian's, Malta

Excellent location, quality tuition & accommodation (next to school) and great mix of nationalities.

• School and adjacent residence accommodation (3 minutes from bedroom to classroom)

• Quiet high-class location, clean and relaxing environment – ideal for learning English (12 minutes’ walk or 3 minutes by bus from Spinola Bay in St Julian’s – Malta’s most popular tourist resort)

• Half board accommodation at school residence (breakfast & lunch), with fully air-conditioned bedrooms

• Homestay accommodation in host families 5 to 10 minutes’ walk away from school. - excellent mix of nationalities and a social programme of activities organised by the school solely for our students

• High tuition standards and English learning success rate thanks to an excellent academic team of teachers

• Individual attention from teachers and management at all times + regular one-to-one tutorial sessions with the Director of Studies, ensuring swift academic progress in the shortest possible time

• Average total number of students: 40 in winter and 90 in summer

• Well established family-run school with a personalised approach

• Fully licensed and accredited by the ELT council

• Excellent nationality mix with students from all over the world

• A diverse social programme with activities and excursions organised exclusively for students of the school (we organize our very own social programme – check out our social media sites)

• 14 years of experience since the school’s establishment in 2002


General English Course EL MÁS POPULAR
De 18 a 100 años 10 alumnos en grupo 1 lección — 45 minutos
Los cursos empiezan todos los lunes y es para todos los niveles de idioma
30 de octubre—10 de noviembre

The General English Course is available at 6 levels: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced. Students will be placed in the appropriate level according to the results of their placement test and can move on to higher levels according to their progress.


This is an introductory course for those learners who are starting their study of English for the first time. It provides a comprehensive language base intended to prepare even a complete beginner to move on to the next higher level. The course will cover the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. In this way, even on a beginner’s level, the students are encouraged to develop their own learning strategies. Lessons are directed in a gentle manner so as to encourage the less-confident learners but, at the same time, with plenty of practice. Successful students will be able to conduct simple conversations and have the knowledge of simple English structures.


In this course, the emphasis is on learning the communicative use of English in everyday situations and is meant to accelerate the pace at which the students achieve certain language independence. Clear objectives in these lessons give the students more conversational skills and more listening and writing activities. The course is an opportunity for our young / adult clients to maximise their study time and obtain necessary language skills to help them move on to the next grade. At the end of the course students will be able to ask simple questions, express their needs in simple language and understand basic texts.


This course is a vital step towards achieving a preliminary level of proficiency in English Language communication without which students will find it hard to continue in their study. It is designed to enable students to communicate easily with each other in English and to feel at home in an English-speaking environment. The course will motivate the students to achieve a real breakthrough into the next level of study, enabling them to work largely on their own.


This Course is designed to help students improve their English usage and integrate those aspects of language learnt by them in the past. Course material is based on current and contemporary topics, giving the students the necessary practice to create their own personal contributions and to build up self-confidence. Essentially, this course aims to refresh and consolidate existing levels of correct English and, at the same time, introduce new skills to match the wider use of English at the next higher level.


The aim of this course is to provide students with meaningful material that helps them to improve their fluency and practice of English in everyday use. At this level, the students themselves are ambitious enough to embark on more in-depth language assignments, such as extensive reading, word-formations and varied sentence patterns. In all cases, language items will be related to real-life situations so that our students, already proficient in the use of English, will widen their communicative perspective by participating in discussions, role-play and essay/report writing.


This course is structured in such a way as to help students achieve their full potential, stretching their capabilities in the use of idiomatic English as an every-day medium of communication. Training will be intensified in listening comprehension and in writing practice and language focus will explore analysis as well as knowledge of grammar points. The methodology in this course will be done in an enjoyable manner so as to sustain the students’ interest as they sharpen their ‘real world’ skills in vocabulary, idioms, casual conversation and academic discussion.


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The GSE Residence

3 minutos de la escuela a pie
Edad mínima — 4
Half board/half board

Thanks to the Gateway School of English Residence, students wishing to live close to Gateway School of English are guaranteed excellent service, speed of access to the school (less than 30 metres and only 3 minutes from bedroom to classroom!) and the relaxation that comes with not needing to plan your means of travel to and from your place of study.

If you want:

* fully air-conditioned bedrooms

* the luxury of living right next to your school/classroom (3 minutes’ walk Image result for clipart walking away!)

* free Wi-Fi access all over

* a clean and peaceful area that is still minutes away from the main tourist resort

* buffet breakfast and a choice of six different dishes for lunch (freshly prepared everyday)

* living in an international environment and interacting with people from all over the world (great English practice!)

… the Gateway School of English Residence is definitely for you! Read on to find out more.

Residence Location

Very conveniently, the school and the residence are situated within easy walking distance of the island’s most popular tourist resort, nearest beach and top recreational/shopping centre (with plenty of cafés, bars and restaurants): Spinola Bay in the city of St Julian’s, which is only 12 minutes away on foot (walking distance). In addition, Valletta, Malta’s capital city, is less than half an hour away by bus from where our students learn and live. These can all be reached very easily thanks to the easy access to the public transport network, with bus stop ‘Baltiku’ (bus number 120) only 2 minutes on foot from the school and the residence. There is also a direct bus (number 22) to Valletta and bus stop ‘Anard’ is only 5 minutes on foot from the school and accommodation.

Both the school and residence are located in an upmarket villa area in St Julian’s, which is well-known for its beautiful houses and quiet environs. The surrounding environment provides the right atmosphere for our students to comfortably focus on their studies without noise and distraction, and yet remains within easy reach of the cosmopolitan hustle and bustle in the downtown part of St Julian’s (minutes away on foot).

Residence Premises

Adjacent to the school, the school residence provides a clean, comfortable and modern home for those students at GSE who choose to live as close as possible to the school, with just a 3-minute walk from bedroom to classroom, and in the peace and quiet that is possible in a residence reserved exclusively for adults and families (any minors must always be accompanied by their parents/guardians and are never unattended).

The building itself is a fully detached, three-floor structure made out of local Maltese limestone and has 22 oak-furnished bedrooms (6 double rooms, 12 triple rooms and 4 quadruple rooms), and 8 bathrooms. A big bonus is that, unlike in most other places of accommodation (including host families), all bedrooms are fully air-conditioned all the year round (therefore allowing both heating and cooling). Students have their own desk, chair, wardrobe and locker. Bed linen is changed once a week and towels twice a week. Single rooms are available in the low season (winter/autumn/spring) and high season (summer) at an extra supplement. Common areas include 4 TV rooms, outdoor recreational patios and the in-house canteen in which breakfast and lunch are served. Free Wi-Fi is accessible all over the building.

Homestay Accommodation

10 minutos de la escuela a pie
Edad mínima — 4
Half board

For students preferring the ‘homestay option’, we have a number of carefully chosen host families living within 5-15 minutes’ walking distance from the school, which means that you would still be in the same neighbourhood. Staying with a host family enables students to interact actively with the local culture and adopt a more familial lifestyle, while ensuring total English language immersion.

We have personally known all the families hosting our students for years, and can safely say that they are reliable people with whom students have always been happy to live. In fact, we know them so well that we can easily match students with the family most suited to their individual preferences. We also carry out regular inspections to ensure that the standards of the premises and services promised are being maintained.

Moreover, the fact that they are all native English speakers gives students maximum exposure to and practice of the language. The best proof of our students’ satisfaction with these families is in their recommendations to their friends back home, who very often end up enquiring and requesting to stay with these families too when they come on their own language trips with Gateway School of English.

If you want:

* to experience the Maltese way of life and live with a family in a typical Maltese home

* to get the full benefit of total language immersion in a house where all members are native speakers of English

* to live not further than 5 to 15 minutes away from the school on foot

* to live in a smaller family setting with fewer people in the house as opposed to a residence/hotel

…the homestay solution is your best bet for accommodation.

Upon booking your homestay accommodation, you will be provided with your host family details which include the home address and contact details of the family members, so you can get in touch by email before your arrival, if necessary.

Host Family Meals

Ask your host family at what time meals are on your day of arrival.

Make sure that your host family knows if you have any special dietary requirements.

Breakfast: cereal, white bread, toasted bread, butter, ham, cheese, jam, tea, coffee, milk and water.

Dinner: can vary from meats / fish with vegetables to a pasta dish or some kind of fast food (not more than twice a week), followed by dessert (fruit or sweets). Free flow of water is included.


Laundry arrangements should be discussed with your host family on the first day of arrival.


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