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Linguatime School of English

Sliema, Malta
Muy buena 4.5
Escuela 4,4
Alojamiento 4,3
Curso 4,6
Ocio 4,9
Для меня это была первая поездка заграницу, и я осталась довольна и полна новых впечатлений, спасибо!

Linguatime School of English offers high-quality English courses; it has a beautiful location, and the sea is only 2 seconds away from the school. Learn English in a friendly environment!

If you want to boost your English skills as efficiently as possible, then you need the support of an experienced school. In fact, Linguatime School of English successfully taught thousands of students from over 40 countries since its launch well over 17 years ago.

Established in 1998 and licensed by the EFL Monitoring Board and accredited by both the International Association of Language Centres (IALC) and the Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations in Malta (FELTOM), Linguatime is a quality boutique school.

Its premises are newly refurbished yet housed within a typical seafront Maltese building that’s bursting with traditional features. Located in Sliema, a prime spot with beautiful sea views across to nearby St Julian’s Bay, it can comfortably accommodate around 200 students. With a focus on student well-being, Linguatime's in-house amenities include a TV and lounge areas, outdoor area and snacks and drinks facilities.

‘Fun’, ‘interesting’, ‘friendly’ and ‘enjoyable’ are just some of the words that have been used to describe Linguatime School.

Its methods certainly emphasise the importance of interaction – educators strive to promote communication in English through the use of authentic texts, a variety of techniques, and stimulating language activities both inside and outside the classroom.

Linguatime's teachers are yet another energising force that drives the school. Each member of the fantastic team has been carefully selected to ensure their teaching standards are perfectly aligned with school's quality standards. These teachers aren’t just chosen on the basis of their qualifications in relation to EFL, but also on the merits of their backgrounds, work experience, career paths, dedication and charisma. All teachers are either CELTA, DELTA, TESOL or TEFL Certified and have a minimum of 3 years teaching experience.


General English MÁS POPULAR
De 18 años 12 alumnos en grupo 1 lección — 45 minutos
Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels
28 de agosto—8 de septiembre

The scope of this course is to help you to communicate in English in everyday situations, such as when chatting with international friends, talking with English-speaking clients and colleagues, or completing tasks such as ordering in a restaurant or giving a simple presentation.

Taught in an engaging way, each lesson will focus on a particular topic or skill. All of the classes are held in a friendly atmosphere that encourages you to join in and make the most of every exercise. Using tested teaching methods, you’ll be guided on correct grammar use, vocabulary, pronunciation, colloquial English and idioms. Linguatime's qualified teachers will also use a variety of materials to enhance your learning experience, such as videos, quizzes, newspaper and magazine articles, and lively activities.


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Shared Self-Catering Apartments

15 minutos desde la escuela a pie
De 18 años
Sin comida

If you’d prefer the freedom of an apartment, then self-catering shared apartments could be ideal for your time in Malta.

Generally located within 10-25 minutes walk of the school, each apartment has excellent facilities, including a fully-equipped kitchen, a living and dining area, free Wi-Fi in the common area and comfortable bedrooms.

All of the apartments are self-catering so meals are not included, which means you could choose to cook for yourself, to combine meals with your flat mates, or to check out the nearby cafés and restaurants.

All of the apartments are well-kept and have been designed with students in mind. Single rooms, twin rooms, and triple/quad rooms are available and you can also request to share with students from different countries, which will give you more opportunities to practice speaking in English.


15 minutos desde la escuela a pie
De 18 años
Half board/full board

If you’d really like to immerse yourself in the English-speaking experience, what better way is there than by staying with an English-speaking family?

Throughout your stay, you’ll join your hosts for meals and have plenty of opportunities to chat, while living in a welcoming environment that will come to feel like a home away from home. Of course, you’ll also have plenty of freedom to explore Malta at your own pace, possibly taking the advice of your hosts as they make their suggestions for the places you should visit while you’re here.

Different host families offer a variety of facilities, but will always include breakfast and dinner every day, as well as an optional packed lunch.

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muy buena
noviembre 2016
octubre 2016
muy buena

Поездка прошла хорошо, школа неплохая, условия проживания хорошие. Для меня это была первая поездка заграницу, и я осталась довольна и полна новых впечатлений, спасибо!

octubre 2016
Opiniones de escuela Linguatime School of English (Sliema, Malta)
agosto 2016
muy buena
Opiniones de escuela Linguatime School of English (Sliema, Malta) Opiniones de escuela Linguatime School of English (Sliema, Malta) Opiniones de escuela Linguatime School of English (Sliema, Malta)
agosto 2016
Opiniones de escuela Linguatime School of English (Sliema, Malta)
octubre 2014

The school Linguatime Malta has wonderful teachers who gave really interesting exercises on speaking, listening, reading and writing. In my group there were 11 people: from Spain, Turkey, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea and one girl from Russia. I think we were lucky that we had such a variety of nationalities, that allowed us to learn something new and interesting about other countries. The atmosphere in the classroom was very friendly and cheerful.

After classes every day everybody from the group went by bus to some part of the island (Malta has a lot of sand and stone beaches).

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Linguatime School of English
243E, Tower Road,
El aeropuerto cercano
Malta International Airport
En 23 minutos
Sobre estudiantes
Edad (medio): 30
  • Japón — 4%
  • Corea del Sur — 4%
  • Ucrania — 2%
  • Rusia — 9%
  • República Checa — 3%
  • Francia — 8%
  • Alemania — 9%
  • Italia — 14%
  • Eslovaquia — 2%
  • España — 12%
  • Brasil — 3%
  • Colombia — 2%
  • Libia — 3%
  • Turquía — 8%
  • Azerbaiyán — 2%
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