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European Summer School

Prague, República Checa

Spend your summer effectively, obtain new skills, and meet new international friends! Join ESS!

European Summer School is organized by a certified educational provider agency CZECH-US with more than 10 years of experience in cooperation with registered NGO Institute for Competencies Development.

In the past few years, we have provided Summer School in Denmark program with our partner university. Two years ago, we successfully launched our own project European Summer School, that brought students from many countries of the world to various Europan cities (this year Prague, Czech Republic) to enjoy high-quality education and lots of entretaining and adventurous summer activites.

European Summer School features many popular courses that our students ranked very highly last year, such as Project Management, Online Marketing Challenge, Fundamentals of Marketing, or Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation. You can also look forward to brand new courses, such as Business Management, Brand Management and many more.

European Summer School is organized in cooperation with lecturers from several universities - Saxion University of Applied Sciences, University college of Northern Denmark, Business Academy Aarhus, University of New York in Prague, Prague College and Akcent College. ESS is therefore a perfect match for those interested in studying at these schools since you will have the credits accepted. Lecturers are from all over the world - the USA, the UK, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

Courses are held in English by skilled lecturers and your free time is arranged by professional animators.


Communication, Negotiation and Conflict management EL MÁS POPULAR
Este curso sólo está disponible en las siguientes fechas:
De 18 años 15 alumnos en grupo 1 lección — 50 minutos


"Learn how to make the difference in dealing with conflicts and negotiating good outcomes". Conflicts are a fact of life since we all have different values, needs, interests and goals. And as our world becomes increasingly interdependent, more and more people bump into one another more and more often. Organizations require professionals to deal with their counterparts in countries with different economic, cultural, legal and political environments. Nobody is a successful problem solver by nature. The good thing is that you can improve your skills by training with proven methods and techniques.

Course is lectured by Professor Adrian Borggreve, expert from Dutch university Saxion.


After this training you are able to describe and analyse disputes between people and between organisations and to create value by negotiating stable and lasting solutions or agreements based on the Harvard Method and its related tools. Conflict resolution by negotiation requires that you can master a variety of mainly personal communication skills: listening, interviewing, briefing, writing, presenting, holding meetings and consulting skills. You will work in small teams and use your creative talent in working out different real-world based cases.


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Botic Student House

20 minutos de la escuela en transporte público
Edad mínima — 18
Sin comida

A majority of students will be accommodated in a newly reconstructed building – the Botič Student House. Direct connection to the French Institute, where all the ESS courses will be held, is secured by the tram line 22. Other sports and social places such as the Prague embankment – Naplavka, Riegerovy Sady Park or the HAMR sports centre are also easily accessible.

Accommodation is secured with quality equipment. There are double rooms with their own bathrooms. Each room, other than just beds wardrobes and desks, also has a fridge. A social room as well as a gym is available for students in the grounds of the halls of residence.


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Sobre la escuela

French Institute Prague, Stepanska 644/35, Prague
Edad media: 24
  • Alemania — 11%
  • República Checa — 11%
  • Países Bajos — 10%
  • Italia — 9%
  • Bélgica — 6%
  • Dinamarca — 5%
  • Turquía — 4%
  • Eslovaquia — 4%
  • India — 4%
  • Grecia — 4%
  • Noruega — 3%
  • Francia — 3%
  • Croacia — 3%
  • Austria — 3%
  • Suecia — 2%
  • Rusia — 2%
  • Portugal — 2%
  • Egipto — 2%
  • Brasil — 2%
  • Estados Unidos — 1%
  • Reino Unido — 1%
  • Finlandia — 1%
  • España — 1%
  • RAE de Hong Kong (China) — 1%
  • Polonia — 1%
  • Perú — 1%
  • Pakistán — 1%
  • Moldavia — 1%
  • Indonesia — 1%
  • Hungría — 1%
  • Georgia — 1%
  • Bielorrusia — 1%
  • Armenia — 1%
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