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Canadian Language Centre

Toronto, Canadá

Canadian Language Centre: английский - это не только занятия в классе.

CLC (Canadian Language Centre) exists since 2006.

We offer training in the largest city in Canada -Toronto, accomodation within 30 minutes from the campus, weekly excursions and exciting activities, and most importantly - a warm and friendly atmosphere throughout your studies. We are confident that such an atmosphere - is one of the main keys to success.

The CLC has a rule of 20%. We consider it to be very important factor of communication in English, not only in the classroom but also in the breaks and excursions. We do not allow that at the same there will be more than 20% of students from the same country studying in our center.

In our center we know every student by name. We believe that the study - is not only a classroom. Every month we organize picnics, barbecues, go to cafes and restaurants, organize sports games, dances, trips to the cinema and much more.

The most important indicator of success - it's reviews of those who have been trained in our center, and said: "Yes, my English has become better."

We do not want to have thousands of students a year; we limit the number of concurrently enrolled students have to keep our unique individual approach to everyone.

Our coordinators on campus are available to answer any questions of the students, often in the native language of the student. We understand that there are unforeseen situations, and in spite of the English-only rule the school, the student is required to support his native language.

Our program compliants with all standarts of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) European Council.

CLC is officially accredited:

- in Languages Canada - organization which certifies level and quality of language teaching

- in Citizenship and Immigration Canada under the act of acceptance of international students for studying. Our registration number: O19395677207


Академический Английский/Pathway Программа
De 18 años 10 alumnos en grupo 1 lección — 45 minutos
Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels
28 de agosto—8 de septiembre

Программа Академический Английский рассчитана на тех, кто уже начал учиться или только планирует поступление в англоязычные университеты, колледжи и школы.

Главная цель этой программы – помочь нашим студентам повысить эффективность их учебы в высших и средних учебных заведениях, а также развить те основные навыки владения английским языком, которые являются необходимыми с точки зрения университетов и колледжей.

Наши студенты учатся работать на проектах в группе, готовить презентации, эффективно и грамотно писать академические эссе.

Мы также помогаем студентам развить такие навыки как ведение конспектов на лекциях, чтение, понимание и анализ академических текстов, участие в обсуждениях, высказывание и защита своей точки зрения, техника цитирования, эффективное использование научной литературы, написание курсовых работ.

Canadian Language Centre имеет партнерские соглашения с колледжами в Онтарио, которые позволяют нашим студентам, успешно окончившим программу Pathway в CLC, поступать в них без экзамена по английскому языку (TOEFL, IELTS). Для поступления на программу Pathway необходим уровень английского языка не ниже Advanced.

В конце курса студенты сдают письменный и устный экзамен.


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30 minutos desde la escuela con transporte
De 18 años
Full board

In terms of English language teaching, accommodation in Canadian family is the perfect way to immerse themselves in the English-speaking environment, develop their communication skills in a foreign language in all situations, to get acquainted with cultural characteristics, make new friends, maybe even for a lifetime.

We personally conduct inspections of homes and living conditions of our students in each selected household.

Our students live in separate rooms and receive three meals a day. The host family will certainly tell you about how to use public transportation in Toronto, how to get to our campuses, where to go for shopping, where the nearest bank branches, the library, and will answer any questions about Canada and Toronto.

Students can always count on the assistance of our coordinators for accommodation, who are ready to discuss any issues related to accommodation and host family.

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