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    An interactive handbook for smart students

    TOEFL Independent Essay Handbook

    An interactive guide for those who want to write an essay and get the maximum score


    from 9.99 $

    We know how difficult it can be to pass the TOEFL exam, so we have developed an interactive guide to help you prepare for one of the most challenging sections—Writing Task 2, Independent Essay. We will share with you our best tips and tricks that will save your time while writing and help you avoid mistakes that could lower your score.

    What’s inside

    A step-by-step plan

    You will master the art of writing essays: you'll learn how to write an introduction, main body, and conclusion skillfully, concisely, and quickly

    Tips and tricks

    You will learn LinguaTrip's secret tips for writing essays quickly and effectively, while keeping your cool during the exam

    Help with argumentation

    You will learn to plan the content of your essay before beginning to write it, and discover unique approaches that will help you create good ideas for supporting points

    The system of scoring essays

    You will learn the scoring criteria and how to evaluate your own work. You will also find out how to make your essay informative and reflective of your point of view

    Common mistakes explained

    You will learn about the most common difficulties in writing an independent essay and get clear tips on how to avoid them

    LinguaTrip Bonus

    Get a convenient tracker for your preparation results and a special template from LinguaTrip, which will make writing an essay much easier!

    Better than an ordinary learning book

    Digital format

    Use the interactive guide and learn in comfort: prepare for your essay wherever and whenever you like

    Valuable tips and tricks

    Here you'll find LinguaTips, our special secret tips for writing essays

    Essay template

    Use an outline to help you reduce essay-writing time and earn a higher score

    Who is it for?

    • For those who want to improve their Independent Essay writing skills and increase their chances of getting a high score on the TOEFL exam

    • For those who want to confirm their level of English and successfully pass the TOEFL exam

    • For students who apply to British, American, and other universities where TOEFL is required

    • Applicants for jobs in international companies and anyone who wants to advance faster up the career ladder



    Description of the Writing Section

    You'll also learn to plan your work on an essay, effectively manage your time, and avoid making mistakes while hurrying.

    Scoring Rubric

    You will become familiar with the scoring system and be able to evaluate your own work and predict what score you can get.

    How to Prepare for the Independent Essay

    You will learn how LinguaTrip experts help students prepare for exams in a quality way.

    Common Writing Difficulties

    You will find out what difficulties you may encounter when working on your essay. You'll also get practice in exercises.

    How to Come Up with Ideas

    You will learn to develop arguments and support your opinion in the essay with examples.

    Types of Independent Essay Questions

    You'll find out what types of prompts you may get for the independent essay and how to answer them.

    Essay Structure

    You’ll get to know the structure of an independent essay.

    How to Write an Introductory Paragraph

    You’ll learn to write an introduction that captures the reader's attention from the first sentence.

    How to Write a Body Paragraph

    You'll master writing a body paragraph with examples.

    How to Write a Conclusion

    You will learn how to finish your work in a logical manner.

    Essay Structure: Summary

    You’ll get a detailed outline of the essay structure.

    Essay Structure: Example

    You will have the chance to read an essay written by our experts according to all the rules.


    The tracker will help you keep an eye on the progress of your essay and watch your skill in writing improve.

    Essay Samples

    You'll get a template with all the stages of the essay and phrases that are easy to work with when writing an essay.

    Packages & Cost

    Цены скоро повысятся!

    TOEFL Independent Essay Handbook

    • An interactive handbook



    TOEFL Independent Essay Handbook + "Get 100 or above on TOEFL" marathon

    • An interactive handbook




    TOEFL Independent Essay Handbook + "Get 100 or above on TOEFL" marathon + a consultation on admission to study abroad

    • An interactive handbook






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    From 9.99$

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