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    An interactive handbook for smart students

    Conditional sentences: Ace them!

    An interactive handbook for those who want to understand conditional sentences once and for all


    от 4.99 $

    Do you think that conditional sentences are one of the most difficult topics in English grammar? Not at all! We'll show you that conditionals are an interesting thing that's easy to learn, if you break it down into pieces.

    Improve your English level by mastering just one topic, and on any exam you'll get a better result. Also, native speakers will immediately notice that you have a good grasp of the language!

    What You’ll Get

    Complicated topic made easy

    We will give you examples, rules, and tips that will help you understand how to construct conditional sentences and diversify your speech.

    Immediate practice

    Interactive exercises will help you remember and drive home the theory, as well as make learning more interesting and fun.

    Conditionals on autopilot

    The explanations are easy to understand and you will remember them forever. You will learn how to use conditional sentences in the right situation.

    We recommend studying this handbook if you have a level of Pre-Intermediate or higher.

    What’s Inside

    Lectures in video format

    You can watch lectures in a convenient video format right inside this book and practice theory on real examples

    Interactive handbooks

    Study the theory and practice by doing interesting tasks in the form of interactive tests.

    Electronic handbook

    Study with comfort: the handbook with video lessons and interactive exercises is always at hand


    Chapter 1.

    Zero & First Conditionals

    You will learn the structure of Zero and First conditionals and how to use them to talk about possible future and present events.

    Chapter 2.

    Second & Third Conditionals

    You will master the structure of conditional sentences of the second and third type, and you will be able to describe unreal possibilities in the future and past.

    Chapter 3.

    Mixed Conditionals

    You'll learn what mixed conditional sentences are and how to use them in conversation.

    Chapter 4.

    Synonyms for IF

    You'll enrich your speech by using different synonyms for IF in conditional sentences.

    Packages & Cost

    Interactive handbook, "‎Conditional sentences: Ace them!"

    • Interactive handbook on conditionals

    • Interactive exercises for practicing



    All grammar at hand

    • Interactive handbook on conditionals

    • Interactive exercises for practicing




    Advanced grammar

    • Interactive handbook on conditionals

    • Interactive exercises for practicing






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