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    Lingua Business Speaking Club

    Boost your speaking skills for work and communication with colleagues and partners in English.

    Start date

    March 20


    8 sessions



    Lingua Business Speaking Club is an opportunity to improve spoken English for work. We'll model real-life work and business scenarios so you can experience different roles in business cases in different areas.

    Through practice, you'll overcome language barriers and improve your business English, which will help you land a job abroad, take your project to international levels, and feel confident in an international professional environment!

    What You’ll Get from the Club

    Communication skills for the workplace and business

    You will learn to speak with colleagues and partners, conduct negotiations, present yourself, and make small talk.

    Business vocabulary

    You’ll learn how to conduct business conversations and speak about your work in English using authentic business vocabulary.

    Confident communication and self-presentation

    You’ll stop being afraid and will be able to more confidently present yourself at a job interview or important meeting.

    Pronunciation upgrade

    You’ll improve your pronunciation so that others around you understand your English clearly, and foreign recruiters will easily understand you during an interview.

    Perfect for

    • Those who want to get a job or develop a startup abroad, but are not sure of their English

    • Those who are not yet able to communicate fluently in English with colleagues from other countries

    • Those who want to overcome the language barrier and use English for career purposes

    Your level should be from Upper-Intermediate +.

    How It Works

    Eight group sessions with a moderator and work in pairs

    Work in pairs at sessions of 45–50 minutes twice a week under the guidance and evaluation of a moderator

    Learn new vocabulary and topics for conversation

    Every session you will have a new topic for discussion and the opportunity to boost your conversational skill to the fullest!

    Get to know the others and let your guard down

    Leave your fears and insecurities behind. Make friends, start a conversation, share your experience, and learn something new from other participants!


    Day 1

    Session 1 | Who's the Boss

    How to manage people: tips and tricks

    Day 2

    Session 2 | Guerilla Marketing

    Low Budget Advertising: Use Your Imagination

    Day 3

    Session 3 | Future of busibess: tendencies and prejudices

    Future of busibess: tendencies and prejudices

    Day 4

    Session 4 | There's Nothing They Can't Do

    People, problems and HR [case]

    Day 5

    Session 5 | Are Your Eco-Friendly?

    How Climate Talk has become a part of Business Strategies

    Day 6

    Session 6 | You Can Love it Or Hate it

    Classic Sturbacks [cases]

    Day 7

    Session 7 | Lead the Way

    Leaderhips skills and where to find them

    Day 8

    Session 8 | Learn it From the Best

    Tell us about your favourite brand/ company


    Speaking Club

    • Eight online sessions

    • Participation in interesting discussions with the moderator


    35.99 $




    • What happens after payment?
    • Where and how will the sessions be held?
    • How long does the lesson last and when does it start?

    If you have any questions, email us at

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