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    Lingua Speaking Club

    Chat, make friends, and improve your spoken English.

    Start date

    March 20


    8 sessions



    Boost your speaking skills with the Lingua Speaking Club!

    We know how easy it is to get started with language learning and how hard it can be to see studies through to the end. That's why we've put together an interactive method for language learners to master conversational skills. We tested it and it works!

    What’s in the Club

    Speaking skills

    You will overcome the language barrier, begin to speak more confidently, and understand speech by ear.

    Active vocabulary

    You will be able to quickly navigate during a conversation. You will also expand your active vocabulary.

    Fluent and confident communication

    You will stop being shy and start using the language for your own purposes for work, study, and travel.

    Pronunciation upgrade

    You will improve your English pronunciation so that others will understand your speech well.

    Perfect for

    • Those who want to express their thoughts confidently and fluently in English

    • Those who want to understand native speakers and watch TV series in the original languages

    • Those who want to overcome the language barrier and communicate without a translator

    How It Works

    Eight group sessions with a moderator and work in pairs

    Work in pairs at sessions of 45–50 minutes twice a week under the guidance and evaluation of a moderator

    Learn new vocabulary and topics for conversation

    Every session you will have a new topic for discussion and the opportunity to boost your conversational skill to the fullest!

    Get to know the others and let your guard down

    Leave your fears and insecurities behind. Make friends, start a conversation, share your experience, and learn something new from other participants!


    Lingua Speaking Club

    • Eight online sessions

    • Participation in interesting discussions with the moderator


    35.99 $



    • What happens after payment?
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    • How long does the lesson last and when does it start?

    If you have any questions, email us at

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