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LinguaTrip’s Checklists with Christmas Spirit

LinguAdvent — 14 days for a new start in the New Year

In the middle of the pre-festive mess, it is important to pause and catch your breath for a second. We know exactly how to do it. Meet the New Year checklists from LinguaTrip! They are just like the Advent calendar... but better


From 3$

Do you wish that 2020 ends as soon as possible? Don’t we all, don’t we all… And we’ve got an amazing idea of how to make time fly by faster. Behold — checklists for the 2020 countdown!

The concept is really simple: a fortnight before the New Year, you start the countdown with everyday tasks, new vocabulary, and creative ideas. You’ll get plenty of joy from filling in the sheets, thinking up your NY resolutions and upgrading English in a fun way. Let’s finish this year in a cool way.

What’s hidden in the checklists

  • True New Year’s spirit

  • English upgrade with thematic vocabulary

  • Summing up your year with gratitude instead of tears

  • Planning your goals for a promising 2021

Here is what your New Year spirit looks like

Checklists for the last 14 days of 2020

Checklists for the last 14 days of 2020

In these 14 days you will:

  1. Sum up everything you’ve done in 2020, recollect pleasant moments and personal achievements;
  2. Get ready for the next year: make a list of presents, plan the last weeks of 2020 and make sure you have time for all your errands;
  3. Create a festive menu: recipes in English are good, not just for your belly, but for your English, too;
  4. Choose the best movies and books for unforgettable holidays;
  5. Write your New Year’s resolutions;
  6. Send a letter to Santa Claus;
  7. Make a wish for 2021, and state your goals!

When you complete the checklist, the new 2021 year will arrive. And you will start the year with new vocabulary and tons of positive emotions.

LinguaSanta: Ho-ho-ho! Tell me, were you naughty or nice this year? Did you study English enough, or did you procrastinate? Fear not — even if you didn’t reach your desired level in 2020, I believe you will in 2021! And I am ready to help with the checklists and a bit of Christmas magic.

How does it work

Pre-order the lists

And patiently wait for December 14

On December 14, get the lists via email

And get excited when they are there

Download or print the lists

Whatever is more convenient for you

Fill out the lists step-by-step together with us

While boosting your English and getting inspired for New Year’s Day

Packages & Cost

Present from Santa

  • New Year Checklists




  • I’ve paid for the checklists. How will I get it?
  • Will I feel the Christmas spirit?
  • Is it necessary to print the checklists?
  • Can I buy the checklists for a friend?
  • I want to get a refund for the book. Is it possible?

If you have any questions, email the coordinator of our intensive courses at

He answers emails from 1 am until 7 am (PT). If your email arrives after this time, he will respond the following day.

Buy the checklists


From 3$

How to buy:

  1. 1Choose a package
  2. 2Make the payment
  3. 3Get access to the handbook via email on December 14
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