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You are about to begin an English language test which consists of 30 questions. The test has a 30-minute limit. Please note that the results of the test that you will receive at the end are just estimates. You will be tested using a more accurate method at one of our language schools!

You scored out of

English language level: A1-A2 (Elementary)
Estimate IELTS score: 1-4
Estimate TOEFL score: 0-31
English language level: B1-B2 (Intermediate)
Estimate IELTS score: 4-6
Estimate TOEFL score: 32-59
English language level: C1 (Advanced)
Estimate IELTS score: 6-8
Estimate TOEFL score: 60-120

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£651 for 2 weeks (course + accommodation)
$1142 for 2 weeks (course + accommodation)

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