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About Venya Pak

• Teaches English

Venya’s the author of two textbooks: “English Like a Boss” and “Tenses”. He also developed his own language-teaching methodology, based on his personal experiences and success. He can help you learn English by teaching you how to conquer grammar rules, improve your pronunciation and widen your vocabulary.

• Lives in the USA

He studied music while attending university in Los Angeles, taught in a language school there, and after graduation, decided to stay and live in the USA. He knows the tricks and techniques necessary to get accepted to an American university, and also the necessary skills, tools and mindset to stay in the USA as a resident afterwards.

• Makes videos about the English language

Venya has his own YouTube channel called VenyaPakTV with over 600,000 followers. There, he talks about life in the USA, shares tips to help people learn English and shows you how Americans react to Russian music.

≪ In just 45 minutes of intensive 1-on-1 coaching, Venya can confidently teach you concepts that would take teachers years to explain in a traditional classroom setting. He’ll show you how you can start speaking English quickly, how you too can enter an American university, and he’ll even tell you all about how to build a career abroad for yourself. ≫

What Will I Get from This Consultation?

Answers to the questions that concern you the most

You can discuss entering an American university, improving your pronunciation or setting up an individual study plan for the English language. Venya will share his experience and tell you all about the tricks and intricacies that can help you fast-track your learning and results.

1-on-1 coaching focused on your individual goals

Venya can help you develop a learning plan to accelerate your English studies, or help you prepare for your upcoming language exams efficiently and professionally. He’ll also give you handy advice on how to choose the textbooks that will help you most in your studies, if you need it.

Motivation and support from someone who’s been where you are

Venya learned English from scratch and mastered English pronunciation all on his own, without any expensive courses or language schools. He’ll tell you all about how he did it, and show you how to keep yourself motivated along your own individual process of growing and learning. He’ll also teach you how to practice English by yourself, without any native speakers around.


Discount $ 50!

45 minutes on Skype


200 $150


  • How is the consultation arranged?

    You’ll receive an email after you’ve made the payment. There, you’ll find a calendar with available time slots, various dates and times. You can then choose any slot that suits you. After that, add Venya to your contact list on Skype, and you’re good to go! (You can find his nickname in the email.)

  • When should I schedule my consultation?

    It’s preferable if you schedule a day or more in advance before the consultation (at least 24 hours in advance). However, please keep in mind that you cannot cancel the session less than 24 hours before the chosen time.

  • Can I cancel the consultation?

    Yes. But it can only be done up to a day before the consultation’s due date. You cannot cancel the session less than 24 hours before the selected time.

  • How can I prepare for the consultation? Do I even need to?

    While not mandatory, it’s very advised that you do. You can write down 5-10 questions you’d like to discuss with Venya during the consultation and send them to him ahead of time, (his contact info is in the email sent to you after the payment). He’ll look through them in advance and select the best material to suit your specific needs, as well as share some life-hacks and support with some personalized advice.


If you have any questions, email the coordinator of our intensive courses at

He answers emails from 1 am until 7 am (PT). If your email arrives after this time, he will respond the following day.

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