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About Maria Guryeva

• Has more than 10 years of experience

Maria Guryeva, the founder of “StudyAmerica” company, for over ten years, helps thousands of students to enter top American educational institutions and get full financial support

• Knows whole admission process from inside

During her studies in Columbia, Maria visited almost all admission offices of the Ivy League, found out peculiarities of enrollment and surveying students

• Passed exams with remarkable results

Scored 2050 on SAT, 114 on TOEFL, 164V/167M on GRE, and 8.5 on IELTS

Reaching your goals

Maria will help you prepare for SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE for admission, tell you how to improve your case and add motivation to your application for admission. She will answer all your questions about the admission process and help you select universities by your parameters.

Preparation of documents

Maria will help with the preparation of documents for admission: writing and editing a motivational essay, writing letters of recommendation, requesting transcripts. She will tell you how to fill out and submit an application form, as well as apply for financial assistance.

Support and motivation

Maria helps even after all the documents were sent. At the consultation, she can prepare you for an interview with the university or tell you what to do when a long-awaited letter of admission arrived.

Prepare questions in advance

If you did not have time to prepare questions – not a problem. Email specialist your questions and reschedule the call. If you still could not find the right time, check out our consultation reschedule and refund policy

How much it costs

Skype consultation, 60 min

  • Consultation with the evaluation of the chances of admission
  • Choosing universities and creating a balanced college list
  • Establishing a strategy of applying
  • Assistance in filling the documents for financial aid



Skype consultation + assistantship with admission

  • Consultation with the evaluation of the chances of admission
  • 🎁 Full assistantship with admission to one university with Linguatrip specialist
  • ℹ️ Assistantship with admission to additional university — $1000 each



Skype consultation + assistantship with admission +assistance in obtaining visa




  • Who does consultation go?

    On Skype, 60 min. You can turn off the video and leave only sound.

  • How to schedule the time?

    After payment, you will receive an email with Maria's calendar. You can choose there one of the free time slots. Then add Maria to your contact list on Skype, her login is in the email too.

  • Can I cancel?

    Yes, you can, but at least a day in advance.

  • Need to somehow get ready?

    You can write 5-10 questions you want to discuss during the consultation and email them to Maria. She will look at them in advance and select materials for you.

If you have any questions, write to the specialist by email: with the subject "Consultation with Maria Guryeva".


Anya Manafova

I entered my university of dreams - Stanford, and in many respects grateful for this to Masha! Masha is a wonderful strategist, an excellent teacher and an amazingly motivating person. These machines talents will be necessary for any of those who set out to enter the top US university. First, Masha is well versed in the American education system. And this system is extremely confusing, and it is completely different from the Russian one. The fact that I could clarify most of the questions by contacting Masha helped save time and energy for more important tasks - preparing for GRE and writing an essay. The fact that Masha has a successful experience of self-admission to leading American universities is also very important: we were on the same wavelength as her. Masha understood what concerns I had, what to focus on, and how to save time, what they really valued in admissions, what resources were more convenient to use, how to organize time, etc. Secondly, Masha is able to compose texts competently and structured. Both for exams and for motivational essays. I owe Masha my 82% on GRE (Verbal, Analytical Writing) and 29/30 points on TOEFL (Writing). As well as his successful motivational essays, which, it seems to me, “dragged” me to several leading universities (except Stanford, I was accepted to Columbia University, Duke University, and New York University). To design all your achievements in a beautiful, short and clear story that will make the selection committee remember you and understand that she needs you - Masha knows how to master it. Thirdly, Masha is a great help to build a tactic of admission: to understand how to teach yourself in an essay and resume, how to work with people who will write your feedback, how to fit all this in the time remaining (which, it seems, is always not enough). Finally, and for me, it was perhaps the most important - Masha is always full of energy, optimistic, purposeful and believes that any goal can be achieved. At the beginning of our meetings, I did not think that I would enroll in universities from the top twenty, especially the five. I remember how, with uncertainty and lowering my voice, I asked Masha whether I had any chance of getting into the “top”. Doubts arose during the process, but after each meeting with Masha I went out with a new charge of forces, in full readiness for new GRE preparation sessions, for writing an essay and for communicating with admissions committees. Masha, thank you so much for your knowledge, help, infinite energy and cheerfulness! And for my dream university! :)

Polina Yamkovaya

I met Masha at the beginning of 2017 and literally in a month I started classes. It was my senior class and there was still enough time to pass the SAT, but I advise everyone to start the sooner the better. I passed IELTS before I met Masha, but I am sure that she will prepare you perfectly for any exam! I would like to go deeper into the process of writing an essay. With Masha, you need to be open and honest, because only this way you can find “the very thing” for your personal statement. Even if at first you find that your thoughts are very chaotic and you really have nothing to say, Masha will help to put all this in a beautiful story, which is one of the main components of the submission of documents and enrollment in the University of dreams. Admission to an American university may seem like a completely unattainable goal, and if you think so, then Masha is exactly the person you need: she will sort everything out as much as possible and lead you literally to your flight to America. Any component of the submission of documents may seem complicated, especially applications for financial assistance/scholarship, but you can not worry if you have Masha. She became for me not only a tutor but also a friend, which is certainly very important because my admission was as important for her as it was for me. P.S. I completely forgot to write about the result of our labors.  I will study at the University of San Diego, where I received a very solid grant. In a month I will be in sunny California.

Alexander Suvorov

What do I understand most about studying with Mary? The fact that I have changed perception. The perception that I can change everything. She is a vivid example of how you can, with your own strength and desire, come to the life you dreamed of. Masha has a huge experience in the field of education, she is an INTERNATIONAL teacher who can confirm this not only with the achievements of her students but also with her countless. Guys, I was too afraid at first, but I was very pleased with the result) I started studying with Maria in September. Literally, in half a month, I understood how the American education system works, how the essays are written and the main documents are filled out. We also made, in my opinion, a wonderful essay in which Masha was able to convey everything to the smallest detail. The main thing is to write a couple of sheets from yourself, all that is sitting in your head. It can be anything, your interests, values, and so on. And then it will become easier to work with each other. I had the same feeling that my thoughts and notes were nothing special. But when I read the final version of the essay - I was happy) In addition, how is Masha different from other teachers? She is really worried about her students. When I recently went to take one of the exams, I got the wrong address and ran around Moscow in search of the faithful. The time was 7 am, not the best time to call) But Masha responded and helped until I found the right address. I hope this helped someone to make a decision. I once took a chance and did not regret it)

Maria Lifshits

I am writing to Masha a post of thanks because without her help I would hardly have been able to go to university. She told all the tricks and subtleties, found textbooks, helped determine what I want from the university and how to find it. I applied for financial assistance and, looking back, I understand that neither I nor my parents could understand the pile of these papers without machine patience and advice. Special thanks for the help with the essay - we wrote them long and painfully, but managed)) Again, without a person familiar with this kitchen, writing an essay by yourself is very difficult. If English is not your mother tongue, then it is almost impossible. The TOEFL after our classes were painlessly taken from the first attempt for 103 points. Filled up, if I may say so, I'm spiked, because my throat was sore. I decided not to retake it because the result was excellent as it was) Now Masha helps me mentally prepare for departure. The most wonderful of our activities is not experience or even admission. This belief in yourself and a great friend, ready to support your idea and help you. I have no doubt that under the guidance of Masha you will enroll in any chosen university Good luck!

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