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LSI South Bay LA

Los Angeles, United States

Наши школы находяться в самых лучших уголках Лос-Анджелеса: Downtown Los Angeles, Northeast Los Angeles in Pasadena, South Bay Los Angeles in Torrance, and Orange County in Fullerton.

Language Systems International - Колледж английского языка основанный в 1987 году с целью предоставления огромного количества языковых программ. Основная цель колледжа - это преподавание английского языка как второго иностранного языка и подготовка к тестированиям международных студентов. LSI предоставляет высоко-качественные языковые программы, которые разработаны для усовершенствования языковых навыков студентов, а так же для повышения самооценки во время общения на английском языке, как в образовательной среде, так и в профессиональных ситуациях. Language Systems International помогает международным студентам благополучно находиться в англо-говорящей среде; прививает учебные качества, которые приняты в американских высших учебных заведениях, а также помогает в развитии необходимых умений мышления, чтения, письма, понимания на слух и владением эффективного общения на английском языке.

Language Systems International College of English, is an accredited Language school in Los Angeles, founded in 1987 with the purpose of providing English as a Second Language (ESL) and test preparation, such as TOEFL, to international students.

We provide high-quality language programs designed to build students’ skills and self-confidence when communicating in English in either academic or professional situations.

We provide language instruction that helps international students function successfully in an English-speaking environment, introduces study habits common to those expected at American institutions of higher learning, and assists in the development of critical abilities to think, read, write, listen, and communicate effectively in English.


Private lessons (from 1.5 hours)
From 16 years old 1 students per class 1 lesson — 45 minutes
Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels

Private lessons are designed by you! The Language Systems will create private lessons to specifically meet your needs and goals. You will be able to set up the schedule and subject of the lesson yourself. You can choose from 1.5 hour lessons or longer and request to have the lesson with your favorite teacher.


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Sweet Home California

Minimum stay — 250 weeks
40 minutes from school on public transport
Minimum age — 16
No meals

The Homestay experience is a unique accommodation choice for students because it welcomes them into an American home. Students who choose to live with a homestay family are looking for a safe, welcoming, and comfortable environment in which they can be introduced to American customs, traditions, and family lifestyle. The home allows them to practice their English on a daily basis and enjoy homemade meals in a familiar setting. Homestay families typically plan special events such as family outings and guided tours of the city for the student. The homestay program carefully matches students with suitable families. We often see how friendships, which last a lifetime, are formed


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About school

3528 Torrance Boulevard Suite 304, Torrance, CA 90503
Average age: 23
  • Russia — 3%
  • Saudi Arabia — 14%
  • Turkey — 6%
  • Swaziland — 2%
  • Thailand — 1%
  • Brazil — 9%
  • Spain — 12%
  • Japan — 20%
  • South Korea — 9%
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