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Sprachcaffe Brighton

Brighton, United Kingdom
Very Good 4.5
School 4.5
Accommodation 4.5
Course 4.5
Free time activities 4.5
I have really enjoyed being in an international group, where English is a common language, I had great progress in my spoken language.

Your time in Brighton will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.

With such a rich area surrounding the Sprachcaffe school it is no surprise that Brighton is one of the most popular locations for English courses. The unique destination will inspire students throughout their stay in Brighton. The school is held in an Edwardian style building, with all of our courses accredited by the British Council as well as English UK. Students will find themselves enthralled by the learning experience. Our dedicated and relaxed course leaders are always willing to answer any questions and recommend activities or must see attractions.

Brighton at a Glance

Popularly known as "London-By-The-Sea", Brighton is the perfect blend of city life in a relaxed seaside setting. Students have the chance to embrace the vibrant and youthful take on English culture while experiencing the many attractions that Brighton has to offer. With its royal heritage and multicultural city life buzz this university town harnesses every aspect needed for a memorable travel and learning experience.

Students can start their days early and try their hand at kayaking or any number of exhilarating water sports. Or spend the afternoons leisurely strolling along the renowned Brighton Pier. The summer time holiday vibe can be experienced all year round as city dwellers claim the coastal region as the ultimate weekend getaway.

With over 160 000 inhabitants, this university town will keep every student engaged in an effortless learning process through spontaneous language learning. During their spare time students will be spoilt for choice for activities ranging from shopping, sightseeing or adventurous excursions.

Accommodation Options

Students can choose to build relationships with our host families or indulge in our seaside residential apartments. Both options offer full exposure to the English language that Brighton offers. And with the trendy English style nightclub on the premises students have the opportunity to practise their language skills with locals and fellow students.

Why Learn English in Brighton?

For students looking to experience the youthful, trendy vibe of London with a relaxed undertone Brighton is the perfect option. This liberated community prides themselves on the festivals and food fairs taking place all year round, and also offers a unique arts and cultural scene. From comedy nights to live musical gigs students are rewarded with unlimited opportunities to embrace the language and perfect their newly acquired skills.

Boasting a welcoming atmosphere for all tourists, Brighton provides historical, cultural and natural wonder in every element. From the lush grasslands to the inviting beaches and an undeniable royal heritage, Brighton is the quintessential modern city with a truly enlightening history.


Standard Course TOP CHOICE
Maximum course duration — 1 week
From 16 years old 15 students per class 1 lesson — 45 minutes
Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels

Characteristics: A dynamic course which gives our teenage students just the boost they need to become more confident in their language skills. Our courses place a lot of emphasis on fluency, and our teachers use discussions, debates, games, role plays, as well as authentic learning materials appealing to this age group. Classes also revise and build on previously learnt grammar and develop students' vocabulary. Minimum duration 1 week.

Timetable: Morning Lessons: 08.30 - 11.45, Afternoon Lessons: 14.15-17.30

Please note that during high season lessons can take place in the afternoon. A leisure program will be organized for the morning.


4 lessons per day

20 lessons per week

5 days a week (Monday to Friday)

1 lesson = 45 minutes

Students: 12 - 15 students per class

Intensive course - 30 lessons a week.


Morning lessons : 8.30am – 11.45am

Intensive lessons : 12.30 – 14.00pm

Afternoon lessons : 14.15pm – 17.30pm

Intensive lessons place emphasis on improving conversation skills


6 lessons per day

30 lessons per week

5 days a week (Monday to Friday)

1 lesson = 45 minutes

Students between the ages of 18 and 21 can either participate in adult courses or be placed in a separate class than the younger students.


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Host Family

30 minutes from school on public transport
Minimum age — 14
Full board

Services: Room cleaned by the host family once or twice a week; bed-linen provided, students are requested to provide their own towels.

Students under the age of 16 can only book Homestay accommodation for a maximum of 28 days.

Distance to school: About 20–30 minutes by public transport

Distance to supermarket: Public transport usually necessary

Distance to the beach: Depends on the location of the host family. Public transport usually necessary.

Key deposit: Depends on the family's house rules; generally no deposit

Please note that only students between the ages of 14 and 17 or between 18 and 21 may share a room.

full board


15 minutes from school walking
Minimum age — 16
Full board

Students will be accommodated in our school residence. Ensuite, basically furnished rooms with TV and telephone, tea and coffe making facilities as well as 24-hour reception and a restaurant in the residence building.

Only students aged 16+ can book the residence accommodation.

Services: Cleaning service once a week; bed-linen and towels are provided.

Distance to main school: 15 minute walk

Distance to supermarket: 5-10 minute walk

Distance to the beach: The residence is located directly on the seafront

Free WIFI available in rooms

Please note that only students between the ages of 16 and 17 or between 18 and 21 may share a room. Double rooms available on request and for a surcharge.


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March 2013

I have really enjoyed being in an international group, where English is a common language, I had great progress in my spoken language. Everyone at school was really nice and friendly. I am planning to come back here. Staying with a host family was very enjoyable, they were happy to assist me with everything.


very good method of teaching



July 2013

I have enjoyed this trip a lot. Teachers were great, i have impoved my English significantly. My class was very good.

About school

Sprachcaffe, 24 Holland Rd, Brighton, Hove, The City of Brighton and Hove BN3 1JJ
Closest international airport
London Gatwick Airport
In 45 minutes
Average age: 16
  • Germany — 20%
  • Italy — 15%
  • Spain — 12%
  • Russia — 7%
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